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1. If anyone asks, are you the person who made a remake on the Social Darwinism symbol on Deviantart due to the original being sloppy and low quality: that some how manages to enter Grej's video called "The League of Anti-Anti Realists || Realicide 1":

Well the answer is YES and not only that, but some user from Ingen's Discord server confirmed it after i randomly asked the question regarding this, that a person on Grej's team decides to use it, so yeah really greatful to Grej and his team, Infact in my deviantart page, i decided to create remakes on other off compass ideologies (including those from the polcompball anarchy wikia and some made up ones in reddit). But this is the only one so far, that i managed to record myself making it. Plz comment down below, if u wanna know how i made some of these remakes on my DA page, so u can learn some unique techniques or skills and make stuff up or just want a sloppily drawn ideology ball in the polcompball wikia page get remastered :)

2. From your DA page, one will notice that i also make other content besides polcompball (political compass balls (country balls spinoff)), as well as having a channel with over 15k subs, well the answer to that is yes, i do make other content so stay tuned for those. But the bad news is that i will no longer upload in my 2 previous channels and might delete it after some time. I will not say the reason here because it will cause this one to meet the same fate, instead i'll give out the reason on DA ok. Also to those that are from my former channels or anything, do not make community posts or videos regarding this new channel of mine, otherwise it will end up like the previous 2 or worse, cuz I'd rather loose my channels then loose my content and that might be the case if one does announce this via video or community post. Also don't reupload any of my videos as soon as my main 2 channels disappear, i'll do it myself, but i won't give any hints of who i was before.

3. Regarding other forms of social media where u can contact me and so on, there are multiple options down below:


-DA page:


And don't forget to also support me on Patreon for exclusive content and so on:

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