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I'm somewhat OK with the actual politics part of things, but don't understand the comics too well. In other words, I make the page and someone more experienced polishes it. My only drawing software is MS Paint and I can't draw normally, so I'm not going to be making many comics or ball pictures soon.

I hate communism and globalism, and love nationalism and capitalism.

Also, I'm a national imperialist. Which is an ideology I made which combines nationalism, imperialism, and preservation of democracy and freedom. Most specifically I am an Conservative Capitalist American Democratic National Imperialist. I know no one cares but here's a list of possible spin-off ideologies that can exist if national imperialism ever becomes popular:

-Anti-democratic National Imperialism

Name says it all.

-{insert country here} National Imperialism

National Imperialism but for different countries.

-Communist National Imperialism (ties in with anti-democratic)

National Imperialism with a communist state.

-National Imperial Socialism

National Imperialism with Nazi views towards race and religion.

-International Imperialism

I don't know what this would be, but someone would probably make it.

Pages I made or heavily worked on.

  • Imperialismball
  • Tribalismball
  • Dead Centrismball
  • Supremismball