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My Resignation

Hello there so I am sure a lot of you will be quite happy about these news but I will be resigning. Effective immediately.

Reason is because well simply put the future of miraheze is really uncertain as currently there seems to be conflict between miraheze staff and this has lead to the service continuing operation again but well in a very uncertain manner, along with this my request for the polcompball wiki to be added to wikitide has been rejected foiling our plan B for continuing the wiki, if miraheze does shut down.

With all this uncertainty I see no reason to contribute to the polcompball project anymore as the current center of it is bound to die and we do not even need to talk about the subreddit or discord situation, they are shattered or incapable of growing, there is no saving either of those.

I will leave this community and will likely delete my current discord account and create a new online identity as I see no reason to being harassed by former pcb member through out my future time online.

The things I had planned for this community were insane. A whole new wiki skin. Renaming ourselves to ideologyball and creating a new subreddit with only artistic rules but no restrictions on ideologies as well as monthly, weekly, and seasonal contests, the creation of historical event pages and the updating of so many designs, the SEO update, the large template and infobox reform, the eradication of deep casual, the art guides and creation of new artists, ideologyball commons, the mass purge of feds, the background redesign, the mass purge of ideologies and introduction of new ideologies, a full developing of the variants system with thousands of variants and each one having actual text sections and designs, the radical reforming of all the rules, the new wiki logo, the complete rewriting of 90% of the wiki, making contrarianism the new mascot, abandoning the compass, the creation of the new public discord, this all is only a small part of what I envisioned and was currently working on.

Was I Machiavellian as hell in trying to pull it off? Yes. Literally the only person i never thought of betraying or backstabbing to push the stuff I wanted through was Inky but that was because we were on the same page for 90% of things.

I hope I am remembered for the few good things the community saw in me, like the introduction of the variant system as a example. I am sorry I couldn't reform this place. We always lacked the people to push wide sweeping changes through, it was basically just me and inky trying to do stuff.

So whatever name you knew me by as Aycee Lovelace or whatever I wish y'all luck i love this concept and I love this community and I would stop at nothing to try and realize my vision of how it could be but sadly that future does not exist with the current uncertainty we have.

If you read this far. Thank you I hope you have a great day.

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Please remember this is my perspective so take everything with a grain of salt.

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