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Not to be confused with Social Libertarianism or Liberal Socialism.

"If we don't believe in free expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all."

Libertarian Socialism (Also known as Stateless Socialism or Free Socialism) encompasses a wide range of ideologies, but mainly rejects the conception of socialism as a statist form where the state bureaucracy retains centralized control of the economy. Workers within a libertarian socialist society have Direct Democratic control over the means of production. Some types of Libertarian Socialism believe that Markets can exist within a Socialist society, as a libertarian form of Market Socialism, while others, such as Libertarian Marxism, and Anarcho-Communism, do not. Some Libertarian Socialists wish to abolish the state altogether, like the aforementioned Anarcho-Communism, while others, such as Minarcho-Socialism believe that a small state can exist within a libertarian socialist framework.


20th century

In the early part of this period, libertarian socialism was equal in influence to both social democracy and communism. Demonstrating this influence was the formation of the Anarchist International, which drew in many anti-capitalists. Using this new organizational power, they were able to position themselves against both of their ideological rivals for the next 50 years.

Before the Russian Revolution, libertarian socialists played a crucial role in campaigning for land reform, and against Tsarist authoritarianism. These campaigns were led by the Narodniks, the Left Social Revolutionary Party, and various anarchist collectives. These campaigns helped to instigate the Russian Revolutions of 1905 and 1917. Unfortunately, in the latter revolution, when the Bolsheviks seized control, they purged libertarian socialists left and right, leading to their political irrelevancy in Russia.

In the 1936 Spanish Revolution, the CNT was crucial to the subsequent creation of libertarian socialist communities and collectives within that country. These collectives allowed delegates to take charge in certain situations, with the caveat of direct recall. Unfortunately for the CNT, when Francisco Franco came to power in Spain, the CNT went into a rapid decline.

Post-World War II

After the war, the ideology was ostracized from the labor movement, at least in part due to its inability to wrest control over unions from communists, social democrats, or business unionists. Additionally, because of the seeming ease at which reformist unions gained their rights, they felt no need to engage in the radical politics espoused by libertarian socialists.

Beliefs and Theory (WIP)

Similar to autonomism, libertarian socialism believes in giving the average person as much freedom as possible. To do this, capitalism must be abolished. Libertarian Socialism is seen as a more moderate variant of Anarcho-Commumism. Most libertarian socialists believe in Minarcho-Socialism, which is the idea that a limited socialist state existing. Libertarian Socialism opposes Marxism Leninism, seeing it as a variant of State Capitalism. Libertarian Socialism believes in worker control of the means of production, similar to Syndicalism.

Some variants of Libertarian Socialism believe in a Market Socialist economy, which the belief that markets and a socialist economy can coexist.

Libertarian Socialists support civil disobedience and the rejection of Authoritarianism, similar to most Anarchists and Libertarians.

Most Libertarian socialists are internationalists who reject nationalism. However, some variants of the ideology are nationalists (see Independence Anarchism).


Libertarian Market Socialism

Flag of Libertarian Market Socialism

Libertarian Market Socialism (LibMarkSoc) is an economically left-wing, libertarian, and generally culturally progressive ideology who can be described as a more moderate version of Mutualism. LibMarkSoc believes in the libertarian principle of limited government combined with the economic view that while the means of production should belong to the workers who use them, goods and services should be provided through a market economy contributed to by worker-owned businesses and co-ops. They support local direct democracy, with a limited, higher-level federal government.

Libertarian Marxism

Flag of Libertarian Marxism

Libertarian Marxism (LibMarx) is an economically far-left, libertarian, revolutionary, internationalist, and progressive ideology that supports worker ownership of the means of production and eventual transition into a stateless, moneyless, and classless society as per typical Marxist thought, however, he supports a decentralized approach where the working class leads the revolution themselves as opposed to acting with the aid of a vanguard party, and strongly emphasizes the libertarian and anti-authoritarian aspects of Marx's writings, specifically in his later work. It is almost always coupled with culturally left leanings.


