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"In principle, Eurasia and our space, the heartland Russia, remain the staging area of a new anti-bourgeois, anti-American revolution... The new Eurasian empire will be constructed on the fundamental principle of the common enemy: the rejection of Atlanticism, strategic control of the USA, and the refusal to allow liberal values to dominate us. This common civilizational impulse will be the basis of a political and strategic union."

Fourth Theory is a reactionary, authoritarian and economically third positionist (but tolerant of other forms of economic illiberalism) ideology that seeks to go beyond the 3 modern political theories, Liberalism, Communism and Fascism. Fourth Theory deems that Liberalism and its associated post-modernism have successfully defeated their 2 major political opponents ( Marxism–Leninism and Fascism) and are currently destroying politics as a whole. So, therefore, it is necessary to combat liberalism with a fourth political theory, inspired by fringe ideas from communist and fascist movements, but rejecting the orthodoxy of both of them. Fourth Theory rejects the ideas that the main subject of politics is one of individualism, class or nation but one of Dasein, a concept of Heideggerian philosophy that roughly refers to the experience of being unique to humans. The Fourth Theory also wants and calls for a return to traditionalism and theology, because it seeks to return to a set of values that oppose those of the current liberal modernity. This article discusses Fourth Theory from the point of view of Dugin as well as the Russian government.


Aleksandr Dugin

Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin is a Russian political philosopher, analyst, and strategist known for his anti-liberal, and anti-western views. Aleksandr Dugin is believed to have close ties to Vladimir Putin's regime and influenced aspects of Putin's foreign policy over the past two decades.

In the 1980s, during the late days of the Soviet Union, Dugin was an anti-communist dissident and worked as a journalist before becoming involved in politics just before the fall of communism. In 1988, he and his friend Geydar Dzhemal joined the ultranationalist group Pamyat (Memory), which would later give rise to Russian fascism. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Dugin helped to write the political program for the newly reformed Communist Party of the Russian Federation under the leadership of Gennady Zyuganov. In 1993, he co-founded the National Bolshevik Party along with Eduard Limonov. Dugin, however, left the party 5 years later after he disagreed with Limonov and other members of the party on policies.

Dugin published the book Foundations of Geopolitics in 1997 which has been used as a textbook in the Academy of the General Staff of the Russian military and is been by western analysts as the Russian version of Manifest Destiny. In Foundations of Geopolitics, Dugin calls for Russia to take back control over regions that once belonged to the former Russian Empire and unite Eurasia against the US and NATO and liberal values.

Dugin supports Vladimir Putin and his foreign policies and "military operations" in Chechnya, Georgia, Syria, and Ukraine (Although he believes that Putin hasn't gone far enough).


Fourth Political Theory to Supersede the Three

Fourth Theory believes that there are three main political ideologies which are Liberalism, Communism, and Fascism. Liberal politics were based on individualism, Communist politics is based on class, while Fascist politics was based on nation. Fourth Theory itself then believes to be itself a completely new ideology away from the orthodox three considering it as superceding the three. Thus Fourth Theory politics are based on what's known as Dasein also known as existence itself along with ethnos which is cultural phenomenon as a community of language, religious beliefs, daily life, and sharing of resources "as an organic entity."


Dasein is a Heideggerian concept and one of the main ideas of Fourth Theory. Dasein can be translated as "being here/there", and it is Heidegger's understanding of human nature. It is a human Being which is always embedded in concrete historical, temporal, cultural and local reality. Dasein is particular, not universal. It is shared with other members of a community, but not with all of humanity. It can be understood as subjectivity. Subjectivity, particularly cultural, shapes a large part in how Fourth Theory sees the world.


Fourth Theory really hates liberalism and believes that Liberalism has beaten the other two ideologies, Fascism and Communism. Therefore, despite having disagreements with both of those ideologies, it seeks to create an alliance of anti-liberal forces in a common struggle against liberalism because it sees it as way worse and satanic. It rejects modernity and wants a return to Tradition. It is often anti-American and sees America as responsible for global liberalism. It doesn't like modern technology and sees it as a tool of the globalists, but nevertheless doesn't completely reject it because it would leave Russia and other illiberal countries defenseless against the "Great Satan".

Fourth theory considers liberalism racist because it sees it as intolerant of illiberal cultures, and views it as a form of cultural supremacism.

