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 Ukraiana  - Congrats you still exist

  • SomeCrusader - IKR? I really needed to take a break from this place for a bit. I've largely lost the energy to seriously exchange ideas because of how toxic this place can be.

 KaiserKlausMouse  Glad you're alive, I wouldn't be surprised if Chronicfemcel tracked you down, broke into your house, and murdered you as you were typing an angry message on Progressivism's talk page.
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Can you comment on my crusader child ideology?

Black drone - Add Me, Chad!

(This is Scarlet btw) yeah it’s nice that Roe is being overturned however I still have criticisms involving the lack of social programs/failure to tackle the root issue first, but yeah, it is nice that it’s happening -

  • SomeCrusader1224 - That dilemma is actually causing me to more seriously consider more leftist economic systems like social capitalism and distributism. I'm in quite the political identity crisis as of now.
    • tbh I dislike social capitalism, because it’s essentially the same but with some milquetoast welfare programs and a small safety net, it’s only good as a transition system. For me, distributism is the best way to go, a co-op based economy and widespread ownership of the means of production is what I aim for -

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  • SomeCrusader1224 - Sure thing.

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  • SomeCrusader1224 - It's done.
  •  DarknightYuusha  - Alright would you re-add me, the relations section there sounds outdated tbh
  • SomeCrusader1224 - You're right, it's been months since I've last been on this wiki.
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 Stk  - Half of my family is illegal and none of them are illegal. Maybe because it's basically impossible for an illegal to go on welfare...

User:Tenwingedpiegion - AHHHH! AN EVANGELICAL!!

  • SomeCrusader1224 - Yes.

 TheFedGuy101  - Guess it's time I start asking. Will you add me fellow crusader/brother in Christ?

  • SomeCrusader1224 - I'll get right on it.

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