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Why did you remove the backgrounds in conservative Socialism and the Populisms?

THAT ART TOOK ME AGES Sorry if you feel like it did not follow the rules, I will try and re-add it once I’ve made the relevant corrections. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. - DavHen07

Hey saw you made an edit to the Liberal Socialism page. I reverted it for two reasons. The less important one is that I personally feel like it makes more sense to put Ricardian Socialism near the other historical versions of Liberal Socialism rather than at the top which has more of the essential bases of the ideology. The more important one is your change to saying “Fellow Vaush Fans”. Full disclosure I am actually a Vaush fan lmao but I disagree with him on a decent amount and I’d really consider him more Libertarian Socialist than Liberal Socialist, though he does straddle the line and has called himself both. Either way, I feel he does not really define the ideology historically or even that much in the modern day. Thanks and let me know if you disagree. — Shigeruguy