The epitome of "fuck you, I won't do what you tell me". Annoys other socialists by complaining about how statist they are. Hangs out with other non-capitalist LibLeft ideologies a lot, although she frequently ignores them when they get into debates.

Really into punk rock and RATM.

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  • Trotskyism - I'm not ready to forgive you for betraying my cousins ( Kronstadt and Makhnovia anyone?), but at least you resisted Stalin.
  • Leninism - You led the first successful workers' revolution and your motto was “all power to the Soviets!”. Unfortunately you were authoritarian but your legacy is to be recognized.
  • Conservative Socialism - A conservative guy, but aside from cultural stance, you're just a bit authoritative.
  • Social Libertarianism - If I were spicy, you'd be mild. Capitalism? Pfft.
  • Social Georgism - You're even more mild then SocBert, but LVT is kinda based.
  • Social Democracy - A slightly socialist guy, but he's way too moderate. He thinks that reforming capitalism is better than abolishing it, and idk about him...
  • Market Socialism - You can't go wrong with co-ops or workplace democracy, however, most of my followers are skeptical of markets.
  • Crusade of Romanianism - My... ultranationalist son?
  • Liberal Socialism - We both love freedom and Chomsky seems to admire you a lot, but many of you are too moderate.


  • Crapitalism - Cringe system. Needs a state to function.
  • Fascism - him, but without the mask of a "free market".
  • Authoritarian Capitalism - The two things I hate the most combined.
  • State Capitalism - Aren't you just the same thing?
  • Dengism - You have been here already, State Cappie.
  • Authoritarian Socialism - Socialism is when workers, not bureaucracy, manage the means of production.
  • National Capitalism - Why do you have to exist?!
  • Neoconservatism - Piss off, imperialist scum!
  • Fake "Libertarian" - You claim to be a Libertarian, yet the term "Libertarian" comes from a French Anarcho-Communist. I'M THE TRUE LIBERTARIAN YOU RADICAL CAPITALIST SCUM!
  • Police Statism - FUCK YOU! I WON'T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!
  • National "Socialism" - ThE nAzIs ArE sOcIaLiStS bEcAuSE "sOcIaLiStS" iS lItErAlLY iN tHeIr NaME. Sure. The social "Darwinistic" belief that only the so-called "strong" should survive is totally something a socialist would believe in.
  • Marxism–Leninism - "mY dIcTAtOrsHiP iS rEAl sOciAlIsM bEcauSE I pUt "WoRkErS" iN the NaME!"
  • Pol Potism - You’re a danger to both your own country and to the socialist movement at large.
  • Anarcho-Capitalism - You're the real oxymoron here, so stop denying it.
  • Minarchism - Same as above.
  • Neoliberalism - Reagan and Thatcher were more authoritarian governments than social democratic governments!
  • Kastism - Lol cope harder fascist.
  • Conservative Feminism - Fake feminist!
  • Liberal Feminism - Another pseudo-feminist garbage!
  • Libertarian Feminism - "i'M tOTalLy FrEe AnD InDePeNdEnT cUz i GOt aN oNlYFaNs aCcOuNt!" Not that I'm trying to be a moralist, but you cannot achieve actual feminist empowerment through selling your basic dignity, pick one.
  • Third Way - Piss off you woke imperialist trash! And stop posting videos claiming Chomsky is a genocide denier, he's just saying they aren't really genocides, which isn't the same thing I swear.
  • Objectivism - You don't want freedom; you want everyone to obey the orders of the bosses who you think are the greatest thing ever.
  • A whole load of political tests ( Libertarian Marxism) - NO, MARXISM IS NOT AUTHORITARIAN, DUMBASSES!

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  1. Historically, calling oneself a libertarian socialist was identical to calling oneself a left-wing anarchist. Over time, the term has gradually come to take on the meaning of a socialist who is critical of authority, but not necessarily to the point where they cannot tolerate the state’s existence.
  2. "With all his mostly negative feelings about Israel, Noam Chomsky continues to speak affectionately about the kibbutz [...]"
  3. He called Paul Robeson, a civil rights activist, "too anti-white"
  4. Called many "crypto-communists" on his list "Jewish" as an insult



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