Dugin, following Popper, has assessed that there is a fundamental struggle between the friends of Open Society and the enemies of Open Society. Open Society is based on central role of an individual and its basic characteristic features. The enemies of Open Society advance various theoretical models based on the rejection of the individual's central role. Practically, noone from Open Society enemies (Such as fascists, marxist-leninists, various reactionaries, traditionalists and others) admitted their relation to the analogous ideologies. The fascists and communists rejected the historical national-bolsheviks' integrationist efforts. At the same time the different versions of Open Society itself were developed jointly with one another, the varied versions of the “individualist” philosophy have gradually concentrated in the ideological camp of the liberals, uniting the "right" (Market theory) and "left" (Legal society, human rights and so forth) varieties of individualism. As a result the enemies of the Open Society were able to win only a temporary victory over liberalism in the 20th century before being defeated.

Foreign Policy

Duginism believes that the world is in a stage called unipolarity where the United States and liberalism act as the dominant power force on international relations. It denies national self determination in favor of Western Capitalist cliques.

Probably the most well known and most understandable part of Fourth Theory is its foreign policy. Fourth Theory believes in Eurasianism, a socio-political movement that believes Russia to be a standalone civilization not a part of Europe or Asia, but with roots of both. Russia should aim to retake land lost in the 20th century and then aim to unite the Eurasian continent in a coordinated struggle to fight Atlanticist hegemony. Despite its opposition to Russian ethno-nationalism, critics have labelled Eurasianism as a national mythos designed to justify Russian chauvinism. Due to this belief, it is often called "Russian Manifest Destiny".

A key concept in Russian foreign policy is the idea of multipolarity, where states and civilizations across the globe exercise their own power in contrast with the Western-led unipolar hegemony. Fourth Theory claims that the fight for multipolarity is important in countering liberal hegemony, and in the construction of a more just world.

Much of the Alt-Right and conservative left are also attracted to the views of Dugin. It is rumored that Fourth Theory has been the one who influence Putin to invade Ukraine.

Fourth Theory views Russia's Dasein as liberating because it sees other cultures and nations as itself, as opposed to Western Dasein which is neurotic and anxious, perceiving others as hostile. It also sees Russian imperialism and foreign policy, as well as the policy of all countries, as constrained and determined by geopolitical "big spaces".


New Resistance





Similar to how Nrx.png Neoreactionaryism is often portrayed as the Alt-Right's more "intellectual" brother, Fourth Theory is also portrayed as Nazbol's smarter, less GANG focused brother.

He's often calm enough towards other ideologies in spite of his litany of insults towards anything liberal, while his eccentric and anti-Western views make many ideologies hate him, with others taking him as an ally of convenience - which he reciprocates, allowing his hatred of the Western world to surpass any other hate he might feel towards them. Often resorting to violent solutions regarding global issues, Fourth Theory has earned a reputation of fear and hatred from many, particularly those he considers Atlanticists. Many illiberal ideologies side with him for his unrestrained hatred and opposition towards liberal ideology. He expects other political ideologies to either side with him or his arch nemesis, with many refraining from doing so.

Stylistic Notes

  • Like Marxism-Leninism, Fourth Theory possesses a heavy Russian accent.
  • Occasionally wears traditional Russian clothing, preferably an ushanka
  • Likes throwing people out of windows
  • Enjoys driving tanks
  • Believes he has the pretext to invade people's homes if he thinks neoconservatism is there

How to Draw

Flag of Fourth Theory
  1. Draw a ball
  2. Fill it with black
  3. Draw 4 sets of double-pointed yellow arrows at 45-degree angles from one another (The Symbol of Chaos)
  4. Add eyes, and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Black #141414 20, 20, 20
Yellow #FFCD01 255, 205, 1


