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Insurrectionary Survivalist Neoludditian Transhumanist Crypto-Agorist Libertarian Socialists, shortened to ISNTCALS, believes that society should consist of homestead squatting, multiracial, robotically augmented, mutualistic cowboys, frontiersmen, and survivalists open-carrying fully automatic firearms while trading raw resources, drugs, or crypto with market stalls in communal city-states. ISNTCALS does not support Macro-industry, and actively works to destroy all large-scale factories or companies. ISNTCALS actively arms Native Americans in order for them to reobtain their lands. ISNTCAM supports any people that organize themselves into a regional government; in fact, if those governments need help, they are obligated to receive it; however, if those provisional governments try to invade anyone, whether that is the Native American provinces or the communal city-states, they will be smothered. The Federal State still exists, but only uses free public healthcare, firearms, munitions, and a general voluntary militia if there is ever an invasion. ISNTCALS supports Libertarian Socialism, Transhumanism, Communalism, Libertarianism, Anti-Authoritarianism, Indigenous Anarchism, Classical Marxism, Mao-Spontex, and Anti-State Socialism, and Hydrarchy. ISNTCALS does not support Fascism, Geolibertarianism, Georgism, Any sort of Theocracy, Leninism, Stalinism, nor any other statist ideology.