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Vfvsdvds has sex with heinrich himmler's corpse every day.

When he wakes up he drinks a big glass of semen and then throws up.

he then grovels his genitals in the semen/vomit and cries until there's a big puddle of semen, tears and vomit that he is sitting in

Now he's all wet! well no problem, he'll just go to school

while at school the teacher ask why he's covered in vomit semen and tears and he says "enswave aww fawgots"

his teachers then lock him in the bathroom where he uses his computer to say "back again faggot you can try all you like but i'll stay until you give up LOLOLOLOLOLOL heil himmler fuck all faggots enslave them all"

then a rhino comes through the toilet and punctures his arse, which bleeds profusely.

The rhino then diarrhea-s on Vfvsdvds and Vfvsdvds has sex with the rhino's diarrhea

he then eats the diarrhea and vomits it everywhere and re-fucks it

then the rhino starts eating the grass that grew in the bathroom and vfvsdvds says "woah it's the serengheti"

then some pop music starts about how nothing is impossible in the jungle

vfvsdvds then starts wandering the serengheti, when he meets some african tribesmen

he then goes "lol gay nixg-" when the african tribesmen tie him to a tree and start throwing spears at him.

all the spears miss him and the african tribesmen make him king

he then says "ok let's kill the gay n-words"

all the tribesmen ask what that means, and he says it means them

all the african tribemen then commit suicide (for multiple reasons)

he then is alone in the serengheti. he passes out from the heat

when he wakes up, he's in the ocean and a ship fishes him out on a fishing poll

he blinks and he's still in the serengheti, but he is on the ship with a fishhook attached to his back

hydrarchy the says: "YAARG I HATE NI-"

and vfvsdvds starts hugging him and then prays to his uwu daddy himmler

hydrarchy then says "okay yer walking the plank right this minute"

he falls in the water and a storm starts tossing him around

he drowns and then wakes up in a operating room.

scientocracy says "well you survived, good for you. Welcome to atlantis"

more dumb pop music

vfvsdvds then says "wow dude, have any dildos"

he then blinks and says "also why is everyone a ball now"

scientocracy said "well your also a ball"

he sees himself

he is esofash

then he becomes very happy and says "YAHOO"

now he's trapped in a mario console

he asks scientocracy to let him out

scientocracy says "oh no, not until you repay an old dept"

vfvsdvds asks what the old dept is

scientocracy says "oh you remember"

vfvsdvds then cries until luigi runs up and says "YAHOO LET'SA GO-A NUMBER TWO-A!"

vfvsdvds then opens his eyes

scientocracy is the ghost of inky

vfvsdvds then says "ohh i remember the dept, that's how much i needed to give you when we divorced!"

The ghost of inky says "yeah pay up cringecuck lol"

vfvsdvds then says "i still love you inky"

inky says "i don't care"

vfsvdvds wakes up

the ghost of inky is really his dad

he's in an operating room with oxygen pumping in.

He hears the doctor saying "the problem arose when he began hullacinating as a result of eating and having intercourse with rhino feces, semen, blood and vomit"

his mom says "so he didn't even notice he was drowning in the toilet!?"

the doctor says "afraid not"

his mom say can we save him

the doctor says " 'fraid not, he was deprived of oxygen for to long"

and inky, his dad/ex-husband says "ready to pay up, champ?"