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    Not to be confused with Progressivism and/or Libertarianism.

    "Being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions."

    Liberalism (Lib) is a centrist ( generally center-libertarian leaning), economically liberal and usually culturally centrist to left-leaning ideology (although there are also some culturally right liberal ideologies like Conservative Liberalism and Reactionary Liberalism).

    The elements generally regarded as necessary for the development of a liberal state can be described as follows:

    Other elements often found in liberal societies are:

    Liberalism is regarded as being one of the dominant ideologies within Western nations. He is also dominant in some countries in Africa, though most African countries are social democratic and/or authoritarian. There is little liberal influence in Asia, except in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.





    During the time of the Enlightenment, a movement of scientists and philosophers going widespread all over Western Europe, John Locke, an English philosopher and political theorist, who also contribute to medicide, revolutionized the system of liberty with his "Essay Concerning Human Understanding"





    Modern Day

    Since the downfall of the Soviet Union, Liberalism still going on strong to this very day. However, within 20 decades, it begins the downfall struck throughout the world.


    Though liberalism is rather vaguely defined, and its definition alters depending on when and where the term is used, it is typically associated with values such as multiparty democracy, personal freedom, equality of opportunity, secularism, human progress, international co-operation, and open-market economics.

    What separates Liberal Democracy from pure Classical Liberalism is its higher emphasis on social justice and equality in comparison to its predecessor. Liberal Democracy tends to support moderate means-tested welfare targeted at the poor to make sure that people can meet their basic needs. He, also with his dad, Classical Liberal, influences a lot of other liberal ideologies.


    Liberal Internationalism

    Flag of Liberal Internationalism

    Liberal Internationalism is a foreign policy doctrine that argues that international organizations should achieve multilateral agreements between states that uphold rules-based norms and promote liberal democracy through things like humanitarian aid or military intervention. It is defined by achieving global structures within international systems that are inclined towards promoting a liberal world order through things like global free trade, liberal economics, and liberal political systems. These international organizations would include institutions like NATO, EU, UN, and the IMF.

    Secular Liberalism

    Secular liberalism is a form of liberalism in which secularist principles and values, and sometimes non-religious ethics, are especially emphasised. It supports the separation of religion and state. Moreover, secular liberals are usually advocates of liberal democracy and the open society as models for organizing stable and peaceful societies.

    Cultural Liberalism

    Cultural Liberalism is a social philosophy that expresses the social dimension of liberalism and favors the freedom of individuals to choose to whether to conform to cultural norms. Although, commonly referred to as social liberalism in the context of the United States, doesn't imply an ideology per say, and just the general attitude that individuals should be free to decide their own decisions regardless of the political ideology.

    This follows the harm principle, as cultural liberals believe that society shouldn't impose any specific code of behaviour on individuals, they defend the moral rights of nonconformists to express their own identity however they see fit as long as they do not harm anyone else.

    Liberal Democracy

    Flag of Liberal Democracy

    Liberal Democracy is a combination of a liberal political ideology that operates under an representative democratic form of government. It is characterized by elections between multiple distinct political parties, the separation of powers into various different branches of government, the rule of law in everyday life as part of an open society, a market economy with private property, the equal protection of human rights, civil liberties, and political freedoms for all people. This the most known and common type of democracy in the west, and is usually referred as just " Democracy" in the west.

    Authoritarian Liberal Democracy

    See: Illiberal Democracy

    Authoritarian Liberal Democracy describes a hybrid regime combining elements from Liberal Democracy and Authoritarianism. AuthLibDem governments entail power being concentrated in the hands of unaccountable officials—typically unelected bureaucrats and elected representatives who benefit from increased political apathy alike—which leads to a reduction in civil liberties. Local administrations, which tend to be the most democratic in the sense of high activity among citizens, end up being subservient to a highly centralized government, increasing political apathy. Liberal institutions which are supposed to be impartial actors (e.g., courts) end up serving partisan goals and their associated special interest groups. AuthLibDem governments also empower federal law enforcement agencies and routinely violate civil or constitutional rights (e.g., the Espionage Act and the Patriot Act, under American Presidents Woodrow Wilson and George H.W. Bush, respectively). It can be argued AuthLibDem regimes combine technocratic and electocratic elements.


    Liberalism is often shown getting easily angered or "triggered" by others and is shown to not be the biggest fan of violence. He is often schooled in debates.

    However, he also has a wiser side that often acts philosophical. He advocates for the protection of individual liberty, equality of opportunity, implementation of limited government and the opening of markets, and supports freedom for people like gays, women and minorities.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Liberalism

    Liberalism's design is based on a flag designed by u/Aransentin on r/neoliberal. The golden circle represents the world with the bars representing the invisible hand of the free market reaching around.

    1. Draw a ball with Eyes
    2. Make it blue (preferably (#006aa7) shade of blue)
    3. Draw a golden/yellow circle (#ffd700) and then make dents in it of the blue color. (Symbolizes the world being held by the invisible hand of the market)

    You're done.

