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Sr Deyvid - I already updated the comments, now the people can comment.

Template:UserTony567-Can you add me please

Sr Deyvid - Finish
Tolkien IRL - Add me?

Template:KaiserKlausMouse: What's the difference between a Muslim and Muslism? Intriguing minds must know.

  • Sr Deyvid - I put that extra s because that's how I pronounced "Muslim" in English, but hey I changed it

UserWiki:NazBolGANG12 - Readd me?

Template:KaiserKlausMouse: What just happened to your ideology?

  • Template:UserBeryAb: An epic libertarian redemption arc is what happened.
  • Sr Deyvid - I basically became libertarian and more economically centrist

Leninisbased: so you went from authright to libunity 🤨

Template:UserAshleyHere - Add me?

Template:UserCouncilguy - added you. Can you add me back?

Template:UserTony567- i have changed my ideology

Template:UserAshleyHere - I changed my ideology too

DragonRed - you are more libertarian than me in terms of civil axis, I am moderate I am very progressive on the social axis, you are reactionary. You seem to like anarchism and the market. I also like authoritarianism, socialism.

  • Sr Deyvid - Oh well, one thing, Why do you believe that I'm Reactionary on the social axis?

NazBolGANG12 - Why do you like femboy :cries:

Antonio1555-Thanks for the box and the comments section of my wiki userpage

Template:Sr Deyvid - Perfect, now I have template sin duda facha

Template:Yoda8soup - Add me?

File:FabiusHat.png PaleoFabius Add me?

Template:UserSNEEDIVS - I got 5/10 on your test thing

Template:UserAshleyHere - add me?

Template:UserImmorxius - add me?

Template:UserLeninisbased - add me?

Template:UserTheGrandAnarch - Changed up my ideology so you should probably edit the user relations thing

Bman - Add me

User:Savvas1984- add me these are my ideology’s: ///

Template:UserUkraiana - Add me

Template:UserPantheon - Spain is pain.

Template:UserNoel21231 - Add me?

Template:KaiserKlausMouse: Add me Plz

Ronzipot - Add me por favor

Template:UserTony567 - re add me ?

DragonRed- Why are you against protestants?

  • Template:Sr Deyvid - Because that kind of "christianity" it's the less that less is it close to what was the origins of Christianity and its history and also the coountries that the protestants became majority had very bad results

CynicalLibra - Could you add me to relations when you have time on your hand, please?

Davilanda13 - 9/10 gg

Template:Marsvner - Oh gosh a hoppean,subjective theory of value and extreamly free markets sounds you don't like workers,almost my polar opposite.though add me pls.

  • Template:Sr Deyvid - No, I am not a Hoppeanist because I am not an anarchist, anti-democratic, or separatist, nor am I as culturally extremist as Hoppe is, on the other side I support the theory of value but I am not a free market extremist I have my limits and no i don't hate workers and i will add you

Nekoqing- add me?

Template:UserUzarash - Yo, add me back?