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1. When someone asks me for the HD versions, u can get em all in my DA page, but also make sure to also click the download button because some of these pics are massive to the point that DA/Deviantart could not correctly display these pictures. Also yes, all of these pictures contain sources to the original artist so due to check them out (especially those from reddit and/or YT). To those creators of these ideologies, plz don't take this as an insult, instead use the work that i have made for free so you guys can also provide base images for your own Polcompball pages or smth.

2. List of ideology balls from the Polcompball Anarchy wikia as well as r/newwackyideologies (in order):

- (Monarcho-Democratic Socialism) - (Ultramilitarism) - (IMESFA (Imperial Esoteric Fascism)) - (Archeo-Primalism) - (Voidism) - (Incognitism (HD Remaster)) - (Reverse Soulism) - (Altruistic Anarchism) - (Altruistic Darwinism) - (Paleo Altruism) - (Cosmological Esoteric Fascism)

3. I would make another compilation video like this one, as well as putting my fanmade ones or/and the HD replicas from Grej's video, however if u want to see me create a video regarding the do/don't of remastering a bad quality or sloppily drawn ideology, as well as some tips and tricks, plz support this channel by giving shoutouts, credits and etc, because well done videos on YT does not guarantee an instant increase of viewers, subscribers and so on. I do not wish to grow this channel using content that trends or start some bad habbit of clickbaits, but that does not mean that i wish to remain in the bottom and remain unnoticed, despite the talent i possess.

4. All of these remastered ideological symbols are done 90-95% from scratch, meaning that it was designed/drawn by me and keep in mind that when one of these images are downloaded, you will notice how massive my pictures are, yet still possess sharp and clean edges, which would not been possible if i just enlarged a picture with a rather small size and keep in mind that sharpening it would not help in any way.

5. This channel will produce content weekly, however due to bigger projects needing more time to be completed, smaller projects such as compilations or dumb meme videos would come in between, inorder for the channel to feel less "abandoned".

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Getting support there means alot, because not only would it benefit my work, but also me and those who i wish to share my income with.

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