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Hello everyone. I very, very deeply apologize for the radio silence that has been happening over the past few weeks. However it is time that we announce the general plans for The Polcompball Wiki going forward.


We are currently kind of in a tricky situation. On one hand, growth is stagnating, not many dedicated people want to edit the wiki and we aren't organised at all. On the other, the community has been incredibly centralized recently with our server being 3x more popular than the next most active PCB server, and arguably the server has been the most active since 2021. Yet still, the future is unclear.


Us on the admin team have decided that, for the future of Polcompball, we should take a primarily quality-over-quantity approach. As such we started a new program to revitalize every variant on the Wiki. There is a new category of variant, called a "Personal Tendency", so the regional tendency and SoT sections aren't spammed. As such, the current List of variants is deemed outdated and should not be used. But how can you help?


On our Discord server you can once again apply for a Ministry role, which allows you more insight on what's happening with PCB leadership, be more involved with the community and potentially get rewards such as council membership. There are two roles currently,

  1. Artist - Make art for everything within Polcompball with direct support from the mod team. Includes icons for pixel artists.
  2. Editor - Relates to research and writing for Polcompball.

More will be added soon, however that's what we need right now. People passionate enough for this community to actually be able to meaningfully contribute to it. To apply for Ministry status, please send me in DMs that you want to join.


Along with the variant changes, we are also imposing some new guidelines. Currently articles have inconsistent formatting, WIP sections littered everywhere and bloat so big you'd think it's FurAffinity. As a such, we'll be reformatting pages to suit a new standard with less bloat and more to let artists know what to draw and to let newcomers know the basics of an ideology and where to go to learn more.

If you take away anything from this mod blog, is to PLEASE read the new editing guide. It is vitally important to continue editing and I worked a long time on it.


These, of course, aren't final changes and aren't gonna be implemented immediately. Thank you for staying with us through this and im proud to say that our future looks bright. - Athena