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(Opinion Piece) This political compass video with polcompballs is an overview of most of the main ideologies in the authoritarian right quadrant. While the political compass is definitely a flawed way to classify complex ideas such as ideologies, it is useful however for understanding how generally an ideology compares to other such ideologies around it. If an ideology is barely in one quadrant I will still make it that quadrant because doing Auth-Center or Left Center would make the whole concept confusing. I labeled this video an opinion piece because while the video is based on facts they are my opinions supported by these facts creating my framework of these ideologies.

Time Stamps: Intro: 0:00 Paleo-Conservatism: 0:33 Neo-Conservatism: 01:06 Conservatism: 1:41 Trumpism: 2:16 Liberalism: 2:38 Auth-Capitalism: 3:32 National-Capitalism: 4:24 Pinochetism: 4:43 National-Socialism: 5:15 E̴̺͂̓͝s̸̲̙̓̈́̔ͅo̸̜̦̺͘t̷̪͔̹̏e̵̪͎̅̍ͅr̸̟͒͝i̶̡͘c̴̘̖̒̃̓ ̶̰̺̀̈͘F̵̧̗̂̚ȃ̸̰̲̎͝s̶͚̀c̴͓̆i̷̖̦̎̒s̸̤͚̭̐͐m̴̛͖̻̏: 6:44 Jewish-Nazism: 6:55 Fascism: 7:01 Feudalism: 7:47 Shōwa Statism: 8:19 Outro: 8:50

Music (in order of appearance): Lucy In Disguise - Echoes in Time - The Internationale (English) - Efence - Spaceflight - Letskey - Memories - Kudasai - Vibrancy -

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