Blog:Announcement (2023;Week 40)

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Hello hello! Big big announcement today relating to the Polcompball community!


r/Polcompball was the start of this community. Back in 2019, Bullet started the subreddit, kickstarting what we now call this community. However, the subreddit has unfortunately fallen, with activity low and on most days not a single post be ing made. Not only that, many in the community have grown toxic and edgy, making the subreddit a generally unpleasant place to be in.

That is why we are now seperating from it as we constantly try to push away from our past as a hotspot of edginess and far-right thinking. After this, the Polcompball subreddit officially endorsed FreePCB, a community which houses many nazis and generally unpleasent people, as it's official wiki. This clearly shows that this was a consensual change from both sides. Not only that, r/Polcompball from now on allows OC posts and text-only posts, showcasing general unproffesionalism. As such...


We are proudly moving to r/ideologyball. The community will be art focused, however have laxxer art rules such as allowing anti-aliased art (aslong as no white residue is visible)! Along with this, on the sub there is also Compass art and General Art allowed!

We have also hired a new mod team to help make sure the sub stays active and not full of neo-nazis. You may know some of these people as they are well known community members such as Jedpilled, lo, Tiberius, 2x2 and Ripper. Additionally to keep control Athena (me!!!!), Nguy Inky and Atzyn are also mods.

We hope to see you there also remember to join our wiki Discord, where the decision behind who gets to be mod is made!!

Alright that is all, bye!


new subreddit over at r/ideologyball, post your stuff there!