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Is biden big tent or social liberal

in my opinion I believe he is more of a big tent due to the description of big tent liberalism: Big Tent Liberalism, also known as Syncretic Liberalism, is a political ideology that seeks to incorporate elements of various types of liberalism to accommodate a common goal. biden can incorporate social liberalism in his ideology as a part of it but his main political strategy since his election way back when was syncretism. in many way's he is a lot like obama's presidency which fits into the third way category. Feel free to add your opinions here

FanOfWolves - Social Liberalism fits more as a description of Biden's personal beliefs, since, although he is syncretic, Biden is a social capitalist and a liberal. The Democratic party itself is already in Big Tent, and that is a perfect description of it under Biden's leadership, but not a description of Biden himself.