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This article is about the economically liberal or laissez-faire variant of Nazism/Fascism/Ultranationalism. For the ideology dissociated from these principles, see Authoritarian Capitalism. For ‘National Social Capitalism’, see Welfare Chauvinism.

"Fascism is not merely the expression of a particular movement, of a particular party within modern society, but that it is the most complete expression of the whole tendency of modern capitalism in decay"[7]

National Capitalism, abbreviated as NazCap or NatCap, is a civically authoritarian, culturally variable (but usually right-wing), economically center-right to far-right, nationalist, and debatably third positionist ideology which blends Capitalism with some variety of Nationalism. Believing that capitalism is compatible with or should serve the national interest, he usually inhabits the Authoritarian Right quadrant as many National Capitalist regimes historically used dictatorial means to suppress dissent.

The focus of this page is on the meme variant, which is a blend of Nazi cultural, civic, and diplomatic principles with Economic Liberalism. However, many examples on this page, such as Hoshinoism and Liberal Fascism lack a direct link to Nazism. The term can apply to any pro-capitalist nationalist ideologies (including some Authoritarian Capitalist variants and Paleoconservatism).



  • Nazi Germany in the Hjalmar Schacht government - Nazi Germany had a lot of privatization and decentralization of the economy. In the Nazi administration, unemployment was almost extinct and Germany became a rich country, but this was not thanks to Hitler but to the economist Hjalmar Schacht.
Flag of Schachtism
  • Hjalmar Schacht - Hjalmar Schacht was Nazi Germany's economic minister known to have been responsible for the economic miracle of Nazi Germany. He was Nationalist, Capitalist, Bancocratic, but unlike most Nazi ministers, he was not racist or anti-Semitic, so much so that he financed some resistances.
  • Alfred Hugenberg was a German media businessman and a politician who advocated policies very similar to lebensraum, even prior to the First World War. From January to June 1933 he held the positions of the Minister of Economics and the Minister for Agriculture and Food in Hitler's first cabinet, where he promoted strong protectionist policies and called for return of Germany's overseas possessions lost after WWI. See here for details.


  • Jorge Rafael Videla - Jorge Rafael Videla was a military man, former governor of Tucuman and former president of Argentina during the military junta (1976-1981), in which " mysteriously" disappeared 13,000 to 30,000 opponents (actually kidnapped in a Ford Falcon and later given a helicopter ride).

He came to power after the 1976 coup d'état, overthrowing María Estela Martínez de Perón, participating in Operation Condor, and initiating the National Reorganization Process. Even participating in Operation Condor and being pro-US, he almost declared war on Pinochet's Chile over a border dispute on the Beagle Channel, but negotiated with Pinochet later and canceled Operation Sovereignty. During his government, there were numerous human rights abuses, with death squads, torture, kidnappings and various other crimes,Women detained in the government could choose to become pregnant in order not to be tortured, in which the children would be adopted by the military illegally. There were also allegations of baby kidnappings during the Dirty War. Another hallmark of his government was school indoctrination, in which there were several historical clippings and the replacement of classic authors by Latin American novelists, in addition to banning countless works by authors linked to the left. Economically, there were several neoliberal monetary reforms led by the minister of economy José Alfredo Martinez de Hoz, in which there was initially a setback, but grew later, in addition to a few companies such as the CIAE having been nationalized, it also had funding from the United States. He left power after ceding it to Roberto Eduardo Viola, later being arrested after the National Reorganization Process, dying of cardiorespiratory arrest in 2013, in which before his death, he justified state terrorism and did not regret his crimes.


  • Hugo Banzer - Hugo Banzer was ex-president of Bolivia twice, between 1971-1978 (banzerato) and 1997-2001, in which the second time was quieter, but overall, 200 people died in his first government.

He came to power after the 1971 coup, with the support of the United States (under Nixon) and Brazil (military dictatorship), being one of the main members of Operation Condor. To maintain order, he repressed unions, opponents, some indigenous people and people on the left, also banning any left-wing parties and movements, as well as closing some universities and infringing on various human rights. There is also an increase in drug trafficking corruption, unlike other Latin dictatorships (except for Noriega and Batista), there is not much repression of homosexuals and minority groups[8] , but took in the Nazi ex-gestapo head Klaus Barbie. The economy and loan part was used for "white elephants" and political patronage, worsening the economic situation. In Jimmy Carte's administration, Banzer was pressured to make a "democratic opening", but Banzer accused the elections of fraud, then annulled, but his opposing candidate Juan Pereda and other opponents overthrew him in the 1978 coup.

His second coming to power came after winning the 1997 elections, in which he again had problems with unions and under pressure from the United States, he had to (ironically) fight drug trafficking. The main feature of the 2nd term was the Cochabamba Water War, taking place after the privatization of SEMAPA, a water supply company, generating protests that were violently repressed and a state of siege was declared, in which privatization was reversed and 6 people died. . He resigned in 2001 due to lung cancer, dying a year later.


  • Alfredo Stroessner - Alfredo Stroessner was former president of Paraguay between 1954-1989 (35 years old), known for his anti-communism and brutality during the dictatorship, known as "El Stronato", in which the number of deaths varies between 3,000-4,000 death and 400-500 ""disappeared"". The motto was "Peace, Work and Welfare with Stroessner".

