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Hello, I’ve been in the community for not very long but have found it quite interesting. I make minor edits but also have contributed a few pages on the Anarchy Wiki, 3 of which are serious and one purely a shitpost, as well as assisting other users create and flesh out their own pages.

I personally believe in a sort of Georgist Christian Democracy/Paternal Conservatism, considering the basic idea of the tax policy proposed in Georgism to be good at disincentivizing unproductive land usage, as well as the dividend funded by this tax to be a good way to deliver prosperity to the people as a whole. I think a Christian understanding also lends well to justifying Georgism, which was used rhetorically many times by George himself.

Despite believing in a Land Value Tax and citizen’s dividend though, I would not consider myself an Orthodox Georgist or a good source on the topic. At the end of the day, economics is boring and not my cause, my cause is social and I believe economics can be a tool to the end of ensuring prosperity.

The page Geoconservatism is a very general description of my political ideology, but it doesn’t include much of the autistic nuances of my actual positions, and I designed the page to be applicable to anyone with a similar vein of thought (I have seen at least two others, truly we are legion) and tried not to make it an explicit self-insert.

Pages I have created or heavily contributed to: