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Userboxes are small notices on users' profile pages that contain information about a user. Rather than creating a new template for every custom userbox, new userboxes should be subpages of the Userbox template, which can be created by navigating to Userbox:NameOfUserbox.


| borderwidth =
| width       =
| bgcolor     =
| fgcolor     =
| imcolor     =
| textcolor   =
| image       =
| imagewidth  =
| text        =
| quote       =

Making a userbox

Userboxes are highly customizable. Users can implement infoboxes for personal use by inserting the template into their profile pages and filling out each field, or save widely-used customizations on subpages to allow for standardized premade userboxes.

This user is an Egoist.

"The people are dead! Good-day, Self!"

In this example, a userbox named Egoist is created at Userbox:Egoist, as a subpage of the Userbox template. Others who wish to use the userbox on their profiles can simply add {{Userbox:Egoist}} to their profile pages.

| borderwidth = 2px //Thickness of the colored border around the userbox
| width       = 248px //Horizontal length of the userbox, matches length of text field when unset
| bgcolor     = #006A66 //Color of userbox's border
| fgcolor     = #141414 //Color of internal text area
| imcolor     = #003F3D //Background color of image region
| textcolor   = #FFFFFF //Color of text
| image       = Ego and its own.png //Image in userbox
| imagewidth  = 45px //Maximum width of image
| text        = This user is an '''[[Egoism|Egoist]]'''. //Text in userbox
| quote       = The people is dead! Good-day, Self! //Optional quote, does not appear when unset