When he came to power, he was the only candidate in the elections, being re-elected 7 times. He quickly put Paraguay in a state of siege and state terror, ruthlessly persecuting and killing communists and government opponents, making Paraguay join the Anti-Communist World League. There was also rampant corruption, torture (such as being quartered alive), persecution of homosexuals (case 108), kidnapping of children, in which he would rape and enslave and grant asylum to Nazis such as Josef Mengele, Eduard Roschmann and Adolf Eichmann (died later) and the other dictators like Somoza Debayle. The economy in Paraguay grew by 4.2% and did some public works, and several kilometers of road were built, in addition to the construction of the Itaipu dam, it also asked for loans from the World Bank. The Aché Indians were enslaved and exterminated under his government, he took indigenous lands and gave them to American religious groups, with the support of the United States against the Aché. Even though he was conservative and Catholic, his relations with the Catholic Church were pretty bad. He visited the former Brazilian president Juscelino Kubitschek, all the dictatorships of the condor operation, Emperor Hirohito, Spanish dictator Francisco Franco and John F. Kennedy had a plan to overthrow him, but Nixon supported him. After the fall of the Latin dictatorships in the 1980s, several trade unionists and opposition movements held peaceful demonstrations, but were violently repressed. Army factions, the Catholic Church, General Andrés Rodríguez Pedotti and the United States carried out a coup d'état in 1989, being imprisoned for a time, but exiled, along with his family in Brasília (capital of Brazil), dying in 2006.


  • Henry de Lesquen - Henry de Lesquen is a French politician known for his Internet polemics. He has already made statements such as holocaust denial and racist speeches. He preaches banning modern music in public spaces for "having the spirit of blacks", a capitalist economy, annexation of Belgium and Luxembourg, destruction of the eiffel tower, traditional Catholicism and burning of the labor code.


United States

Rockwell Neo-Nazism

  • Rockwell Neo-Nazism is based on the thoughts of American political figure George Lincoln Rockwell.

He was born at Bloomington, Illinois, United States of America on March 9th 1918 while he is the first of the three children by father George Lovejoy Rockwell who is a fast-talking nut comedian that has British ancestry and his mother Claire Schade Rockwell who is also a comedian was the daughter of a German immigrant named Augustus Schade while also the daughter of a French Acadian named Corrine Boudreau. George Lincoln Rockwell's parents were divorced in 1924, his youth was divided between his mother in Atlantic City, New Jersey and his father at Boothbay Harbour, Maine but then Rockwell moved to attend the Atlantic City High School. In 1935, Rockwell applied to Harvard University but he was denied admission so a year later his father enrolled him at the Hebron Academy in Hebron, Maine and in August 1938, he was enrolled at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island as a philosophy major but then in his sophomore year he was dropped out.

George Lincoln Rockwell accepted a commission in the United States Navy in which he appreciated the order & discipline of the branch and in 1940, he attended flight schools in Massachusetts or Florida. Rockwell completed his training when America joined in World War Two 1939-1945 against the Axis Powers in which he fought in the Battle of the Atlantic along with the Pacific War while have been aboard the USS Omaha, USS Pastores, USS Wasp & the USS Mobile and he was primarily in support, photo-reconnaissance, transport & training functions but he never actually flew in combat even he was considered a good pilot as well as an efficient officer.

In April 24th 1943, George Lincoln Rockwell has married to Judith Aultman in which he had met her while attending Brown University but also was a student at Pembroke College in which was a coordinate women's college that belong to a certain university and the couple had three daughters such as Bonnie, Nancy & Phoebe Jean. There is problems with Rockwell because he did not get along with his daughters while he blamed them for not being raised properly because of his wife in which he violently struck him for not being perfect and after World War 2, he worked as a sign painter out of a small shop on land owned by his father in his hometown.

In 1946, George Lincoln Rockwell has entered the commercial art program at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York but then he along with his family moved to New York City so he could study art and he did well for winning the $1,000 first prize for an advertisement that he did for the American Cancer Society but however he was dropped out before finishing his final year in which he moved to Maine for creating his own advertising agency. In 1950, Rockwell was recalled to duty as a lieutenant commander at the beginning of the Korean War 1950-1953 in which he moved to San Diego with his family to train pilots in the United States Navy along with United States Marine Corps and during his time in San Diego he secretly became an advocate of Adolf Hitler along with being supporter of National Socialism while he was influenced by Joseph McCarthy's stance against Communism along with General Douglas MacArthur's candidacy for becoming the president of the United States in which he failed even Rockwell has adopted the corncob pipe for following his style while in 1951, Rockwell read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion along with Mein Kampf.

In November 1952, George Lincoln Rockwell was transferred to Iceland in which he became a Grumman F8F Bearcat pilot as a attained commander but his family was moved to Barrington, Rhode Island with his mother because the policies of the U.S Military did not want families to be with the American service personnel that have been stationed in Iceland in which lead to his wife to file for divorce and then Rockwell attended a diplomatic party in Reykjavík in which he met Margrét Þóra Hallgrímsson who is a niece of Iceland's ambassador to the United States.

In October 3th 1953, George Lincoln Rockwell has married to Margrét Þóra Hallgrímsson with the help of her uncle who is a Icelandic Lutheran Bishop but then they spent their honeymoon in Berchtesgaden, Germany that Adolf Hitler once owned the Berghof mountain retreat in the Bavarian Alps then the couple made a pilgrimage to Hitler's Adlerhorst and then they have three children together such as Hallgrímur, Margrét & Evelyn Bentína. In 1957, Hallgrímsson's father went to the United States to take his daughter back to Iceland because he had learned that she is married to Rockwell who is one of the most active racists in the United States and Hallgrímsson divorced him.

In September 1955, George Lincoln Rockwell moved to Washington DC, in which he founded a magazine called U.S Lady that aimed at the military wives of men in the U.S. military as a money-making venture after his discharge from the U.S. Navy Reserve because of his political views while the U.S Lazy magazine promoted the role of military wives as the unofficial ambassadors in host nations and Rockwell was gradually became radicalised until in the words of his biographer he was stated that he was on the farthest fringe of the Right-Wing. The magazine called U.S Lady had conflicts with his business partners or financial backers but in 1956, the magazine has been sold the following year with only four issues that have been published and it was purchased by Avandee & John Adams who are two civilian journalists. In 1957, Rockwell had a series of dreams that ended with him meeting Adolf Hitler and in 1958 , he met with Harold Noel Arrowsmith Jr who is a Anti-Semitic wealthy heir that provided him with a house along with printing equipment but later the "National Committee to Free America from Jewish Domination" was formed.

