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This is a compiled list of every variant, meaning they are officially recognized on the subreddit and wiki.


This section is for Sub-Ideologies/Component Ideologies. These are small parts of a ideology that make up a larger whole.

A Sub

B Sub

C Sub

D Sub

E Sub

G Sub

I Sub

J Sub

K Sub

L Sub

M Sub

N Sub

O Sub

P Sub

R Sub

S Sub

T Sub

U Sub

V Sub

X Sub

  • Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristic for a New Era ( Dengism)

Schools of Thought

This section is for Schools of Thought. These are ideologies that differ from the page they are on substantially enough to warrant their own variant.

A School

B School

C School

D School

E School

F School

G School

H School

I School

J School

K School

L School

M School

N School

O School

P School

Q School

R School

S School

T School

U School

V School

W School

Y School

Z School

Regional Tendencies

This section is for Regional Tendencies. These are ideologies that along with differing from the page they are on are also region specific.

A Regional

B Regional

C Regional

D Regional

E Regional

F Regional

G Regional

H Regional

I Regional

J Regional

K Regional

L Regional

M Regional

N Regional

O Regional

P Regional

Q Regional

R Regional

S Regional

T Regional

U Regional

V Regional

W Regional

Y Regional

Z Regional