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Regional categories

Don't create regional categories or any other categories without moderator approval, we have had many votes and disucssions on these issues before, don't think you can just barge in and do what you want, I will let this one time slip but consider yourself warned. - TheGhostOfInky (talk) 08:36, 16 June 2024 (UTC)

On Kahanism and State Liberalism

Hey listen man. The only reason why I made Statlib have a positive relationship with Kahanism is that, despite being Reactionary, State Liberalism only likes them on the basis of being Zionist, as well as pointing out how they have Positive Relations with Reactionary Modernism And how they don’t really always stay true to their views on Cultural Leftism and all that. Also, I’m not doing it on the basis that I’m Antisemitic, and I think I should make that very clear.

State Liberalism is atheistic. Why would it have a positive relationship of Judaism? -User:FanOfWolves

User:AbsoluteInfinity - Hey man, thanks for replying, look, the reason why would have a positive relationship with Judaism has to do with how in the Talmud, it recognises their being more than 2 Genders, and you know how State Liberalism is right?;

Kamilazer - Kahanism is built upon ethnic exclusion and jewish primacy in mind which is against state liberalism which views the individual as the primary unit. Kahanism is also right wing or conservative ideology and rarely uses the more than two genders trope like jewish theocracy would. also state liberalism opposes theocracy or religion in government even if it is a pro lgbt one.

User:AbsoluteInfinity - Kamilazer. Has State Liberalism ever been the most true to there beliefs? As long as they support their views and agenda, then they support them. Like how Reactionary Modernism does.
TEB - Pretty sure State Liberalism would hate Kahanism unless they join forces to bomb Gaza, State Liberalism is a literal woke strawman.
User:AbsoluteInfinity - Come on! State Liberalism, even if it is woke to the core, is very contradictory at times!!!!!