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The hatnotes used for adding links between articles where more context is important. Broadly speaking, a hatnote should answer a readers' question: Am I on the right page?


Basic usage


All parameters

{{Hatnote|''text''|extraclasses=''extra classes''|selfref=''yes''|category=''no''}}


This template accepts the following parameters:

  • 1 - the hatnote text (required)
  • extraclasses - any extra CSS classes to be added.
  • selfref - If set to "yes", "y", "true" or "1", adds the CSS class "selfref". This is used to denote self-references.
  • category - If set to "no", "n", "false", or "0", suppresses the error tracking category (Category:Hatnote templates with errors). This has an effect only if the leftmost parameter (the hatnote text) is omitted.


  • {{Hatnote|Example hatnote text}}
    Example hatnote text


If no hatnote text is supplied, the template will output the following message:

  • Error: no text specified (help).

If you see this error message, it is for one of four reasons:

  1. No parameters were specified (the template code was {{Hatnote}}). Please use {{Hatnote|text}} instead.
  2. Some parameters were specified, but the hatnote text wasn't included. For example, the template text {{Hatnote|extraclasses=seealso}} will produce this error. Please use (for example) {{Hatnote|text|extraclasses=seealso}} instead.
  3. The hatnote text was specified, but that text contains an equals sign ("="). The equals sign has a special meaning in template code, and because of this it cannot be used in template parameters that do not specify a parameter name. For example, the template code {{Hatnote|2+2=4}} will produce this error. To work around this, you can specify the parameter name explicitly by using 1= before the hatnote text, like this: {{Hatnote|1=2+2=4}}.
  4. You tried to access Module:Hatnote directly by using {{#invoke:hatnote|hatnote|text}}. Use of #invoke in this way has been disabled for performance reasons. Please use {{Hatnote|text}} instead.

Pages that contain this error message are tracked in Category:Hatnote templates with errors.

Technical details

This template uses the Lua templating language, and more information can be found on the Global Lua Module page. For a traditional wikitext version of this template, see Hatnote on Templates Wiki.

The HTML code produced by this template looks like this:

  • <div role="note" class="hatnote">hatnote text</div>