Friends of Eurasia

  • National Bolshevism - So close!
  • Neo-Bolshevism - Eurasia forever! Although, you do take it a little far...
  • Conservative Socialism - On a good path. Your Patriotic Socialism variant is especially based as well. Wagenknecht and Fusaro are one of those rare glimmers of hope among the enslaved Western world.
  • National Communism - Cuba, Vietnam, and North Korea are all great nations! Diaz-Canel may be a little too progressive for my likings but it's fine, he's still based.
  • Reactionary Socialism - Nice cultural policies.
  • Anti-Centrism - Beyond left and right and against the center. NO, I am NOT working with those two
  • Authoritarian Conservatism - You know how to run things. But many leaders of the White Movement kind of sold out to the Atlanticists.
  • Combatocracy - There should be an Aristocracy of warriors who are chosen by how well they fight!
  • Contrarianism - Literally anybody siding with the Atlanticists is automatically my enemy.
  • Irredentism - Ukraine and Finland have always been a part of Russia and we are simply rebuilding our traditional heritage. I swear I'm not racist, you're all fascists!
  • State Socialism, State Capitalism, Corporatism, and Welfare Chauvinism - The economic systems of most of my followers.
  • Putinism - The Western media outlets will always think that I'm your ideological brain. Your moves in Syria, Ukraine, Georgia and others are great but you should be way more hardline, for we need to have more ideological institutions. Regardless, we MUST win against the Nazis, for there can only be one Eurasia, and that is under our great leader.
  • Rashism - We must defeat Ukraine, for the sake of multipolarity! The Atlanticists must be buried, only then will the world breathe again!
  • Mladorossism - I'm not a particular fan of monarchy and especially of the last Romanov tsars, but you were pretty based.
  • Left-Wing Nationalism - The vanguard of the Eurasian revolution! Your Turkish variant is literally me!
  • Khanism - The Tatar yoke was not as bad as people usually think (or at least that's what Lev Gumilyov says).
  • Juche - Best Korea! Juche is the Dasein of the Korean soul, and your rejection of capitalism and liberalism is extremely based! Russia should adopt Juche with our own separate characteristics. Also at the current rate it's going, South Korea will literally kill itself with demographic collapse and suicide rates, so you might legit win by default.
  • Xi Jinping Thought - You want a multipolar world led by socialists too. That's based, and a huge improvement from the days of Deng. Why won't you cut the economic ties with Westoids completely though? Oh, right, money. You'll do it if the situation escalates in the South China Sea though.
  • Milosevicism - The most based Yugoslav leader who tried to cleanse the legacy of Tito the Traitor. Rest in power, legend, and may your demise be on the West.
  • African Socialism - A true revolutionary fighting against neo-colonialism. Julius Malema is extremely based, and has denounced Western imperialism against Putin and Russia!
  • Ba'athism - A great ally against the Western unipolar hegemony. Assad is especially based!
  • Khomeinism - Iran is based for how it stands up to the West. Currently you're the center of the war against modernity.
  • Gaddafism - Libya was way better under you.
  • Socialism of the 21st Century - Very based, Latin America's fight for a better future free from American imperialism. Latuff has some based takes too.
  • Chavismo & Peronism - Latin America needs to unite to achieve true sovereignty.
  • Palestine - We harden our hearts to Israel and Ukraine, God stands with Palestine! Too bad that they had to sabotage your movement. Painting goyslop cartoon characters with watermelons helps exactly nobody.


