Blog:Announcement (2023;Week 49)

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Hello! Sorry there hasn't been an announcement in a while, everything felt too sudden to announce anything. But now I believe we found our bearing, so here is a holiday-before-the-holiday update on how things are going.


Wikitide is fully functional and now the official wiki! The Miraheze wiki will NOT be updated from here on and we heavily suggest using the new wiki. Wikitide offers us a more stable leadership and a fresh new coat of paint so PCB will stay around for a long time. The future state of Miraheze is under debate.


We have collabed again with Philosophyball, so you may see more links appear between both of our wikis. It is worth We are partnered again because of a removal of a particular staff and as their users voted for us to reunite. Their wiki is still largely a WIP, so we heavily recommend popping over and doing a bit of art and writing. More on the collaboration will be discussed in future updates.

However, there is something that has always been a goal from the founders of this community 4 years ago to now, and I'm proud to say this goal has finally been achieved.


This is a truly immense opportunity we have been granted. As of now, the collaborations are minimal however more is soon to come. Some things that have happened currently is a former co-owner of Polandball Wiki coming over to help us set up and moderate the Discord however more collaborations are planned.


The PCBW discord has been going amazing. Our member count has been going sky-high like a helibor- helicopter taking flight, with around 500 members and counting! Not only that, thanks to user Seamonkey's journalism work we have seen that we have been the most active server throughout November 2023! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to making the server a lovely place to hang out.


We are extremely happy with Polcompball's growth the past few months. We once again apologise for the absence in terms of announcements and blog posts however many of us are busy on the Discord. If you want more frequent updates on the state of PCB then go there. Otherwise, this will probably be the last announcement before Christmas itself however before the New Year we have another announcement planned which will detail our plans for the future of the wiki.

Stay safe, and I hope to see you soon. - Ath