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Hey, it's 2x2Master here, and I'd like to tell all of you about a very important update in our rules, specifically about edit wars.

What's gonna happen?

As the PCB wiki expands even further, the administration has unanimously agreed to put a ban on participating in edit wars (aka, fighting over a preferred edit in a loop of reverting the other's edit). We spend a lot of time trying to resolve these conflicts, and more often than not, they end in a lot more drama and conflict than we'd like. Therefore, we're officially outlawing this practice.

We are well aware that people will always disagree with edits, and so, if you end up in a situation where you'd usually end up edit warring, it's best to let the moderators know about this so that the conflict can be settled. Same thing should be said about active vandals, it's best to let a mod know instead of dealing with it yourself. If you need to contact any of them, either do so through their talk pages or through the #wiki_reports channel in the Discord server (discord is somewhat preferred).

How will this affect me?

If you simply disagree with an edit in a civil way, there will be no punishment. However, if you do end up edit warring, then you'll be punished based on past activity.

Simply reverting an edit doesn't meet the criteria of edit warring, but when it ends up in a cycle of reverting edits, then it does. Unless you repeatedly edit war with no regard for the new guidelines, then you most likely won't get permabanned at all. Hopefully this clears up your potential fears.

Thank you for reading, see ya next time. - 2x2


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