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Started out as an avid conservative who loved Trump during the 2016 election season as an 8th grader, due to my father, and living in Indiana, a conservative state, and then from 2017-19 I became a right libertarian who adored Ben Shapiro, until it culminated to the point where eventually my disillusionment with conservatism led me to be more right libertarian and like minarchistball and almost anarcho-capitalist in 2019 and early 2020. In mid-to-late February 2020, I began looking into Proudhon's Property is Theft and researching anarchism on Reddit and elsewhere, which turned me into an anarchist. In the past 4 months since then as I'm writing this, I have read books and works by Lenin, Kropotkin, Ben Tucker, Wilde, and Marx, and have done in depth research into every ideology, specifically Marxist, leftist, and anarchist ones.

I am predominantly progressive, but have some conservative values such as being personally pro-life and Christian, and believe in abstention of sex when not married, and identify as an individualist who beliefs in societal collectivist ownership over the means of production to uphold individualism. Due to having personally socially conservative beliefs combined with publicly progressive and libertarian views, and supporting the return of the Soviet Union, resisting Putin and capitalist Russia and the west, and being kind of anti-capitalist anti-centrist, I'm sort of Limonov left natbol, not nazbol, as I do hate Nazism. So, nowadays I'm a socially libertarian with a mix of Marxist-Leninist, Democratic Socialist and De Leonist tendencies, so I'm authleft, but I like libleft and far-left lib right to some extent too. Simultaneously a panarchist, meaning ideally, everyone should be able to practice ideological beliefs voluntary on self-governance with themselves and the community, like religion and economics, every ideology would coexist in practice