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To use this template, add the {{Ideology}} template and fill in the appropriate fields. Fields left blank will not appear in articles. This infobox template uses Fandom's infobox syntax.


This infobox should be used only for ideology pages (e.g. Anarcho-Capitalism, Marxism–Leninism). For UserWiki pages, {{User-Ideology}} should be used instead, as it doesn't automatically add the Ideologies category.


Parameter Optional? Description
title No The title of the infobox. Displays the page name of the title when left blank. Icons should be used in the infobox like this: [[File:Icon1.png]] (Page name) [[File:Icon2-opt.png]]
image Yes (alternates with gallery) The display image of the infobox.
caption Yes Caption for the image infobox
gallery Yes (alternates with image) Gallery of infobox images see {{TabberGallery}} for documentation
aliases Yes Lists alternative names and nicknames for the ideology.
alignments No Lists the ideological associations for the ideology.
shortdesc Yes Short desciption of the ideology for SEO purposes.
influences No Lists the ideologies that precured the ideology that lead to their creation.
influenced Yes Lists the ideologies that succeeded the ideology that lead to the creation of other ideologies.
theorists Yes Lists notable theorists and practitioners that had or has links to the ideology.
examples Yes Lists notable places in which the ideology had or has been in practice.
sub Yes Lists sub-ideologies of the ideology.
school Yes Lists schools of thought of the ideology.
regional Yes Lists regional variants of the ideology.
personal Yes Lists personal (referring to a single individual) variants of the ideology.
likes Yes Lists the ideology's personal likes.
dislikes Yes Lists the ideology's personal dislikes.
song Yes Links the official song(s) and music to the ideology if any.
themecolor Yes Determines the hexidecimal color of the infobox's main header color.
textcolor Yes Determines the hexidecimal color of the infobox's header text color.
border Yes Determines the thickness of the infobox's border.
bordercolor Yes Determines the color of the infobox's border.


|title = 
|image = 
|caption = 
|gallery = 
|aliases = 
|alignments = 
|shortdesc = 
|influences = 
|influenced = 
|theorists = 
|examples = 
|sub = 
|school = 
|regional = 
|personal = 
|likes = 
|dislikes = 
|song = 
|themecolor =
|textcolor =
|border = 
|bordercolor = 

Sample output

|title = [[File:Ancapf.png]] Anarcho-Capitalism
|image = Ancap.png
|caption = Taxation is theft!
|gallery = 
|aliases =  AnCap <br> Right-Anarchism <br> [[File:AnLib.png]] Anarcho-Liberal <br> 
Capitalist Anarchism <br> [[File:Volu.png]] Voluntaryism <br> Radical Capitalism <br> 
RadCap <br> Rothbardianism <br> [[File:Feud.png]] Neo-Feudalism (By [[File:Soc-h.png]] [[:Category:Left_Unity|Leftists]])
|alignments = [[File:Libright-yellow.png]] [[LibRight]] <br>
[[File:Awaj.png]] [[:Category:Anarchists|Anarchists]] <br>
[[File:Cap.png]] [[:Category:Capitalists|Capitalists]] <br>
[[File:Libertarian.png]] [[:Category:Libertarians|Libertarians]]
|shortdesc = Ideology based around the principles of property rights, individualism and the rejection of the state.
|influences = [[File:Anin.png]] [[Anarcho-Individualism]] <br>
[[File:Austrobert.png]] [[Austrian School]] <br>
[[File:Awaj.png]] [[Anarchism]] <br>
[[File:Minarchist.png]] [[Minarchism]] <br>
|influenced = 
[[File:Agorismf.png]] [[Agorism]] <br>
[[File:Cryptan.png]] [[Crypto-Anarchism]] <br>
[[File:Hoppef.png]] [[Hoppeanism]]  <br>
[[File:Angeo.png]] [[Geoanarchism]]  <br>
[[File:LeftRothbardianismPix.png]] [[Left-Rothbardianism]]
|theorists = [[w:Murray Rothbard|Murray Rothbard (1926-1995)]], [[File:Cball-US.png]] USA, 1949 
|examples = [[File:Cball-Somalia.png]] [[w:Economy of Somalia|Somalia]]
|sub = [[File:Agorismf.png]] [[Agorism]]
|school = [[File:Volu.png]] Voluntaryism
|regional = [[File:Cball-Somalia.png]] [[w:Somalia|Somali Model]]
|personal = [[File:Murray_N_Rothbard.png]] Rothbardianism
|likes = NAP <br> McNukes <br> Rothbard
|dislikes = Statists <br> Collectivists  <br> Taxes <br> Road
|song = [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxTpevct8Ys When Money Comes Marching Home]
|themecolor = #202020
|textcolor = #FDFD00
|border = 5px
|bordercolor = #FDFD00