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Ideological History

  1. My Ideological history mapped
    Nazcap, without Nazi influence (most of my life)
  2. Nazlib (after actually getting interested in politics)
  3. Capcom (after reading Manifesto of the Communist Party)
  4. Distributism
  5. Syndicalism
  6. Gandhian Socialism
  7. Green Syndicalism
  8. Libertarian Georgism
  9. Agrarian Socialism
  10. Transhumanist Socialism
  11. Monarcho-Fascism/Taboritskyism (LARPing)
  12. Minarcho-Ecosocialist Transhumanism
  13. Anarcho-Communism
  14. Anarcho-Maoism
  15. Anarcho-Nazbol

custom icons

  • Azov Battalion A3OB.png
  • Eugenicism with a Feminist Face/Planned Parenthood EugFemMask.png
  • Anarcho-Kakistocracy AnKak.png
  • Grass Grass.png
  • Anarcho-Grass AnGrass.png
  • Grass Socialism GrassSoc.png
  • Grasscism Grasscism.png
  • Grass Capitalism GrassCap.png
  • Toxic Masculinity Tox.png
  • Women's Liberation WomenLib.png

numbers and other things i need to keep




6100885652 at 0.8 pitch German event WW2

391475934 WW2 Main Theme

142802153 WW1 Main Theme

2135101235 Austria-Hungary declares war WW1

1190169581 Russian Revolution

1649182223 Winter War

173942357 Modern Main Theme

Translating Ideology names into my conlang

  • Absolute Monarchism -> Pien Izolavaniseit
  • Accelerationism -> Jaldkarseit
  • Acid Communism -> Kopaigseit Tutu
  • African Socialism -> Sosiyalnaseit Ifurken
  • Agorism -> Rinokskorumpseit
  • Agrarian Anarchism -> Bazreve Padiseit
  • Agrarian Socialism -> Sosiyalnaseit Padio
  • Agrarianism -> Padiseit
  • Alt-Lite -> Aner-Reiamhark
  • Alt-Right -> Anner-Dekstra

section for self inserts and other fictional ideologies (or just ideologies that got declined by mods)



  • Everyone should be transformed into robots, for full government control.
  • No one would choose their jobs. The government will choose the job you're worst at and hate the most based off a physical and social profile.
  • The entire population should be put into "fun camps" (labor camps) where they are split into groups based on their jobs.
  • The government will completely control citizens' brains. They will delete any negative thoughts they have from their brain.
  • The country will suffer their gains and losses together. There will be many more losses than gains.
  • The previous generations shall be purged to both make children very scared, and so no one would speak the current form of English "Wrongtongue" or "Fooltongue"
  • In schools, children shall be taught a "cleansed" version of English called "Correcttongue" or "Geniustongue", which is essentially Newspeak, but appropriated for "Cheriristan"
  • The public should have no laws, to make people hate each other more, and to embrace creativity (cap the population)
  • Citizens should randomly be thrown into wars, for no reason.
  • Absolutely no emigration, it ends creativity (causes the population to grow too fast)
  • The money of the poorest people should be taken, and burnt.
  • The money of the richest people should be taken, and burnt.
  • Based on social profiles, adults should be matched into couples that will love each other the least.
  • Everyone shall be given a television controlled by the government that would only play content that they would hate the most.
  • Sexual intercourse is illegal, and the only way to reproduce is to build more robots.
  • No elections, the oldest robot will rule for 1 day, then be killed.
  • Cameras should be put everywhere.
  • If anyone even thinks about rebellion, their bodies will be turned off and will feel immense amount of pain for the rest of eternity, unless it is from the government installing the thought.
  • The government will randomly start army practices (civil wars) by giving random people the thought of rebelling (they will not die from thinking of rebelling)
  • There should be one ruler above the ruler referred to as Our Savior.
  • The government should randomly commit genocide.

How to Draw

The flag of Cherirism
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Fill it with a dark shade of yellow.
  3. Draw the Greek letter Chi (χ) in dark blue.
    1. Draw an X.
    2. Replace the ends with a curve going up and then down.
  4. Add the eyes and you're done!
  5. (optional) Make the eyes robot eyes.