File:Compilation of my ORIGINAL wacky ideologies so far -1 (with explanation)

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1. Here is a list of everything along with time codes and links explanations:

Honorable Mentions (0:36)

-Kraterocratic Consciousness

-Esoteric Nazbol

BTW those are in the honorable mentions because even if i made the design all by myself from scratch without even downloading SVGs of certain insiginias such as (Hammer and Sickle, Swastika and etc), the ideas are all made by other people from either the polcompball community (anarchy too) or the newwackyideologies subreddit and i just combined two ideologies without even adding any of my original ideas into it unlike the following eight.

-EDENism/Neo Edenism (1:00)

-Quantum Habsburgism (1:23)

-Zamasu-ism (1:38)

-Mernoism (2:08)

-Fragmentism (2:29)

-Reminaism (2:48)

-Borjigin System (3:07)

-Omnipresent Socialism (3:43)

2. I am in any way NOT a part of the Polcompball community and that also includes the reddit pages as well as the wikia pages. Heck if anything, i am more of a follower for the newwackyideologies subreddit then a creator there, but i am aware that some users borrow other people's ideologies and create wikia pages, comics and more. I do not prohibit anyone from using any of my ideologies (I mean they are ideologies so someone outside of myself should try it too lol) or adding their ideas into it such as what i did with Quantum Habsburgism, OMSOC and the two Burgundian System ideologies. However since i worked so hard on these, i would love to be creditted no matter what it is used for since my channel and DA lacks any sort of attention even with the amount of skills, talent and passion i possess. But if anyone dares to 100% steals it and claims that it's theres as well as refusing to give me credit even if i kindly request it, now that would indeed be a problem and this also goes to people whose work became famous, because of some of my ideologies playing some role in it, yet treats me like garbage as if i am some nobody. Not only that, this also applies to any of my remasters, so don't go crying if any of your work gets copyright striked or smth and i do not care if u are more popular on YT, DA or smth then me, i'll hold nothing back so deal with it. I do not wanna be strict like some company that took down lets say Horror Show Mickey for his Junji Ito narration videos, but if u refuse to do something that easy and simple for me, u shouldn't be around me or my work in the first place.

3. Here's a link to my discord:

go through the 2 step verification and get yourself a role that would allow u to send messages in the right channel for making up your own ideologies. But here's something u need to keep in mind, even if u r allowed in any way to create ideologies that is banned throughout the server such as those that are pro SJW, Antifa and so on, advertising the ideology u made as well as applying it to yourself without my approval is strictly forbidden. Remember, my server is absolutely NOT for SJWs or anyone that sides with it, caught doing so, u will be straight out banned permanently. So to be safe, try not to come up with woke libleft or neo liberal ideologies at all and if u r a leftist, try to direct more to communism and not Anarcho Communism as well as trying to state how it's ok to be an Anarcho Communist because all leftists are the same, because let me tell u, it isn't and im sure that almost every communist outlet would agree on the same thing. Apart from that, even if my server is highly anti SJW, being an all out right wing such as randomly targetting people for being in some ethnic group, being a part of the lgbt, and etc is also straight out forbidden. Even if u may post the most satirical memes such as ones related to the september attacks or ww2 memes involving Hitler, it does not mean u can randomly target and harrass people because of your pro national socialistic stance. Remmeber, my server accepts everyone regardless of gender, race, culture and so on as long as we do not sympathize or respect the SJW and other woke groups or movements

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