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Hello dear mortals, it is me, IberianUnionbest, mostly knows as Kyu :3

Known for

  • Nothing
  • Being a bureaucrat here and in PCBA
  • Being a mod in the PCB Discord
  • Being an admin in PBW
  • Being one of the people running the PCB 𝕏itter account
  • Added "Trilogy" part to The Heliborker Trilogy
  • LARPing


All of this is a joke!!! Or is it?

Not much is known about the early life of the entity known as Kyu, however, it first appeared on May 11th 2009 BC.



These are structured the same way as in Athena's userpage :P


  • Kyu - Your page was reported by a user through Discord, and it did seem like a self-insert (even if it wasn't, it definitely looked similar), you even put your name on it. Thus, I would recommend moving the page to PCBA
    • User:RegierungDavidlands1852 - What do you mean by my name-?, also if i wanted to upload it to PCBA, i dont have the Wikitext anymore.
      • Rojtavs - Why do you care about wikitext so much? Wikitext is unnecessary, if you use wikitext, your browser might eat easily some your rams, it will take a long time to load. It is a serious problem one. Stop caring about wikitext, watch this, most of people don't think this wikitext is necessary because of there is problem. That's it.
        • User:RegierungDavidlands1852 - 1. Do not interfere in my affairs. 2. You can't create an article without wikitext, no infobox, no pictures, no text
          • Kyu - Well, she was the one who reported your page to me