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Hello this will be a rater short mod blog and the coming ones will also be rather short since I have a lot to do outside the wiki in these next weeks but here are the changes that happened

This Weeks Changes

Libertarian Marxism

Libertarian Marxism was integrated into Libertarian Socialism as a school of thought and as is procedure the original page was archived on the anarchy wiki. To replace the Libertarian Marxism page here we created Libertarian Marxism (Disambiguation) since we thought Libertarian Marxism fit better as a category of ideologies and not as a page on its own.


The Crypto-Anarchism page was replaced by the new Techno-Anarchism page since we felt that Crypto-Anarchism implied capitalism and a lot of anarchistic internet ideologies are anti-capitalist so we made Crypto-Anarchism a school of thought and we also we of course archived it on the anarchy wiki.


That would be it for this weeks mod blog I hope you enjoyed. Discuss the changes here on the talk page