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Not to be confused with Left-Wing Nationalism or National Socialism.

"Everyone was at one time a Social Democrat."

Welfare Chauvinism or Welfare State Nationalism is an authoritarian, economically center to center-left, culturally right-wing to far-right and ultranationalist ideology. Welfare Chauvinism believes that a welfare state should be combined with extreme nationalism. They usually advocate for welfare to be provided only to those who fit cultural, ethnic, and/or religious, etc. qualifications for what they think is a part of national identity, applying elements of Ethnocracy. Welfare Chauvinism generally supports Right-Wing Populist, National Conservative and Paternalistic Conservative governments all around. Critics say that this ideology could lead to a "Global Apartheid", if it were to be established in every country, because of ultranationalism.


Pekerism/Fascist Kemalism

Main Article Kemalism#Fascist Kemalism/Pekerism.

With the influence of the rising Fascism in the world in the 1930s, Recep Peker argued that the Republican People's Party should align with Fascism. Paramilitary units affiliated with the party demanded applications such as strong party anthems and a council of fascism. His ideas were rejected by Atatürk and he dismissed Peker from the party position, putting him under high surveillance. Peker would later return as PM in 1946-1947 under Ionu, opposing any attempts at transitioning to a multi-party party system, as he believed CHP should stay in power forever. Throughout the 1930s and the 1940s, Peker oversaw the implementation of Turkification policies on Kurds and other minorities such as the wealth tax and anti-religious laws that shut down thousands of mosques. His attempts to make CHP fascist failed and he retired in 1948.

Ethnokemalism/Far-right Kemalism

Mehmet Saffet (Arın) Engin, in an article in Ülkü magazine, after stating that a nationalist society attaches importance to solidarity, listed elements such as history, language, ideals, and unity of interest as elements of solidarity. He shows an ethnocentric tendency by referring to the superiority of the Turkish ethnicity, by considering the blood factor among the unifying factors, and by including the concept of ethnicity rather than the nation in some of his views.

Saffet Engin, who described Atatürk as the Great Genius and hailed him as the creator of the Turkish ethnicity at the beginning of his book in which he analyzed the Kemalist revolution, states in another chapter of a book he wrote that there was very little ethnic mixing in Anatolia. He claims that only 5.5% of dolichocephalic elements are encountered in anthropological researches in Anatolia and that a clean ethnicity type is dominant. Although he states that the concept of nation is not limited to ethnicity, Saffet Engin, who believes that ethnicity superiority is a fact, argues that the dominant ethnicity also gives the nation its character. Approaching the subject from this perspective, Saffet Engin also claims that it has been scientifically proven that the Turkish character cannot be compared with any other nation. As can be seen, Saffet Engin, who does not exclude the concept of ethnicity in the definition of a nation, speaks easily of ethnic superiority. Although this is not an approach that dominates both his own works and the general idea of ​​the period, the presence of these ethnnocentric elements in his various writings differentiates Saffet Engin's stance. However, ethnonationalism was rejected in the 1935 CHP Party Programme. In other words, if he had conveyed these ideas to Atatürk, he would have been rejected.

Modern-day proponents of Ethnokemalism are Ümit Özdağ and his Zafer.png Victory Party, the Ancestral Alliance of which ZP is a part of, and 2023 presidential candidate Sinan Oğan.


  • Slobodan Milošević - Slobodan Milošević was the first president of the Republic of Serbia (1991-1997) and the third president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1997-2000). Even though he had held previous posts, he appeared to gain political traction in Serbia in 1987, in which he declared his support for Serbs who he claimed were being oppressed by the ethnically Albanian provincial government of Kosovo. He called for the reduction of Kosovo's provincial autonomy, protection of Serb minorities and a strong crackdown on separatism in the region. Even being accused of nationalism to a large extent, even though he had denied it.

When in power Milošević was known for his authoritarianism and brutality, which, inspired by Aleksandar Ranković, used brutality and oppression against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. He participated in the Yugoslav wars, especially in Kosovo, an example of which could be in 1988, when partisan meetings of the Anti-bureaucratic Revolution led to cries like "Give us weapons!" and the more segregationist "Long live Serbia — death to the Albanians!". With the repression against Albanians, he also repressed Islam and Hoxha's supporters in Kosovo and supposedly tried to create "Greater Serbia", in order to become a " second Tito ".

Other things could also be the transition from one-party to multi-party, even though he had been accused of electoral fraud, establishing a Kleptocracy, Autocracy and Authoritarian Nationalism. There was police brutality against political opponents, and there was also a state-capitalist mixed economy, he put up trade barriers to encourage local industry in addition to an increase in labor laws, but in 1998 he proposed a liberal economic reform that would have trade barriers and privatization of state-owned companies, but it was overthrown in 2000 because of losing the Kosovo war and accusations of falsifications.

Nordic Right-Wing Populism

Nordic Right-Wing Populism is a variant of Right-Wing Populism that includes features of the Nordic Model.


