File:How i made-remastered the Social Darwinism symbol (Photoshop tutorial-+tips and tricks)

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1. First off, because the video is not scripted, yes i did make that picture without any previous attempts and i did update my Social Darwinism file by replacing the old and sloppier one, with this HD and cleaner version. As a matter of fact, i would upload it on to my DA page too, while keeping the old one. So yeah, do not complain if the video is not that entertaining or really lacks those upbeat feelings. Even if this wasn't a first attempt, i do not really put any effort to any of my screen recorded/live videos, since it's very time consuming and would turn a small and simple project into a massive and stressful one

2. I am aware that Social Darwinism is not the only polcompball ideology, that i remastered, however that does not mean, i will turn everything i remastered along with the new ones into a tutorial, because I wanted this to be a tutorial and not something u could just copy. As the person who made this, i want my viewers to be creative and not reliant copycats.

3. Please do not ever go to the comments and start demanding stuff without even trying yourselves. Not only that, but if u use different tools or programs, do not even consider doing the same but it's one where i have to redo the video with a different art program. After all these clean HD ideological remasters including some originals raised my popularity on DA into a whole new level and im sure u do not want anyone to find out that some elements of your flag or your personal ideological remaster is a fraud, since i did most of the dirty work and you just uploaded it, without even coming up with the design or ways/methods to improve it.

4. As much Useful and educational Information is provided throughout the video, i am aware that the video would not get that much attention so easily, so if you love this channel and my works, please consider to not only like and Subscribe, but maybe even share and/or crediting me, even if you did not use my pics and just gained inspiration from my work and/or methods.

6. PLZ follow me in DA and even my Server:

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