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Technocracy is an economically and culturally variable anti-democratic ideology who supports a system of governance in which decision-makers within the area are selected on the basis of their expertise in a given area of responsibility, particularly with regard to scientific or technical knowledge, and supports the formation of a government of scientists, engineers, urban planners, etc. The term can also sometimes be used to describe the idea of approaching social and economical problems through the lens of sustainability and the scientific method as opposed to the pursuit of monetary profit. Sometimes, Technocracy can advocate for economic planning, although this is not always the case.


The Technocratic movement first originated in the United States in 1919 as the Technical Alliance, aimed at showing the waste of the price system. It later split into Technocracy Inc. during the Great Depression. The Technocratic Movement proposed radical reforms at its time like replacing the government with unelected experts and a 16-hour workweek. The movement gained a lot of support as Americans were struggling during the Great Depression, but it eventually lost support as FDR signed reforms to the American Economic system and it now has a small and fringe support in the United States.

Examples of Technocracy have occurred in other countries before, mostly in Europe; They practiced Technocracy in general and they were usually implemented during a political crisis and would usually not last long. Italy currently has a Technocrat for prime minister after a political crisis resulted in the former prime minister withdrawing from the ruling coalition and thus stepping down as prime minister.


The Technate

The Technate is the word used by Technocracy Inc. to describe a country where Technocracy could properly operate.

An example of a Technate that was theorized by Technocracy Inc. was the North American Technate which unified Canada, the United States, and Mexico as well as all the other countries in North America. They wanted this Technate to be self-reliant on its economy and not needing of trade, as it was claimed that without the wastefulness of the “ineffective price system”, the resources of North America would be more than enough to sustain its inhabitants.

Thermodynamic Economics

Thermodynamic Economics (shortened to Thermoeconomics) refers to the application of the Laws of Thermodynamics within the economy with the Thermoeconomic Theory of Value which says that the value of each product can be determined by calculations of the number of producers and the abundance of the resource.

How to Draw

Symbol of Technocracy

Technocracy is extremely easy to draw:

  1. Draw a ball
  2. Draw in a yin-yang style symbol (monad), with the left part in light grey (#D3D3D3) and the right part in red (#B22222)
  3. Add the eyes and done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Light Grey #D3D3D3 211, 211, 211
Red #B22222 178, 34, 34



Stylistic Notes

  • Usually depicted as more intelligent than other ideologies and with deep knowledge of various scientific fields.
  • While not explicitly technologically progressive, he often associates with pro-technology ideologies and enjoys sharing his scientific knowledge with them.
  • While not particularly anti-capitalist, can be critical of capitalism for giving the wealthy power as opposed to the most skilled. That being said, he is elitist and sees those who are deemed "qualified" and "educated" as the ones who should rule over society, willing to ignore average people or populists because they are too dumb (at least according to him).





  • Syndicalism & National Syndicalism - Profession-run industry gang!
  • Socialist Transhumanism - I am usually you and you are usually me.
  • Transhumanism - My more technologically advanced friend and lab-mate. I built his first augments, by the way!
  • Cyberocracy - My dearest son, goes a bit extreme but still a genius.
  • Noocracy - My father, who taught me from a young age. We disagree when it comes to who exactly is the wisest, though.
  • Meritocracy - He has talent, and he has many achievements and similar views.
  • Eco-Authoritarianism - Like me but green!
  • Cosmicism - You and me are two peas in a pod when it comes to our love for philosophy and looking down at common people.
  • Cameralism - "Science of the state"? That definitely sounds great.
  • Scientocracy - My moderate brother, who thinks in a similar way to me, but why do you need the experts to tell the politicians how to think (they won't listen anyway), when the experts can simply assume direct control?
    • - Because rule by experts doesn't really work that well in reality.[4][5]
  • Francoism - A world leader who finally listens to the experts and technocrats. The Opus Dei was very based for their work on the Spanish economic miracle too.
  • Chiangism - Thanks for promoting experts like Yen Chia-ken and Sun Yun-suan in the nationalist ranks who were the architects of the Taiwanese economic miracle.
  • State Capitalism - Thanks for employing me in all of your countries.
  • Oligarchy - A collective of smart people is better than one, and plebs are just too dumb to rule themselves.
  • CDUism - Thank you for electing Angela Merkel to install a technocratic system based on political consensus.
  • State Liberalism - Only Experts know how to rule, also Yasmin Ibrahim is one of best management professors.