In July 29, 1958, George Lincoln Rockwell demonstrated in front of the White House to protest against President Dwight D. Eisenhower's decision to send American soldiers to the 1958 Lebanon crisis during Operation Blue Bat while his supporters specifically protested because they thought the Jews are controlling the U.S Government and in October 1958, following the Hebrew Benevolent Congregation Temple bombing the police raided Rockwell's home while he gained notoriety after Drew Pearson wrote an article describing how he including his followers dressed in Nazi uniforms while armed themselves with guns to be paraded at his home that was revealed to be in Arlington, Virginia.

In March 1959, George Lincoln Rockwell founded the "World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists" (WUFENS) in which supported the opposition to state ownership of property while Avandee & John Adams of the magazine called U.S Lady said they knew nothing of the original publisher's extremist views even they assured readers that Rockwell was not involved with this magazine in any way after its sale along with not putting Rockwell's political views in the magazine and In December 1959, the organization was renamed into the "American Nazi Party" while it was located at 928 North Randolph Street in Arlington but also Rockwell published an Animal Farm-type parody long-form poem called "The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens".

In 1960, George Lincoln Rockwell has been fully rejected by the U.S Navy as a one year short of retirement because of his political activities while the proceedings to dismiss him were an extremely public affair even though he received an honourable discharge but Rockwell blames the Jews for the rejection and April 3th 1960, the "American Nazi Party" held a rally on the National Mall where Rockwell addressed the crowd with a two hour long speech in order to attract media attention while later a second rally was planned for Union Square in New York City but Mayor Robert F. Wagner Jr refused to grant Rockwell a permit to speak in which he appealed that decision to the New York Supreme Court. When Rockwell emerged in the courthouse rotunda he was surrounded by a crowd of television reporters including Reese Schonfeld who interviewed him but then Rockwell made Anti-Semitic comments that lead to a brawl with the police convoy requiring to escort Rockwell from the courthouse and he won the permit to speak with help of the American Civil Liberties Union.

In July 4th 1960, during Independence Day the "American Nazi Party" held a rally on the National Mall again but then George Lincoln Rockwell along with his supporters were confronted by a mob that caused a riot but then the police arrested Rockwell along with his eight supporters but he wanted a trial and instead he was committed to a psychiatric hospital for thirty days while after he was released Rockwell was too mentally competent to stand trial so he published a pamphlet inspired by this experience titled "How to Get Out or Stay Out of the Insane Asylum".

In January 15th 1961, George Lincoln Rockwell along with a fellow supporter attempted to picket the local premiere of a film called "Exodus" to prevent it from being shown at the Saxon Theatre that was located at Downtown Boston, Massachusetts on Tremont Street while Rockwell was staying at the Hotel Touraine and after Boston Mayor John F. Collins declined to deny Rockwell the right to picket the movie members of the Jewish local community organized a demonstration of 2,000 protestors in response on the corner of Tremont Street along with Boylston Street on the day of the premiere that lead the police to converge on the theatre while forcing Rockwell into a police cruiser that took him to Logan International Airport in which he was then boarded onto a flight to Washington DC. In May 4th when the Freedom Riders have drove their campaign for the desegregation of bus stations in the Southern states that lead Rockwell to secured a Volkswagen van to decorated it with slogans supporting White Nationalism and named it the "Hate Bus" driving it to speaking engagements or party rallies.

George Lincoln Rockwell got along well with Black Nationalist leaders such as Elijah Muhammad & Malcom X since they shared the goal of racial segregation even he would later change views while broke with the Nation of Islam's position on race and in January 1962, Rockwell wrote to his followers that Muhammad has gathered millions of the dirty, immoral, drunken, filthy-mouthed, lazy & repulsive people sneeringly called REDACTED while inspired them to the point where they are clean, sober, honest, hard working, dignified, dedicated & admirable human beings in spite of their colour while also Muhammad knows that mixing is a Jewish fraud in which leads only to aggravation of the problems that it is supposed to solve but he have talked to the Muslim leaders while he is certain that a workable plan for separation of the races could be effected to the satisfaction of all concerned except the Jewish Communist agitators. Rockwell also said of Elijah Muhammad that he fully in concert with his program while he have the highest respect for him but He referred to Muhammad as "The Black People's Hitler" and donated $20 to the Nation of Islam at their "Freedom Rally" event on June 25th 1961, at Uline Arena in Washington where Rockwell along with his 10-20 supporters attended Malcolm X's speech but also in February 25th 1962, Rockwell was a guest speaker at a Black Muslim event in the International Amphitheatre in Chicago with Muhammad & Malcolm.

In April 20th 1962, George Lincoln Rockwell planned a rally to celebrate Adolf Hitler's birthday and later during the summer he attended a camp in Gloucestershire organized by British Neo-Nazi Colin Jordan to agreed working towards developing an international organization by creating the "World Union of National Socialists" that resulted in the 1962 Cotswold Declaration that was signed by other Neo-Nazis from all around the world such as Savitri Devi & Bruno Ludtke.

World Union of National Socialists Groups

In September 1962, George Lincoln Rockwell awarded one of his supporters a medal for punching Martin Luther King Jr in the face but then in 1963 Rockwell was remarried to Margrét Þóra Hallgrímsson while in June 10th 1964, he met with Christian Identitarian Wesley A. Swift to make an alliance along with using religious imagery depicting himself as a Christ-like martyr against the Jews even the members of the "American Nazi Party" found a welcome home in Swift's church while the church members found a political outlet in this group and in the 1964 Presidential Election he ran as a write-in candidate receiving 212 votes but Rockwell run again in the 1965 Virginia gubernatorial election receiving 5,730 votes finishing last among the four candidates.

