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    Community:How to Edit User Pages

    This is a page about editing User Pages. If you want to create a page for Polcompballs, click here. User Pages are different from editing Polcompball pages, and is intended only for older and experienced users. Pages that exemplify these guidelines will be marked as a featured article.


    User Pages are only for users that are prominent or infamous in the Polcompball community. They must be recognizable by most users in the Polcompball community. There are three communities a user is prominent in: Reddit, Discord and the wiki itself. Users that don't meet those requirements will be deleted at first sighting.

    Here are some requirements for a user becoming prominent enough to warrant it's own page. It must fulfill one or more of these requirements:

    • For Reddit users, it must have a post with at least 1,000 upvotes and approved by moderators or is a moderator.
    • For Discord users, it must have at least 1,500 messages sent, active and recognizable by most of the users there.
    • For Wiki users, it must have at least 1,500 edits, be on the top 20 on the leaderboard or a moderator and usually active, at least 100 edits per week.

    The numbers may increase over time as more users get to meet the current requirements.

    While fulfilling one or more of those requirements are enough to warrant it's own page, it's still up for deletion by moderator consideration. Pages with now inactive users are up for deletion.

    Page Structure

    This is the page structure for user pages. Remember, user pages are different from Polcompball pages.


    The infobox has the summary and the image of the user, either a picture of their profile picture in one of their communities or a drawing of their own ideology. The {{User-Infobox}} is used. If you're using source mode, the following should look like this:
    {{User infobox
    | title1 =
    | image1 =
    | caption1 =
    | gender =
    | ideology =
    | nationality =
    | sexuality =

    Fields with information that are unknown from a user can be left blank.


    A brief introduction section, which is about the user and information in the given communities the user is prominent in, as well as facts about the user if applicable.

    Known For

    The section of the user's impacts on the community and attention.


    The history of the user's presence on the internet, how it entered the community, and it's current status, which should be explained objectively and in an easy-to-read manner.


    The gallery for the user's submissions for the Polcompball subreddit, if applicable, could be sorted by the release date, oldest to newest or newest or oldest of each submission by the given user.

    Additional Notes


    For more information on creating pictures, see Art Guidelines.
    For the picture, the image MUST be created by the user.

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