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Autonomous Associationism is an economically left wing and culturally moderate ideology that advocates for utopian socialism.

Influenced by: Corporatism Libertarian Socialism Utopian Socialism Reactionary Socialism

Economic Doctrine It is based upon the cooperative enterprise of certain professional areas, such as farmers, artisans or industrial workers as distinct groups. Farmers will collaborate with other farmers, artisans with other artisans, industrial producers with other industrial producers, producing and selling their products in a collective manner. Economic output is the product of three factors: labor, capital, and talent. All of which are important. The communal associations will be more often than not created as joint stock companies and their investor-members are to be recompensed distinctively on the basis both of amount of capital invested and amount of labour performed, with labour time being given a variety of values based on both the need and difficulty of the work and the degree of skill with which it is carried out. Environmental Doctrine Eco-Industrialism is a core tenant of the ideology. Energy from thorium, biodiesel, wind, hydropower, marine energy, solar panels and tidal power will be heavily invested in.

SOCIAL DOCTRINE Ethnic and racial autonomy is to be realised. A nation is nothing without its people, a future for them must be preserved. As such, borders will have to be strong, mass migration will be eliminated as a result. This will ensure the preservation and overall efficiency of public services like universal healthcare, free education and free housing, as well as preserving the natural environment of the Society. For countries that have many ethnic groups, they shall form into autonomous communes so a future for people who fit this category is preserved. Equality between men and women is to be recognised. Homosexuality is also to be accepted, as well as transgender rights. Abortion shall be allowed in cases of rape, incest, birth defect and accidental pregnancy, with a ban after ten weeks. Birth control is advised prior to abortion. Recreational and psychedelic drugs shall be legal, but regulated accordingly, and shall be legal for those aged sixteen years of age and older. Beer, cider, wine and champagne will be legal for anyone sixteen years of age and older. Hard liquor shall be legal for those over twenty years of age. Alcohol will also be regulated accordingly. Tobacco causes extreme harm to the body of a living being and will thus be discouraged heavily. Firearm ownership will be heavily encouraged amongst the workers, with weapons such as automatic firearms and semi-automatic firearms being the most resourceful.


Expansion access to birth control and abortion in places like Africa and India will be a part of the foreign policy in order to bring down the population of these places. Other than that, this ideology follows a mostly isolationist foreign policy.

How to draw 1. Colour the flag maroon 2. Draw a fist in the middle in white