In 1965, George Lincoln Rockwell have been interviewed with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to if the Holocaust were true but he replied by claiming he had incontrovertible documentary proof that that's not true but later in the spring of 1966, the "American Nazi Party" began publication of several pamphlets along with books including "National Socialist World" that was written by George Lincoln Rockwell and edited by William Luther Pierce but not only that but also a periodical "Stormtrooper Magazine" that was originally the "National Socialist Bulletin" along with a propaganda comic book called "Here Comes Whiteman" in which a title superhero character battles enemies modelled after racist stereotypes.

In April 1966, George Lincoln Rockwell was interviewed with a playboy journalist named Alex Haley while he stated "I don't believe for one minute that any 6,000,000 Jews were exterminated by Hitler, it never happened" but later in the summer of 1966, Rockwell led a counter-demonstration against Martin Luther King Jr's attempt to bring an end to de facto segregation in the white suburb of Cicero that was located at Chicago, Illinois while he believes that King was a tool for Jewish Communists who wanted to integrate America as a plot to rule the white community and there is evidence about Rockwell lead the "American Nazi Party" in assisting the Ku Klux Klan along with similar organizations against the Civil Rights Movement in an attempt to counter the Freedom Riders in 1961 along with the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963 But Rockwell soon came to believe that the Klan was stuck in the past while being ineffective in helping him to wage a modern racial struggle.

While still in 1966, after George Lincoln Rockwell hears the slogan "Black Power" during a debate with a certain Black Panther Party leader named Stokely Carmichael he altered the phrase "Sieg Heil" for "White Power" and in November 1966, the American Civil Liberties Union once again represented Rockwell to defend his right to stage marches or parades in Jewish neighbourhoods during Jewish holidays along with protesting against North Vietnam's communist war during the Vietnam War 1955-1975.

In 1967, George Lincoln Rockwell began to experience some financial success with paid speaking engagements at universities where he was invited to express his controversial views as free speech in which prompted him to ask his supporters to tone down the verbal or written attacks against non-whites along with limiting public display of the swastika to have some candidates in local elections but also Rockwell change the name of the American Nazi Party into the "National Socialist White People's Party" in which alienated some of his hard-line supports even the party has 500 supporters and March 1967 he expelled his former supporter named John Patler for having Marxist views after disagreeing his Capitalist policies.

During the 1960s, George Lincoln Rockwell attempted to draw attention to his cause by starting a small record label called the "Hatenanny Records" in which the name was based on the word Hootenanny as term given to folk music performances but only that but also the record label released a 45 RPM single by a band called "Odis Cochran and the Three Bigots" with songs like "Ship Those REDACTED Back" along with "We Is Non-Violent REDACTED", and another band called the Coon Hunters with songs like "We Don't Want No REDACTED For Neighbours" backed with "Who Needs A REDACTED" while the record label were sold mostly through mail order or at party rallies.

In June 28th 1967, George Lincoln Rockwell was returning from shopping as he drove his vehicle into the long driveway of the "Stormtrooper Barracks" that located in Arlington's Dominion Hills subdivision but it was blocked by a fallen tree along with a brush while he assumed that it was another one of those pranks by local teens and as Rockwell cleared the driveway two shorts were fired at him from behind while one bullet ricocheted from the car along the second bullet right next to his head but he managed to pursued the gunman while later in June 30th, 1967 Rockwell petitioned the Arlington County Circuit Court for a gun permit; no action was ever taken on his request.

In August 25th 1967, George Lincoln Rockwell has left the Econowash laundromat at the Dominion Hills Shopping Centre to go home but he is killed by John Patle from the roof of the building who fired two bullets into his vehicle and the "American Nazi Party" have been taken by Esoteric Fascist Matthias Koehl Jr. who moved the headquarters of the organization to New Berlin, Wisconsin but in 1983 the organization have been dissolved into the "New Order" that exists to this day even Koehl have died in 2014 while being replaced by Rocky Suhayda as the new leader of this organization.

White Aryan Resistance


Stefanism/Liberal Fascism is based on the thoughts of Italian political figure Alberto De' Stefani.

He was born in Verona, Veneto, Italy on October 6th 1879 his father named Pietro Stefani was a lawyer along with his mother Carolina Zamboni. In 1903, he graduated in Law at Padua Collage and majored in Economics at Venice he later became a lecturer at the technical institute of Vicenza in for several years.

In 1914, Alberto De' Stefani was influenced by Enrico Corradini leader of the "Italian Nationalist Association" then Stefani served as a soldier in World War One (1914-1918) where he rose to the rank of captain in 1917. He joined the National Fascist Party (PFN) in which he soon assumed the role of official economist of the party while he collaborated with an Italian newspaper owned by Benito Mussolini called "The People of Italy".

In 1922, Alberto De' Stefani was in charge of the political economy in Venice but then in October 31th 1922, after the March on Rome he was appointed as the Minister of Finance and then in December 21th 1922, he was appointed to the Treasury by Benito Mussolini in which Stefani maintained the positions in a single ministry merged from January 1923 to July 1925. He was a Liberal economist but Socially Conservative who favoured policies such as free-trade, lowering taxes without too much government interference and privatisation of businesses such as the communications industry but also he is a former talwart leader in the Centre Party. He implemented a policy of liberalizing the economy while reducing expenditure with an increase in indirect taxes to the advantage of direct ones while he also simplified various laws deriving from the war regime in order to give force to the productive mechanisms such as lighten the work of public administrations, post offices and railways in particular. From 1922 to 1926, Alberto De' Stefani started a period of Italy's rapid economic expansion especially in the industrial sector in which manufacturing production grows by 10% per year that contributed to a strong expansion of exports and in four years public spending went from 35% to 13% of GDP while the number of unemployed went from 600,000 people to 100,000 people that lead to the goal of a balanced budget for the financial year of 1924.