Åkessonism supports continuing the economic system of the Nordic Model albiet with cuts in taxation. However, it is also vehemently against immigrants, especially those that follow Islam. Åkessonism also supports the protection of Swedish culture and social norms, believing that the national identity of Sweden is important to keep. Law and order is another important part of the ideology as it wants Sweden to be a safe country, free from crime. The ideology has gained major support among blue-collar workers and many of the swedish unions are filled with SD voters. This has created tension between the Sweden Democrats and the Social Democratic Party which has historically been dominating the unions. It sees itself as a Syncretic ideology that combines the best elements from the left and right. From the left it takes parts like workers' rights and solidarity and from the right it takes parts like National Conservatism.

The ideology is mostly known for its populist rhetoric and is often seen accusing the establishment for the bad things happening in Sweden. Its populism is mostly right-wing with restrictive immigration and conservatism as the main focus, but it doesn't shy away from using some left-wing takes on economics. "The voice of the people" is what it wants to be viewed as; being different from the "Progressive Left" and "Spineless Right".

Sweden Democrats are often labeled as "neo-nazi" by the media, as the original SD had ties to neo-nazi and white supremacist groups, like their founders Gustaf Ekström and Anders Klarström, the former being a Waffen-SS volunteer.

Nowadays SD formally rejects Nazism and moved economically to the left from its foundation, becoming more welfarist and trade unionist, contrasting Nazi social darwinism and opposition to trade unions. Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, they've been supporting Sweden's (as well as Finland's) membership in NATO.

Following the 2022 elections, SD is the second-largest party in Riksdag.

Alternative for Sweden

Alternative for Sweden is a party which was formed by former members of the Sweden Democrats and could be described as a more radical version of SD. The party advocates for the rapatriation of immigrants and Hard Euroscepticism. It is also more conservative than its father with its opposition to same-sex marriage and heavy focus on the importance of christianity in swedish society. A few major differences between the two parties are their views on NATO and Environmentalism. Whereas the Sweden Democrats supports Sweden's entry into the NATO alliance, AfS does not and while the former is fairly sceptical towards the west's focus on combating climate change, the latter see environmental protections as a positive policy which could benefit Sweden.

Danish People’s Party


Finns Party



See: Peronism


Carneirism is an economically centrist, culturally far-right, statist ideology, created by late Brazilian nationalist politician, Enéas Carneiro. It suppots a strong state, nationalism, Economic interventionism and Technocracy.

Social Patriot Movement


Social Nationalism

Social Nationalism is in its most basic definition a Nationalist state with a social economy range from left social democracy to Rhine capitalism and potentially more right-wing systems. The nationalist state by nature would be authoritarian but social nationalism acknowledges the problems with unchecked power and supports a constitution which would control the power the executive holds, its modern form is also a traditionalist ideology that is against gay marriage and believes that the three purposes of life are Nation, God and Love. However, the traditional version of social nationalism was much more progressive in its historical context. This ideology is not to be confused with Nazism. It has seen a rise in support amongst national populist European groups and may present itself as a status quo in conservative countries like Poland and Hungary. Historical examples that are close to socnat include: Kemalist Turkey, Nationalist China under the KMT, and Mexican Institutional Revolutionary Party, and Poland under Józef Piłsudski. It believes:

  • We shouldn’t strive for laissez faire capitalism, because that will lead to a degenerate culture of materialism and consumerism and we should not strive for communism either as it is inefficient and would weaken the nation
  • Economics should be somewhat flexible so that the system that best suits the people is what gets implemented.
  • Most immigration to a country should be from culturally similar nations & people and limited to only the most skilled. Actual refugees should go to the nearest stable country that offers asylum and if no one is willing to house them then they must remain in their homeland.
  • Economic migrants should be highly restricted to the needs of the nation and from nations similar ethnically and culturally to us for easy assimilation. If they have broken the law they should either be deported or imprisoned (Depending on how serious the crime is)
  • Nationalism, Social collectivism and Traditionalism should be taught in every school, aligning with the virtues that would be important to teach to youth, while other values like discipline, high work ethic, honesty and unity would be encouraged
  • Intervention in foreign countries to spread nationalism further and for national gain is necessary, but a diplomatic option should always be tried first.

National Social Capitalism

National Social Capitalism is an economically centre-left to right-wing, culturally variable (though usually right-wing to far-right), welfarist and nationalist ideology. Generally considered to be the more capitalist-oriented variation of Welfare Chauvinism, it is also related to National Capitalism; although it is usually more moderate in terms of economics, social values and authoritarianism, and is not always directly linked to Nazism. It can also be described as a fusion between National Capitalism and Social Capitalism.


Welfare Chauvinism does not have a single founder or unifying political theory. Welfarist ultranationalist movements, most of which have developed their beliefs independently of each other, have existed since the 19th century. The term Welfare Chauvinism was first used in the 1990 paper "Structural changes and new cleavages: The progress parties in Denmark and Norway". Welfare Chauvinism is sometimes viewed as the "New Right" because it's a right-wing populist ideology that has been gaining more influence recently.


Welfare Chauvinism often hangs out with Right-Wing Populism and Ultranationalism, but his best friend is Paternalistic Conservatism. He sometimes hangs out with Fascism and Ethnocracy. Sometimes acts as a mentor to his children . Because Welfare Chauvinism is ultranationalist, he's often racist, ethnocentric and especially xenophobic.

