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Hello there everyone for this new announcement we have incredible news.

The User Purge

So we found out why Wikitide didn't accept us and put simply.... our community was too toxic and caused a lot of hassle and well I declared Nguyen my successor in leading Polcompball and I and Inky have been planning on a user purge and talking about it for months now so to try and make this community last longer and guarantee its survival we made a list of the criteria we would ban users upon.

  1. Being a self-described Nazi
  2. Being a White Supremacists
  3. Being a Spiritual Racist
  4. Being a Japanese Ultranationalist
  5. Advocating a genocide of certain groups
  6. Denying genocides
  7. Minimizing the effects of genocides
  8. Previous infringing of our rules pertaining to conduct (not limited to the wiki)

The transition of power from me to Nguyen and a large part of the community already disliking Nguyen for how ideological he was resulted in a lot of confusion out of which we saw a attempt by users we banned and users who felt these rules were oppressive for banning people who in my opinion very clearly deserved it decided to open their own wiki and host it on their own site, the leaders of the attempted coup/rebellion/insurrection have all been banned as well. (Their counter-community is as of time of writing failing more and more as more members of the community are clearly seeing what is the result of all the toxic parts of the community merging into one)

In my opinion a purge of users was desperately required not just because we want to appease Wikitide but because and let me be as honest as I can be. Our community was awful it was a absolutely horrendous environment to work in and be a part of (I have been active as a mod for about 1.5 years and I gained slight wrinkles on my forehead in that time. I am 17. I AM 17) so to say the least this was a necessary move not just to survive but to make the community better.


Well now the big question. Was it worth it? Did we get accepted by Wikitide? YES WE DID. The Polcompball Wiki will be moving to Wikitide and our request was already accepted, currently the Wikitide Polcompball and Polcompball Anarchy Wiki are heavily under construction and will be finished soon. IMPORTANT: EDIT AND UPLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK ON BOTH WIKIS. FROM THIS POINT ON WE WILL NOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR EDITS THAT WERE MADE AFTER THIS POINT AND THUS COULDN'T BE TRANSFERRED.

I am currently working on a new skin for the wiki as the council voted to detach ourselves from the Fandom-like skin we currently have and we also have a new wiki front page banner so be excited for that it is out of this world. We are also planning on a polcompball commons but that is still a thing in development.

Didn't You Resign?

Yes I did and that triggered a whole host of events. Me announcing I was resigning triggered a announcement from Inky that he was also going to be resigning (this was mod internal but became common and confirmed knowledge through rumors.). So with the two people who were keeping the lights on in the wiki and who made up 88% of mod actions on the subreddit this caused a huge organizational crisis and long story short it ended with the unification of the polcompball mod team and the subreddit, the wiki, and the one singular discord left all being on the same page. In effect our resignations united polcompball.

It had come to my attention that I didn't pick a successor (mostly because at the time Inky hadn't yet announced he was leaving and I thought with him and the council the wiki would be able to run) so I picked a successor (Nguyen) and he pushed us to finally go through with the purge and I stayed around longer to make sure the transition of power went well.

Now that we have overcome he crisis everything has returned to normal and I, Nguyen, and Inky are all fully in control of the wikitide wiki and the current owners of it. A plus of course is that now I and Inky aren't the only ones moderating this because now we have active mods at our disposal.

Also yeah I won't resign. This purge and how we as a community were able to pull through made me finally be hopeful for the future of this community and I want to lead this community into the future and actually complete a lot of the projects I had started and the projects I had not yet started.

Inky has told me he will take a much more backseat role in this community and he will likely only do technical stuff from now on and will eventually leave. Wish him well on his future way he has served this community greatly and I am really honored to have worked with him.

Closing Remarks

Well that is it. I hope you had a great time reading this I certainly did experiencing it. You can comment on this announcement under this link (talk pages work now)