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Welcome to this weeks Mod Blog there are a lot of changes that happened.

Changes of the Week

New Ideology

We have a new ideology on the wiki, it is Antinatalism, we felt this ideology fit in with our current roster and is more broad than VHEMT, which will be integrated into Antinatalism as a School of Thought.



We have decided to rename Meta-Anarchism to Nomadology for a variety of reasons (a term actually used by Deleuze and Guattari and it also isn't a term invented by a internet user (only some of the reasons)). We are planning on making the original Meta-Anarchism a variant of Nomadology and changing the design of Nomadology to be different from Meta-Anarchisms design, while also transferring the old Meta-Anarchism page pre-main wiki transfer back to the Anarchy Wiki.

LGBT Conservatism

We decided to rename LGBT Conservatism to Homoconservatism as we felt that the new name rolled better of the tongue.

Formatting Standardization

We fixed formatting issues with instances like this:

[[File: Whitesup.png]]



== [Whatever text you want] ==

and turned them into:




==[Whatever text you want]==

on the whole wiki.

Appeasing the Filter

We removed all instances of content on pages going against the filter.

The List of Ideology Icons cleansing

We cleaned up The List of ideology icons to only include ideologies which have pages and some alternate designs. We have done this so that we have a better overview of the page since we are planning on making that page include all icons for all the icons of ideologies with pages, variants, alternate designs, icons with/without props. The cleansing was also done so that we have a overview of the icon names so that we can rename them in the future to be up to standard and actually be shortened and have sensible naming.


I hope y'all enjoyed the changes that occurred this week. If you want to talk about these changes go to Blog_talk:Mod Blog (2023; Week 23) and state your opinion, give feedback, etc.