In 1925, Alberto De' Stefani began a policy that was to destroy paper money in order to curb inflation with a total of 320 million Italian lira were incinerated such as in March 30th, 1925 in Rome bags full of Italian Iira were destined for incineration are being unloaded but while the results of his policies has been positive also his position in the government structure deteriorated due to the opposition of different groups who saw him Pro-Industrialist or excessively Liberal such as the large southern landowners who has the most representative exponents of Capitalism and the Northern family in which they both had no interest in a policy of free trade or tax cuts in subsidies from which they benefited. Stefani came into conflict with the Bank of Italy that resulted in the banking law of 1926 along with Bonaldo Stringher who is a general manager and they are both for the control of monetary policy that was in the terms of discretion in the numerous bank rescue interventions while in addition, Stefani was firmly opposed to deflationary policies aimed at bringing the Lira to Quota 90. Stefani took advantage of the dictatorial powers afforded to Mussolini's regime to enact certain reforms in which had previously been blocked by the parliament such as a policy that issues a measure aimed at crushing stock market speculation along with other policies in which wages along with the cost of living fell under his direction and by mid-1925 the economy was heading towards crisis that lead to Mussolini replacing Stefani with Giuseppe Volpi who is Corporatist and a representative of the oligopoly that belongs to the electrical industry.

Alberto de' Stefani became a professor of economic & financial policy at the University of Rome while in December 1925, he was appointed dean of the newly founded "Faculty of Political Science" but then in 1926, he became an economic notist for the Corriere della Sera Newspaper and in 1928 he became a member of the "Grand Council of Fascism" until the collapse of Benitio Mussolini's regime however he launched an attack on what he felt was the abundantly liberal legislation being passed on marriage that arguinged that those who chose not to procreate should be denied the same legal rights as parents. In 1929, Stefani was re-elected deputy to the Chamber while in 1930, he re-joined the "Grand Council of Fascism" after he left for political reasons but in 1932, Stefani left the camber for his appointment as Academician of Italy and during the 1930s, he begins to be seen by some hierarchs with suspicion because he is too autonomous while His activity was therefore allowed exclusively in the cultural spheres but not the political spheres.

In 1935, Alberto de' Stefani becomes a member of a scientific institution called "Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei" while years later in 1937, he was appointed senior advisor to the Chinese National Government in which he devoted himself to the work of administrative reorganization along with civil mobilization of Kuomintang China and he was appointed by General Chiang Kai-shek as a high economic-financial advisor for a year.

In 1939, Alberto de' Stefani becomes Vice-President of the "Royal Academy of Italy" but then in early 1941, during World War Two (1939-1945) he began to show impatience along with disappointment towards the Italian regime by publishing the "Confidenze e Convinzioni" in which was censored but it was one of the very few signs of criticism of Mussolini's regime and in 1942, he was a commentator on economic issues for a newspaper called "La Stampa".

In January 1943, Alberto de' Stefani was appointed president of the "State Polygraphic Institute" while also become associated with a tendency that included fellow movement veterans such Emilio De Bono, Italo Balbo & Luigi Federzoni that were highly critical of the introduction of Nazi Germany with its racial laws that was influenced into Italy but in July 25th 1943, he voted in favour of Dino Grandi's agenda in which resulted in the arrest order of Benito Mussolini and during Operation Oak during the Italian Civil War (1943-1945), he took refuge in a convent but later in 1944 at the Italian Social Republic he was was sentenced to death in Absentia at the Verona trial but it did not happened.

In 1947, Alberto de' Stefani was referred to the High Court of Justice while being acquitted of the charge of collaboration with Nazi Germany but then he was rehabilitated and reinstated in his university positions after his life in politics such as serving as a lecturer in economics at the "Vicenza Institute of Technology" that lead him to be appointed as professor at the University of Rome while dedicated the last years of his life to studies or journalism and in January 15th 1969, Stefani died at the age of 89.

Lauri Törni

  • Lauri Törni - Lauri Allan Törni later known as Larry Lane and Larry Alan Thorne was a Finnish soldier who fought and served under three flags: as a Finnish Army officer in the Winter War and the Continuation War; as a Waffen-SS captain of the Finnish Volunteer Battalion of the Waffen-SS when he fought the Red Army on the Eastern Front in World War II; and as a US Army Major when he served in the US Army Special Forces in the Vietnam War.

Lauri Törni entered military service in 1938 and would soon serve during the Winter War to protect his country from invading Soviet troops. His actions during the Winter War gained notice from his commanders who promoted him to the rank of a Vänrikki (2nd lieutenant) in the reserves. In 1941, Törni went to Austria for seven weeks of training with the Waffen-SS, where he would be recognized as an Untersturmführer.

Lauri Törni's reputation would be defined by his actions during the Continuation War (1941-1944) in which Nazi Germany provided Finland with material support and military assistance against the Soviet Union to regain territories that had been lost during the Winter War. In 1943, a unit, known as "Detachment Törni" was created under his command which came to inflict such heavy casualties on Soviet units that the Red Army placed a bounty of 3,000,000 Finnish marks on Törni's head.

Following the Moscow Armistice of 1944 which forced the Finnish government to remove German troops from its territory, Törni left his country for Germany. He was eventually captured by British troops but managed to escape back to Finland where he would be arrested by the Finnish State police for treason for joining the German military. Törni was pardoned by President Juho Paasikivi in 1948 and moved to Sweden, then to Venezuela, and eventually settled in New York City, the United States in 1950.

He enlisted in the US army in 1954 and serve in West Germany from 1958 to 1962. The Finnish-born soldier was sent to South Vietnam in 1963 to support the ARVN forces during the Vietnam War. Larry Alan Thorne would meet his end in 1965 when he disappeared during a clandestine mission to locate Viet Cong turnaround points along the Ho Chi Minh trail. Thorne's remains were found in 1999 by a Finnish and Joint Task Force-Full Accounting team and sent back to the US and by 2003 buried at Arlington National Cemetery.


Hoshinoism is based on the thoughts of Japanese political figure Naoki Hoshino.

