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  • Zupeix - Who was the faggot son of a bitch who put this in the Alignments of the National-Socialism article?


    • - Either Libra or Kamilazer, also WTF YOU ARE A FUCKING FASCIST?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • Kamilazer- i am known as being a duginist lmao nice
    • Kamilazer- It was notahooman who put it up we decided to place the category s debatable and allow eachother to show sources
    • Zupeix - Kamilazer, could you send me the link to his account?
  • Zupeix - I'm not these two guys.
  • Zupeix - Wait, were you saying it was one of these guys?
  • Zupeix - Yes, i'm fascist.
  • TEB - Where the Nazis explicitly reactionary or not? Anti-Reactionaryism, Modernism, And Reactionary Modernism are all in the same section. (Also the Socialist category being there is just plain wrong but its there to prevent edit wars)
    • Kamilazer-Do you want to spend the time edit warring or do you want to have fun with your life? thats why it's there. The nazi's were anti reactionary because they were selective in what aspects they wanted to bring back and which to leave behind, that's why they were reactionary modernist. They also did not want to go bring back the kaiser either. Oswald spengler gives a good explanation of why they are not reactionary.