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  • Q4Kaos - Why this garbage not in anarchywiki instead ?

My opinion on this page, should it be deleted?

Dreggsu - Agree with the comment above, this page should be on the Anarchy wiki rather than here. It doesn't seem too worthy to even have its own page, the person which the ideology is based on is very irrelevant and it's sections have been marked as W.I.P since a lot of time. It also seems to be based on Landian Accelerationism, based on Nick Land which is WAY more relevant, but the page is also very incomplete (not even marked as W.I.P so it doesn't seem anyone is interested on working for it) and I think it would be easily just kept as a variant of the page.

This edit here says the ideology is "academically recognized and one of the most known variants of accelerationism) which is very debatable, as there's barely some videos of it on YouTube and if you search it on Google you won't get anything.

Also, I would like to recall what are the requirements to a page to be on this wiki, and the ones to be passed to Anarchy. I've seen some Ideologies based on people such as Trumpism, Fujimorism or Stalinism have been deleted, but some such as Bismarckism, Chavismo, Peronism, etc. are still here, yet they're same as relevant.