He was born in Kanagawa, Yokohama, Japan on April 10th 1892, while his father Mitsuta Hoshino who was a Evangelist Christian was involved in the textile industry along with his paternal aunt Ai Hoshino who was a principal of a noted women's university called the Tsuda College. Years later Hoshino, was in elementary school for the sixth year as he took an application form to the prefectural Ichichu that is now the Hibiya High School but he got rejected because only those born on or before April 2th 1892 could enter this junior high school so Hoshino went to Jinghua Junior High School instead in which he received the application so he immediately admitted to the school and in September 1910, he went to Daiichi High School.

In 1916, Naoki Hoshino passed the Higher Civil Service Examination while in 1917, he become a member of the ruling Nikisansuke Manchukuo clique in which he graduated at the Tokyo Imperial University for political science & law and then he entered the Ministry of Finance as he rose through the ranks in various capacities from a subordinate officer of the banking bureau to a deputy tax officer of the Osaka North Tax Office and in 1919, Hoshino becomes the head of the Osaka North Tax Office along with becoming the head of the accounting department of the Kumamoto Supervisory Bureau & the director of the Osaka Supervisory Bureau but also in 1926, he was promoted to Chancellor of the Exchequer.

In 1932, Naoki Hoshino was promoted to head of the State Property Division of the Administrative Bureau while also becomes vice minister of industrial development but in March 1st 1932, Manchukuo have been established as a Japanese puppet state. When the Kwantung Army requested the Ministry of Finance to dispatch personnel through the mediation of Kiichi Sakatani deputy director of the General Affairs Agency, along with Sotaro Ishiwatari from National Tax Division. In July 1932, Hoshino assisted by Kaya Kōnobu the head of the budget division led a team of bureaucrats from the Ministry of Finance to provide infrastructure for finances for the new Japanese puppet state. Hoshino moved to Manchukuo with Tadayuki Furuumi & Reisuke Matsuda to serve as a director of the Ministry of Finance of Manchukuo along with becoming chief of the General Affairs Department of the Ministry of Finance & deputy director of the Finance Department.

In 1935, Naoki Hoshino has made his administrating successful by doing the biggest narcotics produce by producing 10% of the world's total supply of morphine along producing 37% of total heroin and according to the testimony of General Ryukichi Tanaka before the trial of the International Military Tribunal of the Far East. During his post in Manchuria the revenue derived from the opium or other narcotics traffic became the chief source of revenue income for the Manchukuo puppet government while part of the narcotics was exported to Japan in which they were used by a subsidiary tobacco industry of Mitsui in the production of special marketed cigarettes for the Chinese market bearing the then popular in the Far East trademark the "Golden Bat" and this included the small doses of opium on their mouthpiece but apart from generating millions of addicted victims that increased the breakdown of Chinese society but it also generated colossal profits for the economy of the Japanese Empire even the military calculated to 300 million dollars annually according to the Tokyo War Crimes trials of 1948.

In 1937, during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945) Naoki Hoshino served as vice minister of Financial Affairs of Manchukuo and to this capacity he oversaw the creation while becoming personally directed to the State Opium Monopoly Bureau that spread the mass use of the narcotic firstly in Manchuria but then in China as a way to soften public resistance to the Japanese occupation or expansion while generating huge profits but under his authority tens of thousands of hectares were taken over by the Japanese underworld that put them under poppy production while dozens of laboratories were built to convert opium tars into various grades of morphine or heroin that lead to the economy of Manchuria became inextricably bound to hard drugs. Hoshino became head of the General Affairs Agency of the State Council and then in December 1937, he became the General Secretary of the State Council in Manchucko.

In January 1940, during World War Two (1939-1945) Naoki Hoshino wrote a praised article that was published in the Osaka Mainichi Shimbun Newspaper in which he explains about supervising the planned economy in Manchukuo that lead to success while the area is comparable to that of Germany, France & Italy combined and the Japanese subsistence zone in terms of resources or food will be completed even by adding China to it.

In July 22th 1940, Naoki Hoshino returned to Japan to become president of the Planning Agency as chief of the "Project Department" inside the Finance Ministry to implement the economic reorganization of Japan under the "Imperial Rule Assistance Association" lead by Prince Fumimaro Konoe. Hoshino drafted a draft outline for a Socialist economic system that includes the separation of capital & management and then in April 4th 1941, he resigns due to severe friction with the business community that advocated for self-control while in October 18th 1941, he becomes a member of the "House of Peers" to be appointed as chief cabinet secretary in the Tōjō administration with the task of moving the Japanese economy to a war economy footing with a State Socialist basis until July 22th 1944. Hoshino also served as the secretary of the General War Research Institute as a counsellor along with being a member of the National Mobilization Council and a counsellor of the Planning Agency but after resigning of groups he became an advisor to the Ministry of Finance.

In April 29th 1946, Naoki Hoshino was arrested by the American occupation authorities for being a Class A war criminal on five counts together with certain members of the Manchurian administration in a trial called the International Military Tribunal of the Far East. He was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment at Sugamo Prison in Tokyo.

In 1958, Naoki Hoshino was released from prison, and became Vice President of the Tokyo Hilton Hotel in which served as a director of Tokyu Corporation but then becomes president of Asahi Kaiun and then Kenkichi Ishiyama who owned the Diamond Corporation made Hoshino chairman. In 1963, he published his memoirs which created somewhat of a sensation for his undiminished admiration of Japanese accomplishments in Manchukuo while his unexpected lack of respect for wartime leader Hideki Tōjō but in January 16th 1978, Hoshino died at the age of 85.


  • Yahya Khan - W.I.P.


