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I think we need to revert the icon image to its original, the new image isn't nearly as good at least IMO, yet for some reason, it was given the "art improvement tag" despite the picture being far better than many other images which don't get the same treatment. How do you guys feel about it? - AnAnonBoi

How is Kim Jong-un a theorist of the fourth theory? Has he ever mentioned it? Also the list is becoming more and more into 'recent people who are pro-russia' NGL.

Do people really think that Fourth Theory is Authoritarian? If so, why? > it needs to be to combat liberalism they want a strong state to combat liberalism's strong state they also want to preserve cultural values through that state. dugin explains it in his book.

> Okay, but how come Dugin is against Totalitarianism? (Strong State)

> Dugin considers totalitarianism as a modern phenomenon. # #

>But I don’t see why Dugin would want an Authoritarian State and yet it’s aligned with the Authoritarian Left. Say, am I contradicting myself?

> Dugin argues that there will be anarchy if there is no hierarchy. Also you should stop asking questions that are quite obvious. >kl:dugin has his own definition for totalitarian and is against that but he is hierarchical and believes in authority