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Chinese style corporatism (Morden corporatism) Define: 1: The major Large company Or Corporations will not exist in the future 1/(2): To replace the major large Company the middle sides in the small sides of the Company will rise up to the right position. Middle company's define: Have at least More than 100 employees’Company. Small company’s define: Less than 50 employees’ Company. 1/(3): The future company were not have any kind of the boss, Creativity is number one necessary part of the Ability. 1/(4): The stock market should be limited, But limited, it’s only for buyers. 1/(5): limit freedom market’s existing and Companies exist,it is legal. 1/(6): Trade should be equity and free. 1/(7): Limited freedom it’s necessary 2: Admit, what is right what is wrong! This is What people want to do, So do the government!!! 2/(1): Parliament’s existing is necessary 2/(2): Multi party’s Parliament is also necessary. But it didn’t means the start of the Civil War!!! Three of the most important points are “Don’t ignore the people”,”Politic is not a game”,” Anti-Nazi”!!! 2/(3): If any kind of the problem happened during the selection of politics, And the problem is about the selected senators then after the research, if the senators really have the problem and he or she will loss the Political right For rest of his or her Life. 2/(4): The creator’s name is Karl-vony, so the New racism will be called KARL-VONY ISM.This ism is a correlation ism under the (Modern corporatism), its define is Whatever what kind of race you are, what kind of color you are, it doesn’t matter. 2/(4/1): Its nationalism emphasizes the equality of ethnic groups and the equality of ethnic groups within the country Immigrants of foreign nationalities, as long as they have no criminal record within three years of immigration, and use free speech to objectively describe the advantages and disadvantages of the internal country, they are our new nationals. These people can sign up for voluntary, popular elections (mostly young people) to become our new National Assembly members. 2/(5): In the context of modern cooperativism, nationalism is simply the defense of the state and the defense of the nations within the state against foreign aggression, but for the so-called economic colonization of foreign nations, we should not economically colonize foreign nations. Instead, we need to use this nationalism to unite all classes of people, to stimulate their creativity, and to implement non-corrective economic protection (neither minimum price/maximum price) 3: Under (morden corporatism)’s background Its collectivism does not completely emphasize the merit of the group, which is higher than the merit of the individual, but emphasizes the common merit of the two groups. It mixes the utilitarianism of individualism and collectivism, so that it can talk about the collective utility while talking about the individual's ability to achieve a certain balance. But this collectivism is not the same as social solidarity and subjectivity that North Korea holds 4:The most important part of the corporatism: The left wing part, which means higher pay for workers, city commuters, some of the established doctors and nurses, the police and the army, does not mean corporatism, but on the contrary, we have to raise the status of this group of people, so that they can negotiate with the big bosses, the factory directors or, a little more to the left (radical), abolish the big bosses' responsibility system. To abolish the factory manager responsibility system and turn to the workers' self-governing factory (skilled and experienced workers should be preferred to become the leader of the workers' self-governing factory, but it should not be the factory director, he only achieves a balance, a worker who can guide people and at the same time has a skill. On the other hand, the abolition of the big boss responsibility system is to abolish or even oppose the monopoly of a large enterprise on the basis of workers' self-governing factories, (which may include state-owned enterprises, may not include state-owned enterprises) commuters should know what they want, what they want to do, and what they want to create (which can also be beneficial to the wider society and beneficial to small groups). Such as sex toys and so on) in these three points to create their own business community, and the commuter from a small office worker to a small or medium-sized business owner he will be quite limited, he can still create things and sell them in the market, but have to pay more taxes. A modern country cannot survive without commuter businesses, so the national Assembly of the country should give more investment to outstanding commuter businesses, and this investment happens to come from the previous large enterprises, the large state-owned enterprises, which can produce most commuter businesses in the new era