  • Nationalist Capitalism - One of the interpretations is nationalist capitalism, which blends nationalist values with capitalist economics. An example of this could be the Brazilian political party, Aliança pelo Brasil.
  • Capitalist Fascism - Another variation is Capitalist Fascism, which combines stances from Fascism and Capitalism. An example of this could be fascist Italy under Alberto de' Stefani, who lowered tax rates, privatized motorways, the communications industry and previously state-owned life insurance provisions, and achieved a balanced budget by 1924. Another example could be Estonia under the leadership of dictator Konstantin Päts.
  • Capitalist Nazism - Capitalist Nazism, like other interpretations, mixes certain values with capitalism, but they are National Socialist values with a capitalist economy. This is the most used interpretation, there are many examples, especially in Europe and the USA (if you want to see the examples, just go to "Further Information"). The most notable examples of this could be Hjalmar Schacht and Alfred Hugenberg.
  • Hitlerist Capitalism - Hitlerist Capitalism is a version of Nazi Capitalism, except that concentration camps are controlled by private companies, resembling Corporatocracy. An example of this would be the Auschwitz camp, under Rudolf Höss, in which people were enslaved to private companies.

Personality and Behavior

National Capitalism appears in comics as a shrewd and business-minded Nazism, and predominantly associates with fascist rather than capitalist ideologies, despite him trying to connect with them. He is rapidly angered when his economic system is associated with the propagation of globalism and progressivism, or accused of supporting Jewish interests. Sells merch to other fascists.

Stylistic Notes


How To Draw

Flag of National Capitalism
  1. Draw a ball with eyes.
  2. Color the ball gold.
  3. Draw a white circle in the middle of the front of the ball.
  4. Draw a black swastika, tilted at a 45 degree angle, in the middle of the circle. Connect the vertices of the swastika to form an angular S-shape, and add a vertical line down its middle to complete the dollar sign.
Color Name HEX RGB
Gold #FFBE00 255, 190, 0
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
Black #141414 20, 20, 20

Stylistic Notes/Optional

  • Draw him with a can of oil (like his dad Authcap), but with a label "Made in Germany" (and It can be in German if You want "Hergestellt in Deutschland")


Glorious Aryan Business Partners

  • Imperialism - We should expand and spread our glorious National Values and Capital.
  • Authoritarian Capitalism - Overall good, but you need more focus on Nation, also don't let the (((bolsheviks))) ruin you.
  • Nazism - Based but give up "socialism" and embrace more Market economy.
  • Fascism - Like my Based father Nazism, but less racist and ethnocentric. His third position sucks
  • Capitalism - He adopted me and taught me economics.
  • Paleoconservatism - Me but less extreme, Buchanan is someone I can support. I am not sure about non-interventionism, we should actively participate in foreign affairs to ensure survival of our nation.
  • Monarcho-Fascism - Colleague fascist elitist.
  • Monarcho-Capitalism- The same as above but as a capitalist.
  • Turkish Idealism - Thanks to Abdullah Çatli for killing leftists and working for the Deep State.
  • Pan-Nationalism - We should take our people back in the state where we can protect them from jewish globalist tyranny.
  • Fiscal Conservatism - Debt is cringe!
  • Alt-Right - Good customer and meme-trading partner.
  • Stratocracy - The best way to make a country strong. Good boy, show my enemies what they deserve!
  • White Nationalism - The white man shows his superiority through his economics.
  • Showa Statism - Hoshino did nothing wrong!
  • Leopold II Thoght - White nationalist, corporatocractic, anti-Black, imperialist, and even totalitarian? You are pretty much proto-me.
  • Neoreactionaryism - We need to go back to the time before the enlightenment promised the ideas of egalitarianism for all. But Moldbug is a J E W. And what do you mean "Nationalism is enlightened?"


  • Pinochetism - Eliminating opponents of your system? That's very based, but you're a damn Zionist and a Judophile.[9]Thanks for Colonia Dignidad tho
  • Xi Jinping Thought - Nazcapcom? I know that your communist coat is lie, show the world your business and war superpower.
  • National Conservatism - Hugenberg knew where it was at but why are all your modern followers so quick to disavow him? If he won, Bolshevism would have been eradicated. Additionally, we would have gained quite a cheap labor supply.
  • Ba'athism - Socialist sand[redacted] but Hafez found good use of Austrian Nazi-fugitive Alois Brunner and the Wagner Group is a great ally for Bashar. Operation desert storm and 2003 Iraq war go brrr.
  • Liberals - Good economic ideas, but still left-wing cringe. I don't like open borders too much.
  • Hoppeanism - You need a strong state to protect Nation, Tradition and Business.
  • Kahanism - Capitalist. Based. Fascist. Based. Ultranationalist. Based. Jew. Cringe. Very similar to me.
  • Eskinism - Same as the above two??? What brain worms have got into (((their))) heads to make them so fascist adjacent?
  • Third Positionism - While you hate capitalism for it being "Jewish" or whatever, you are still nationalist at least.
  • Kraterocracy - You went a bit too far...
  • Corporatocracy - Corporate power in the government is based, as long as they aren't globalist and woke.
  • State Capitalism - In general nice views on properties, however, you have pretty garbage takes on regulations. Google keeps confusing me with you tho
  • Libertarianism - Oh, "socialism is when the state does stuff"? And what do you say now? I do stuff and approve of the free market!
  • Nilssonian Anarcho-Fascism - Literally me, but implemented through the tyranny of the majority.
  • Alt-Right Libertarianism - Very good, but your tiny govt sucks ngl.
  • Garveyism - Garvey is pretty based, if you ignore the fact that he's black.
  • Welfare Chauvinism - Fellow ultranationalist, but welfare makes people weak. At least you don't give welfare to the untermensch, so they basically live under my ruthless economic system.
  • Neoconservatism - Fellow culturally right Authcap who helped Videla and Stroessner. But a globetard and culturally too moderate. Plus he's a Jew-bootlicker . However, Henry Kissinger is an honorary Aryan who helped to install me in Latin America despite being a filthy J*den. Even so, why did you sometimes backstab me like when siding with Thatcher over the National Reorganization Process in the Falklands war? That's why Argentina had relations with the Soviet Union and socialist countries back then, unlike most of your allied Latin American military governments.
  • Utilitarian Ethnonationalism - Freedom defender of ethnic danish but a bit too anti-statist and more important why do you like (((them)))?
  • Thai Fascism - You were based during the cold war, but originally and now, you are corporatists.
  • Peronism - Although you supported Stroessner in the Paraguayan civil war of 1947,Videla kicked your ass in 1976!. Licio Gelli still likes you tho
  • Objectivism - A fellow capitalist with some based takes, but overall you're weird. And Ayn Rand was a J E W
  • Tridemism - He was against fascism and declared war on Germany. He also didn’t like capitalism. But still, he is an honorary Aryan business partner and John Rabe saved many of his people from him. Alberto de Stefani also likes him.
  • Esoteric Fascism - Insane Teutonic Knight wannabe and a chunnibyou who started the ruin of Argentinian economy. Don't worry, I will still sell you Black Sun patches.