  • Capitalism - You're not the worst ideology, but you waste so much and put more importance on wealth and materialism as opposed to promoting a true Meritocracy.
  • Futurism - I appreciate the sentiment, but you're too crazy to be running a country.
  • Aristocracy - My grandfather, who first started the path that led to my ideals, but is definitely not qualified to rule.
  • Technoliberalism - One of my children, but do I have a reason to have a child with a failure?
  • E-Democracy - Democracy is a failure, but at least you pay me to keep up your WI-FI.
  • Agrarianism - For the last time, you do realize the fertilizers, machines and even seeds you're using are all fruition of technologies' advancements right?
  • Combatocracy - You also support leadership based on skill, but you base it only on strength! The strong is not the professional!
  • Illuminatism - You are very wacky with your obsession with symbols, and also very secretive. What do you mean, that you are the powerful and globalist version of me and being super-secretive is for the safety of club members?
  • Falangism - The syndicalism is BASED, but you still somehow manage to put the worst people in power! I'm glad he replaced you with real experts. What do you mean you're also technocratic?
  • Anarcho-Syndicalism - You are pretty cool regarding a profession-run industry, however anarchy and going against intellectual vanguardism is really cringe. And to be honest, you kinda just sound like Machajskism-Lite.
  • Marxism - Marx was clearly well educated and because of it rightfully understood the capitalists can sometimes be ignorant of what's best for society, however his attempt to give power to average plebs and workers control of the means of production makes me sick to my stomach, though he was absolutely correct in hating those disgusting backward and inarticulate lumpen. They are the purest form of social scum!
  • Eugenicism - Kinda bad optics, but your ideas were certainly on the right track. Why selectively prevent certain people from being able to breed for a more intelligent population when you can instead just make those who score higher on tests the main qualifier for status and thus coerce people to want to breed entirely with nerds like me over those stupid kakistocratic jocks.


  • Machajskism - Anti-state, anti-elitist, anti-intellectual, pro-democracy, radical populism, and NO LEADERS? My literal opposite!
  • Lumpenproletariat Anarchism - You're no better than the above, you're nothing more than a low-life degenerate who leeches off from the best and brightest, and takes pride in being everything that is wrong with humanity.
  • Liberalism - Democracy is a flawed system! Your average citizen has no knowledge or expertise in the political world.
  • Kakistocracy - This is literally the rule of idiots! WHY DOES THIS EXIST?
  • Neoluddism - He said WHAT about the industrial revolution?
  • Democracy - Why is Kakistocracy here twice?
  • Pol Potism - STOP KILLING ME!
  • Mediacracy - Only exists to sell and never to inform. Stands against practically everything I believe in.
  • Plutocracy - You think only people in extreme wealth should be in power, you are trying to cause a disaster here.
  • Populism - The population isn't smart, and neither are you!
  • Ochlocracy - See, I told you.
  • (Esoteric) Soulism - Spiritual realm doesn't exist, you magical-thinking buffoon! What? Did lucid dreaming help Descartes create the scientific method?

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  1. Most people when they think of "technocracy" think of rule by experts, which is what an expertocracy is.
  2. The Coming of Post-Industrial Society:'Saint-Simon's vision of industrial society, a vision of pure technocracy, was a system of planning and rational order in which society would specify its needs and organize the factors of production to achieve them.'
  3. The Technocrats: The Prophets of Automation