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"In any socialised enterprise, no matter what its form, socialisation requires that proper provision be made for the democratic participation of the workers in determining the conditions and allocation of work, both at the work place level and at the higher levels of management and control."

Libertarian Market Socialism, sometimes referred to as LibMarkSoc, is an economically left-wing, libertarian, and generally culturally progressive (like most other left-libertarian ideologies) ideology who can be described as a more moderate version of Mutualism. LibMarkSoc believes in the libertarian principle of limited government combined with the economic view that while the means of production should belong to the workers who use them, goods and services should be provided through a market economy contributed to by worker-owned businesses and co-ops. They support local direct democracy, with a limited, higher level federal government.



How to Draw

Flag of Libertarian Market Socialism

Libertarian Market Socialism is almost identical in design to Libertarian Socialism, apart from the orange color, which is meant to mirror the color scheme of Mutualism.

  1. Draw a ball
  2. Draw an alternating pattern of orange and a near-black stretching from the edge and meeting at the center, with 10 segments.
  3. Draw a star with the reverse colors in the center of the ball.
  4. Fill in the star and clean up the edges.
  5. Add the eyes and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Orange #FFA900 255, 169, 0
Black #141414 20, 20, 20




  • Democratic Confederalism - Your implementation in Rojava has a lot of worker owned co-ops, but what's this about bartering only?
  • Anarcho-Communism - I like you for being socialist and anti-state, but we get into heated debates about economics far too often.
  • Distributism - Both of us are fans of co-ops, worker-owned business, decentralization and free markets, but I feel like our ideologies come from two very different places.
  • Libertarianism - I admire your values of a free market and a limited state, but why can't you just accept the socialist system?
  • Social Libertarianism - I guess you're a little better then the above, but you don't really go far enough.
  • Classical Liberalism - John Stuart Mill is cool and all, but I wish you would realize the equality you want can't come about from within capitalism.
  • Georgism - I like how you try and have free markets and economic equality, but I don't know; I just feel like my methods are better.
  • Social Democracy - You're probably the best of the liberals, and I like how the countries you run have some of the freest markets, but you're still capitalistic and pretty statist at the end of the day.
  • Titoism - You did a good job in showing how a market socialist economy can indeed work, but I really wish you didn't decide to still have the one-party state and despotism.




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