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Mittim80 (talk) 19:15, 2 March 2024 (UTC)

Is it really accurate to say Friedman and the Chicago School are natural allies of Georgism? Friedman does advocate for the land-value tax in this video ( at 1:00), but he does so in the context of funding “only essential government services” according to a Right-Libertarian viewpoint. That means that Friedman would tax the improved value of land ONLY to the extent that it would fund those services, and leave the rest in the hands of the landlord. This is contrary to the Georgist belief that the ENTIRE difference between improved value and unimproved value should belong to society. And is there anywhere else besides this video where Friedman references Georgism sympathetically?

  • Being a Georgist doesn't mean that your views must 100% align with the beliefs of Henry George. There are plenty of Georgists who supports a small amount of taxation on carbon emission, for example. - Rigourdigga