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Blue #006AA7 0, 106, 167
    Gold #FFE680 255, 230, 128


    Fellas of the Enlightment


    • Progressivism - You and I have in the present and the past shared a passion for the liberation of the oppressed, yet at the same time some of your variants work directly against the liberty of which I fight for. Also, I hate it when people confuse me with you *cough* *cough*.
    • Conservatism - Our relationship is pretty odd indeed. We constantly fight each other over cultural policies but in terms of economics, we can agree sometimes .
    • Libertarianism - I respect his dedication to classical liberal principles, but he misunderstands the positive side of state power.
    • Anarcho-Liberalism & Panarchism - You claim to be the full realization of my ideals, but how could we possibly maintain liberty without a state to maintain the rule of law?
      • Through voluntary associations, of course!
    • Neoconservatism, Neo-Libertarianism & Third Way - They spread my ideals worldwide, but often in a manner that scares me.
    • Liberal Socialism & Reformist Marxism - I like your dedication to tolerance and moderation, but a socialist economy is unacceptable.
    • National Liberalism - A combination of liberalism and patriotism can be very productive indeed, but some of you push it past the point of rationality.
    • Reactionary Liberalism - I appreciate your support of free-market economics, but wanting to go back to the middle ages while supporting enlightened liberal values is weird and more similar to a proto-version of myself.
    • Liberal Autocracy - W-what?!
    • Alt-Lite - Some of his supporters claim to hate me, yet many too also claim to be me? Bannon, however, is completely disgusting.
    • Jacksonian Democracy - The expansion of suffrage was good, but God's sake, could you not be a little more lenient regarding the Indians?
    • Bull Moose Progressivism - You were an early supporter of social liberal polices, but could you please be a little less imperialistic.
    • American Democratism - My presumably, most recognizable variant of the modern day. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not. Just bombing third world nations like that? Really?
    • Anti-Fascism - Look, I'm an anti-fascist too, but can you stop being so violent and beating up anyone who disagrees with you? At least he likes FDR's Land-Lease.
    • Right-Wing Populism - Most of you are delusional at best, however Bernier with Tice are pretty tolerable.
    • Kemalism - I am grateful to Atatürk for getting Fethi Okyar to found the Liberal Republican Party, but he was still too authoritarian regardless. Still better than Erdoğan, and at least modern Kemalists support me.
    • Chiang Kai-shek Thought - Lei Chen, Tsiang Tingfu, and Hu Shih supported you against the commies, but why did you shut down the Free China Journal? Also, the white terror was horrific.
    • Japanese Liberal Democracy - Not the best example of my system but I have to admit you make Nippon a better place.
    • Borisism - Tbh, you confuse me a lot. Are you a LibCon or a Trumpist? Brexit and right-wing populism are cringe, but at least you have some progressive social takes and liberal economic policies. I still prefer the Lib Dems over you even though I support you against Corbyn, the old twat.
    • Pinochetism - You like free-market capitalism, but now you just made us look bad.
    • Shapiroism - Why do some people claim that you "destroy" us? You only hate my cultural aspects, but like my economic beliefs.
    • Korwinism - I think it's enough work for today. I'm glad you're done with the political stage.

    Destructors of Society

    • Socialism - You've warped the values of liberty, equality and fraternity far beyond the principles of rationality and gentleness. Material progress, not just for the working class, but for the human race, would be miles ahead of what it is today if it wasn't for your influence.
    • Anarchism - Without a state, there is no constitution, and without a constitution is no right to consolidation.
    • Authoritarian Progressivism - Cultural progressivism is fine, but good God, you're insane!
    • Authoritarian Conservatism - So you want excessive communitarianism and limited freedom? No, thank you.
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - Respect of personal liberties is what differs us from socialists, you quasi-commie!
    • Paleoconservatism - Stop mixing religion and politics!
    • Reactionaryism - Why the f*ck do you want to return to the Dark Ages?!?
    • Alt-Right - Alt-Lite, what a surprise!
    • Mercantilism - You've had your time, now I'm the status quo, deal with it!
    • Nazism - Genocidal fascist maniac who killed tens of millions of innocent people.
    • Fascism - Another genocidal maniac who oppressed a lot of people! Wait, we had a SON?!
    • Marxism–Leninism - A totally failed ideology that killed tens of millions. I especially hated him.
    • National Bolshevism - Literally Nazi-Communism. Now I have seen everything...
    • National Communism - Moderate version of above.
    • Welfare Chauvinism - I must be looking into a hall of mirrors. STOP POSING AS ME IN RUSSIA!
    • Fourth Theory - Well, maybe Welfchauv wasn't that shameless after all... Get psychiatric help.
    • State Atheism - You're the same thing as a theocracy the only thing that changes is that you impose anti-theist beliefs instead of religious ones!
    • Juche - North Korea turned into a totalitarian communist dystopia because of you!
    • Maoism - Totalitarian genocidal commie who starved millions of his own people.
    • Dengism - Better than Mao but never forget Tiananmen Square Massacre. Quanguo is the worst of you, because he is a nazbol who is conducting a literal genocide in Xinjiang.
    • Putinism - Just like I won't forgive you for invading Ukraine. Also, Navalny is right, you're a party of crooks and thieves!
    • Trumpism - Ugh, disgusting. Please cool it with the protectionist populism.
    • Ilminism - Why in god’s name did you always want to assassinate and prosecute my followers, especially when they criticize you?
      • Because they are all herd of disgusting ugly reds, cope and seethe.
    • Neo-Ottomanism - Why are you trying to bring Türkiye backward culturally and religiously and arrest thousands of people in the emergency and those journalists just because they criticized you? Türkiye once held more journalists in custody than China. Your reactionary behaviors are just completely unacceptable. Atatürk was far better than you. Plus, why did you outlaw free speech recently??
    • Jihadism - Just leave me and everyone the f*ck alone, You fundamentalist terrorist!
    • Khomeinism - You can't force everyone in your country to follow your ideas and women to wear hijabs. This is human rights abuse!
    • Pahlavism - I don't care if You're secular and slightly progressive unlike that guy above. You oppressed many people!
    • Hindutva - India shall be open for Innovation and Progress! British Raj had it's pluses you ungrateful Fanatic.
    • Carlism - WTF?! GAHHHH!
    • Totalitarianism - YOU SHOULD KYS... NOW!
    • Zhirinovskyism - YOU'RE NOT ME!!!!

    Further Information


    Proto-liberal writings

    General liberal theory and history

    Right-liberal theory

    Left-liberal theory









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