Blog:Announcement (2024;Week 2)

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Hello everyone! I'm sorry for not updating all of you before the holidays as I said however a lot of things have happened that needed and need to be addressed.


The migration was the right choice after all, as Miraheze declares that it will merge with Wikitide. In order to keep one wiki, we will officially shut down and abandon the Miraheze wiki on February 10th, with all pages being locked there on February 4th. This wiki will also therefore be transferred to along with, meaning all 3 links including will link to this wiki. You can read more here.


We are once again partnered with r/Polcompball. We also appear there now, however we advise if you wish to post to still do so on r/Ideologyball.


We promise changes are coming after the end of Miraheze, and we will spend that time preparing to implement these changes then and potentially sooner. Once again we apologise for the wait.


Many people from FreePCB, an unofficial splinter made up of banned users, has accused us of allegedly DDoSing their website causing their servers to go down for around three days. This is untrue and shows a complete misunderstanding of what DDoSing is and our intentions. We do not wish to attack FPCB, especially in such ways and as such would have no reason to carry such an action out.. Not only that, it would take a large amount of time and effort in order for it to go ahead only for it to be down for about 3 days. Even if we hated them to the point of wanting to hurt them, a DDoS attack wouldn't be effective. We hold this was a server issue from an FPCB admin and we were not involved in it.

Thank you for reading, and I hope things will be better in the future for our community. - Athena