Degenerate (((Judeo-Bolsheviks)))

  • State Liberalism - Leftoids may say we are similar, but you just want to destroy efficiency and meritocracy by mandating "diversity" in every business.
  • Soulism - Utopian post-leftist stoner, but at least you are not organizing anything, unlike mainstream leftists. Just continue your passive existence and do your escapist things, and not even try to interfere with my business and national interests.
  • Anti-Fascism - Yes, I am a genocidal capitalist fascist. I will just throw you from a helicopter!
  • Anarcho-Capitalism - Decentralized capitalism is cringe, we need strong big business to function.
  • Marxism–Leninism - Yes, Capitalism is Fascism in decay. Thank God your crappy and inefficient USSR collapsed. And thanks to God twice for the fact, that most modern followers of your ideology are just obscure jobless internet commie bloggers with no real influence on politics.
  • Maoism - Stupid progressive commie ch*nk who hilariously failed with his "Great Leap Forward"
  • National Bolshevism - Fake fascist!Despite the fact that some say that we can cooperate because of similar racist views, we are opposites since your main goal is to destroy capitalism and mine is to destroy communism. Besides, the combination of elitist and egalitarian views is contradictory, isn't it? All of you are crypto-Marxists & ((( Jewginists))) trying to subvert our movement!
  • National Communism -Worse than the above because you are just an average commie anti-fascist but using nationalism.
  • Strasserism - The treacherous wing of Nazism, sympathetic to Bolsheviks, we dealt with you in 1934.
  • Labour Zionism - Socialist. Cringe. Jew. Double Cringe.
  • Bundism - Like the last guy and he doesn't even have the guts to be a nationalist!
  • Pink Capitalism - You may be a capitalist, but you still go to the gas chamber because you're a progressive SJW degenerate!
  • Communalism - Cringe, will get McNuked™. Oh wait... No need for bombs, because your retarded society just will just die out from a simple infection from a shared toothbrush.
  • Marxism - You are literally the Judeo-Bolshevik who started poisoning society with that class consciousness bullshit of yours.
  • Queer Anarchism - Why you even exist, LMAO?! Gonna cry on your Twitter, snowflake loser? *Tries to not laugh*
  • Democratic Socialism - Democracy and Soycialism? You make me laugh.
  • Social Democracy - There's two of you? You make me die of laughter.
  • Fourth Theory - Dirty eastern communist, you want to make fascism communistic in order to oppose Western civilization, but I want to unite fascism and capitalism in order to defeat you eastern Bolshevik barbarians.
  • Fully Automated Gay Space Communism - Lmao what the sh*t? Your system will never work, and it only exist in fictional media made by daydreaming commie writers. Get real, utopian space wannabe.
  • Marxist Feminism - Stay in the kitchen or get in the helicopter!
  • Libertarian Socialism - Aren't you just Anarcho-Communism-Lite?
  • Minarcho-Socialism - Why is there another AnCom-Lite?
  • Liberal Feminism - How about exclusively white and male drone pilots, whinny femoids?
  • Anarcha-Feminism - Another wacky anarchist. You make me laugh even harder than pink ones.
  • Posadism - Wow, literal insane commie! Even the average ML commie is saner than this lunatic that obsessed with aliens, nukes, and dolphins (and stop fucking them, you zoophile!).
  • Bio-Posadism - "Poor genetic diversity causing a birth of super-bug disease" that will kill millions of my nation's people? F*ck you even more!
  • Welfarism - Welfare for the poor? B-But... What about money for our glorious Aryan government and the Aryan people?! But I'm ok with Aryans only social security, paid by the slave labor of minorities.
  • Ego-Communism - *J.J.Jameson laugh*...YOU SERIOUS?!... *another J.J.Jameson laugh*
  • Italian Left Communism - Even more annoying commie. Just continue sitting on your chair until you rot. Because the chair is too big for my helicopter and he simply refuses to get off from it
  • Distributism - You are not touching me and my multi-million dollar corporation under any circumstances. Deploy the private militias!
  • Syndicalism - Worker strikes get dealt with by private militias.

Further Information







  1. Fascism is against economic liberalism, however in most other regards, National Capitalism could be called a form of Fascism and/or National Socialism.
  2. According to Young, Hoshino wanted Manchukuo's economy to be divided into guilds where workers could collectively bargain with state-owned monopoly companies (one per industry).
  5. During the 2023 coup attempt
  6. There is a meme on the Russian internet which compares Prigozhin to Sundowner because of their similar appearance and the fact that they are both PMC leaders. Besides, both PMC Wagner and Desperado Enforcement LLC use a skull as part of their emblems.
  7. Fascism and Social Revolution: A Study of the Economics and Politics of the Extreme Stages of Capitalism in Decay, page 8
  8. It still has, but much less compared to other dictatorships
  9. The Chilean dictator fostered links with the Jewish community in his own country, and with Israel
  10. "Commander Colucci has worked to implement a new direction for the Party, one that includes focusing on making this a truly American National Socialist Movement, one which will give Americans the choice of supporting a party that will combine the best of both National Socialism and private, free market Capitalism, to create a system that will stop our foundational decay, while bringing innovation, prosperity, and security to all of White America" from Why should you support the NSM?.