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The so called Athena is a fairy demon from the great magic world of Tegauji. After her two sisters died in a fire, she decided to fight back against the cyberpunk government of Gaujsiks with a band of rebels. Among them was a hunky hot as fuck boy called Ghdisja. She fell in love with this hot piece of cake and stayed with him for 6 months before he died getting eaten by a stoned elephant. She didn't notice he was gone.

10 years after joining the rebel force she was captured by the police and went through seven execution methods such as drowning, being forced to scroll through r/CatholicMemes for 20 minutes and drowning. Nothing worked because her skin was hardened from living off of Sainsbury's pizza and Cheese & Onion pringles. They let her go under the condition she wouldnt set anything on fire.

After a week of going through the contryside burning everything in her path she found a massive portal to a far away fantasy fake land of Albania. She hopped in only to find out that Albania has no wifi. She then took up the fake identity of a man named Enver Hoxha and ruled the country of Albania for the next 200 years.

She was such a great ruler that Anti-Athena Nazis took control of Albania and said she only ruled for 41 years, and removed the other 159 years from history. They turned Albania poor again then set off to do the same to the rest of the world. However Athena, being the big fan of arson she was, set the entire world on fire in response.

On the moon she confronted the leader of the Anti-Athena Nazis when she realised, alas! The leader was Ghdisja himself! Then Athena had sex with him, disbanding the Anti-Athena Nazis and instead forming a new group, called Polcompball. Then Ghdisja took on a new identity called Bullet and kicked Athena into the shadow realm and then they came back and cursed Bullet to Hell. The end.

Known for

  • Being around PCB since 2020
  • Co-owner of Polcompball Wiki
  • Co-owner of Polcompball Discord Server
  • Co-owner of Polcompball Twitter
  • the announcement guy


My first PCB artwork originates from June 2020, and therefore this is when I consider myself joining the community. I was 11 then. It still feels very strange knowing that I am not the youngest person in this community anymore.

I was always an artist and was an annoying ass little kid but I feel like I'm a better person now. Many people from that place are gone now, and I don't know where. But I remain.

My goal for this community is to grow into something more than a shitpost. For it to grow into something like Polandball, as a use for parody, satire and slander. I'll always move to that goal.

My art


Comments shall be structured like this: User:Athena von Krab - Wow, example comment!

User:Kittenmeow - Can you kindly create me a user page?

User:Ath - Wow, example comment!

  • User:Liberal stupid liberal stupid - GRR SHUT UP I AM SO STUPID AND LIBERAL SJW
    • User:Athena von Krab - Um, shut up liberal! B) What will you do, send me to "Biden's pronoun jail"? Another epic SJW roasted!

User:Charles de Guell — Sorry for adding new section. I would like to ask, aren't you administrator?

  • Ath - yep
    • — You blocked User Khomeinism. Can you unblock him? He did not read the rules of PCB Wiki and he asks for forgiveness.
      • Ath - I will not unblock Khomeinism because he said in his page that he denies the holocaust. They will not be unblocked for this.

Thugtholomew - Why you so mad at MBTI bro 💀

Q4Kaos - Why don't I have the "permission" to upload files here ? what've you done ????????

Thugtholomew - Going forward from the February 18th announcement, will the wiki favor individual editors or will more be directly ordered by the mods? Also, what constitutes a ‘Personal Tendency’, like what is the difference between that and a School of Thought? Furthermore, I’ve done a lot of editing to the Technoliberalism page, and added a couple of variants, could you tell the council working on the new list of variants that? And one last thing, why are the fat icons prohibited now?

  • User:Athena von Krab - I haven't been able to properly participate with PCB because I have been rather sick, but currently ideally we would have more centralised editing ordered by mods however it is difficult finding people up to it, so most editing will probably have to be done by me it seems. A Personal Tendency is a variant of the ideology specifically focused on the beliefs and actions of one person while the definition of a School of Thought remains the same.I will tel the council of your work on Techno-Liberalism and I do not know anything about the fat icons. If you want to actually talk with me, please use Discord.

TINSTAAFL2024 - Would you kindly delete my user page and make it uneditable? I would deeply appreciate it since the page is being abused with all of those meaningless arguments and other toxic stuffs that I never intended in the first place.

Fsclander256 - Hello, I was just wondering if you could do the same for me as I don't really need the page anymore.

汉武帝主义 - Chinese Internet can't link to the discord, but I want to know how Users group upload and edit files.

  • Thugtholomew - How is a variant officially recognized by the wiki, how do we know? May I add variants to the new list myself?
    • User:Athena von Krab - No. A variant is recognised by the wiki as official when it has been voted on by the Polcompball community on the discord. If you are on the Discord and just lurking then please join officially as you are one of the most active users on the Wiki and it would make things a lot easier.
    • - I’ll probably get a Discord one of these days :)