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Change da flag


I think the flag of this ideology should be changed.

I don't know if the official flag is the one with the Anti-Liberalism symbol on it (as it appears on the front image) or the one resembling both Authoritarianism and Democracy (which is on the How To Draw section and on most of the artwork presented on the gallery.

I think it has been changed to the first but it hasn't updated, so the rest has kept the old flag.

If this is the case I think this flag should be changed, Because at first sight it just seems to be an Antifa version of Democracy, better would be the Flag symbol be the symbol on the Anti-Anarchism flag with the arrows pointing at the top right corner.


The new name is inferior, I seriously think we should switch the name back to authdem

Authoritarian democracy was much broader and could fit a bunch of tendencies and incorporate numerous ideologies, but now renaming the ideology from "Authoritarian Democracy" to "Illiberal Democracy" seems to be misguided since it hyperfocuses on liberal democracy, as if it was the "true" embodiment of "democracy" with any form of semi-democratic or authoritarian democratic system being merely the way it is for standing opposed to liberal democratic principles and values, which is a very narrow view on various forms of democratic systems with authoritarian elements and democracy in general, this can be further seen when we consider that there were already many forms of "authoritarian democratic" forms of government pretty much as early back as the founding of "modern" understandings of democracy, and those quasi-democratic systems were implemented in the most well known of empires such as in Rome and Carthage, yet under this naming they would also be considered "illiberal democracies" despite liberalism as a political ideology not even being conceived of as a concept by then while the name "Authoritarian Democracy" was broad enough to accurately represent their system as well as many other systems of governments across many periods instead of now, all being listed under the "IliDem" ideology regardless of accuracy and context. -AnAnonBoi123

I agree I talked about this and It should come back up when elections are over in the sever but once elections are done we should change it back because the person who did this change changed a sub-category to a main category and then it reverberated to all other pages.- Kamilazer