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Hello. Remember to separate your discussion from others with a proper section:

===[Section name]===

Alternatively, you can just use the "+" at the top actions bar. Danke!

Philosophyball Wiki

  •  DualPlay  - would you still consider developing icons on Philosophyball Wiki?
    • - I will consider, but I make no promise. What icons do you need in particular?
      •  DualPlay  - The icons you make are not always updated on the Philosophyball Wiki.
        • - You mean "transfer"/"cross-upload", not "develop". In that case, I'm sorry, but I won't be helping you.

Pagan Theocracy icon

  •  DualPlay  - Could you remake pagan icon, I am not very excited about this for being too rounded.
    • - Done!

Icon making

Template:UserKaczuch - How did you come up with the L-lib icon symbol?