How to Draw

Flag of Welfare Chauvinism
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Color it very dark grey.
  3. Draw a red flag.
  4. Draw a very dark grey rose in the middle of the flag.
  5. Draw the eyes and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Very Dark Grey #191919 25, 25, 25
Red #C80000 200, 0, 0


Welfare-recieving master race

Mischlings who get welfare cuts

  • Left-Wing Populism - On the right track, but way too progressive for me.
  • Social Democracy & Social Liberalism - I like most of your economic ideas, but unfortunately you're both too globalist and progressive.
  • Christian Democracy - You're more moderate than me on diplomacy but you're bearable, just cut it with supporting the sodomy.
  • Social Libertarianism - Too culturally left and economically too moderate, but at least still likes welfare. Shoe0nHead is also a great woman.
  • Ordo-Liberalism - Not bad economics but too moderate, Hans-Werner Sinn is kinda based.
  • National Bolshevism - We don't need communism, but at least we both like worker benefits and ultranationalism.
  • Left-Wing Nationalism - No, I won't become a socialist.
  • Kemalism - I'd like you more if you went a bit further with the Turkification thing and were less progressive. That Peker guy was really cool though, shame you kicked him out.
  • Tridemism - Similar to the above but Chinese. At least your secret police chief was hella based.
  • Conservative Socialism - Too moderate socially, too far economically.
  • Arab Socialism - I would like you more if you were a welfare capitalist, but socialism isn't that bad, I guess.
  • Reactionary Liberalism - Economic liberalism only breeds more degeneracy. At least we both back Alex Gauland also Jean-Yves Le Gallou is based.
  • Alt-Lite - Too moderate and economically right-wing sadly, but at least you've got some decent ideas.
  • Alter-Globalism - The only Globalist that I can somewhat tolerate.
  • Volkism - Way too extreme, but at least you're a nationalist.
  • Nazism - The Aryan-only welfare programs were based, but you're still too Darwinistic and prefer to kill disabled people rather than try to help them. SD used to be you, but they understood the need for a welfare state and trade unions, and such policies are better for PR.
  • National Capitalism - Even more Darwinist and even less welfarist, but at least ultranationalist. Since I don't give welfare to immigrants, the economic system they live in is yours
  • Nordic Model - Some good economic policies, but most of the Nordic countries are way too progressive and pro-immigrant. Though I do kinda like what Frederiksen's been doing for Denmark. Sweden Democrats and the Finns Party are both great.
  • National Libertarianism - He's good for a lolbertarian.
  • Reactionary Socialism - Has a lot of cool ideas but takes this whole "tradition" thing waaaaaaaaaay too far. Also, feudalism divides the nation.
  • Fiscal Conservatism - Austerity is cringe, but at least we both hate welfare-seeking immigrants and external debt.
  • National Liberalism - We have our differences regarding your economics, but we have common enemies and friends like the EU and Geert Wilders respectively, also we hate welfare-seeking immigrants.
  • Trumpism - If only you kept your pro-M4A views and weren't cucked to the GOP establishment...
  • Bull Moose Progressivism - Too progressive and not nationalist enough, but at least is welfarist. Though Woodrow Wilson was probably the USA's greatest president!
  • Neo-Gaullism - Mixed bag. At least Marine Le Pen likes you.
  • Hoppeanism -"That is, they subsidize immigration- they force taxpayers to subsidize immigration. In particular, they also subsidize domestic employees who contract foreign cheaper workers".
  • Longism - Patriotism is not enough, embrace ultranationalism!

Subhumans not worthy of welfare

  • Civic Nationalism - You're a fake nationalist.
  • Corporatocracy - Corporations not only damage our national values with their globalism but also devalue the wages of our workers by inviting millions of immigrants to steal their jobs.
  • Globalism - I won't join any global alliance, and I won't let anyone in.
  • Multiculturalism - NO ONE CAN COME IN!
  • Cosmopolitanism - Moderate Globalism is still a really bad idea.
  • Neoliberalism - A progressive globalist who wants to destroy my country.
  • State Liberalism - Globalism? Progressivism? Plutocracy? You are so much worse than the above!
  • Marxism - You want to destroy the nation. Haha, workers won't rise because they have a safety net.
  • Marxism–Leninism - Tankies take it too far. Also, way too progressive.
  • Trotskyism - Communism is already really bad, but globalism is even worse.
  • Revolutionary Progressivism - Evil progressive who really hates me.
  • Anationalism - Anarchism and Globalism, are two awful things combined.
  • Pink Capitalism - No welfare, just woke? Disgusting.
  • Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism - Same as above. Supports progressivism and open borders, yet opposes welfare and protectionism.
  • Third Way - Clinton and Blair's neoliberal and progressive policies were a complete disaster.
  • Islamic Theocracy - You're taking up all the welfare, get out now before you taint our gene pool too! Even in the Middle East, my regional variants fight against you.
  • Liberal Conservatism - Just another cringe laisses-faire who pretends he's a conservative.
  • Radicalism - Your love for aliens is a disease!
  • Cultural Marxism - The greatest evil of modern days!

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