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Kymiliane is a system consisting of four headmates. They currently make up one third of the PCB Wiki Discord's ownership.

Art in template made by Nguyenreich.

Known For

Kymiliane is known mainly amongst people familiar with the Polandball Wiki, as they were an owner of it for multiple years, and currently take a moderator position on it. Alongside Collisions, they were the last owners of PBW on FANDOM, and were also owners for a long time when it moved to Miraheze.


In 2017, Kymiliane was involved with mapping communities on Discord and was not really involved in any -ball related communities, until December 2017, where they made their account for Polandball Wiki. It would take them another six months before they started contributing edits to the wiki and becoming a well-known user of it.

By 2018, they were promoted to be a wiki moderator & a councilor on the Discord server. Remaining active in the community throughout the years and moderating it, the community as a whole started changing. Old regular users were leaving or getting banned, and being replaced with a newer, objectively less toxic/dramatic crowd.

In late 2020, the at-the-time owner of PBW had stepped down from ownership, and in spite of ongoing disputes on who would take his place, Kymiliane was chosen alongside Collisions to run the Discord server for the wiki, and Collisions would run the wiki itself. Evidently, both Kymiliane and Collisions did their best to give the other the same amount of input within both sides of the wiki.

Early August 2021, a Polcompball Wiki user made personal attacks on other FANDOM users, including some on the Battle for Dream Island wiki. After the user was investigated by the BFDI wiki's community and moderators, they were reported to FANDOM accordingly. This, unfortuantely, would lead to FANDOM deciding that all -ball related wikis were to be shut down from their platform. Fortunately, the community was able to move to Miraheze in turn.

In January 2023, Kymiliane, pleased with their ownership, having gotten rid of many toxic personalities from the community and turning a new leaf for it, decided to resign from ownership completely. They now serve as a moderator on the Polandball Wiki Discord, evidently drawing more distant from the community, but still seemingly at the forefront of it's changes.

Around July 2023, Kymiliane was getting involved with PCB Wiki staff indirectly, and slowly getting involved within the PCB community. They eventually pushed for the community to split from the Reddit community, and are now one of the three owners on the Discord server.