  • Fascism - Some good ideas but you need to accept socialist economics!
  • Marxism–Leninism - And you need to reject left-wing cultural positions!
  • Leninism - Anti-clerical, internationalist progressive who created Ukraine! (Which is why it belongs to us). At least you kept Mother Russia out of the claws of the Whites and their Entente Atlanticist masters.
  • Orthodox Theocracy - The current Eastern Orthodox Church is cringe, but society still needs a religious revival.
  • Catholic Theocracy - The Catholic Church is a “natural ally” but I am not Catholic and in modern times you have connections to liberalism. At least you understand my daughter's death was a mistake.
  • Jewish Theocracy - Honestly, I don't know what to say. On one hand, you support Israel. But hey, maybe you can drop the Talmud and embrace a new tradition mixing the Torah with Kabballah. Then we'd be good. Or is that wishful thinking?
  • Lolbert Useful Idiot - You are a variant of liberalism; that's stupid. Your isolationism allows me to conquer things unchecked, however, so you can be a useful idiot for my goals.
  • Paleoconservatism - Your cultural policies are too moderate and your supporters are often economically liberal. And why do you hate imperialism? But Tucker Carlson is actually based. You would let me conquer the world unchecked like that idiot. However, unlike him, I think we could have the potential to become allies against the Westoids.
    • - Nah, I don't care. All I want is to sit isolated and not trade one imperialist for another, you're all garbage to me. Besides, I'm not going to betray my country even if it's not under the best leadership.
  • Archeofuturism - You want a return to tradition as well. But stop with the transhumanist cr*p, and stop stealing my ideas. And your idea to unite Eurasia and North America betrays the very purpose of Eurasianism, we want to create a Eurasian big space to force the USA to finally leave Eurasia alone, not to merge the continents into one.
  • Reactionary Modernism - Same as him, but more realistic. I'm also a modernist reactionary, but I don't like the transhumanism at all. And I still prefer Putin over Medvedev. That said, Alexander III was one of the better Tsars.
  • Ikki Kita - Our ideas are pretty close, but... could you please focus on taking Western colonies in South-East Asia instead of Siberia and Sakhalin?
  • Ethnocacerism - The Anti-Christian sentiment is quite bad, and the extreme racism as well, but it's hard to blame him considering what the Yankees did to his country.
  • Bonapartism - A stupid enlightened liberal who fought against Russia... to make Tsar Alexander honor his promise on standing with France's opposition the English commercial hegemony? I think you aren't so bad after all, and your aspiration to build a monarchist, tellurocratic Eurasian empire was actually pretty based. Pity your nephew turned out such an Anglophile.
  • Neoreactionaryism - On one hand, you are often a stupid liberal, and many of your transhumanist ideas are dangerous. And Nick Lands' plans are outright disgusting. But often, your ideas are derived from the same sources as mine and you often have a certain respect for tradition.
  • Liberalism 1.0 - You're a liberal, but you're the worst enemy of the limitless hedonism and total individualism of Liberalism 2.0, so you have some of my respect. Bozonaro and LDP can piss off though.
  • Posadism - Progressive transhumanist, but we both agree that dolphins will be philosophers.
  • Neo-Ottomanism - I helped resolve that conflict between you and Putin. Obviously you don't even compare to him but I won't intentionally exclude you from things. I won't count you as a friend either until you become less like him and more like him. Also, stop being friends with this nut.
  • Saadehism - Not as good as the Assads, but can be an acceptable substitute if something happens to them.
  • Dengism - I once suggested that China should be dismantled, but now that's no longer the case, thanks to him. You introduced foreign markets into China and you even cooperated with the Americans.
  • Trotskyism - You have some good ideas, anti-liberalism is based, But can you tone it down with Permanent Revolution? You're acting like him. "No war but class war" is opportunistic dogma, we must support them anyway because we need an alliance to oppose the Atlanticists. Also, you believe in the Marxist view of international world revolution, when we should be trying to consolidate Eurasia.
  • Alt-Lite - The vast majority of you are Western-aligned conservatives, even if Bannon likes me. You also hang out with them sometimes.
  • Alt-Right - Spencer betrayed me for the Westoids, but you're an improvement of him in terms of anti-liberalism . Though, your supporters are often Nazis and racists. Some of you don't like me, others see me as a good tool against 'globohomo'.
  • National Capitalism - Hmm, the Wagner group was great before the backstab, but people like Videla, Banzer, Barbie, and Cao Ky all worked with neoconservatives. And a saboteur from the Azov regiment literally killed my daughter! STOP CALLING ME JEWGIN GODDAMIT.
  • Authoritarian Capitalism - Gazprom is incredibly based, but many of your variants are US-backed puppet states.
  • Kleptocracy - Putin is based for how he stands up to the West, but Western oligarchs are still cringe.
  • Social Authoritarianism - Lukashenko, Duterte, Rahmon, and Juan Velasco are all great, and it's good to see Schroder eventually shed his Atlanticist and Third Way ideology to fully side with Russia. But Thaksin and Third Way supporters are still cringe.
  • Right-Wing Populism - Alex Jones is based for a Westerner! Orbán is also pretty good, but AfD is a mixed bag. However, Salvini and Meloni are Atlanticist post-fascists. And a lot of you support Poland. Although I kinda liked Trump winning the 2016 elections...
  • Bismarckism - As far as Westoids go, you were probably the best they had to offer since Napoleon. Germany and Russia really should've retained their tellurocratic alliance. Wish you were more accepting of socialist economics though.
  • Nicholas II Thought - You should've gone to war against the Limey and the Frog-Eater like your namesake, not against the Kraut. At least you took the right way in regards to the Young Turk nutjobs.
  • Capitalism - Look, despite what I may say about Socialism, I’m not really that much of a Socialist fanatic, and I’m open to my mind being changed about Capitalism. But for now, I prefer Socialism over you.
  • Longism - Huey Long is entertaining and atypical. He was right on Welfare and progressive tax and much more, but still, he can`t be attributed to Fourth Theory. But still, let's hope that the United States will return to your ideas
  • Integralism - You seem to place the Catholic religion above the Eurasian order, but we still can be allies against the godless libtards, right?
  • Clerical Fascism and Monarcho-Fascism - Barkashov is now tolerable though too friendly to the Neo-Nazis, while Rodzayevsky was a fascist with weeb sympathies, and Taboritsky was most definitely a sellout to Hitlerites.
  • Luxemburgism - "Bourgeois society stands at the crossroads, either transition to Socialism or regression into Barbarism." On that we agree, but have you considered choosing both? You have traces of liberalism within you, but your anti-liberal stance is nonetheless constructive.
  • Vietnam - PICK A SIDE COMRADE! You can't stay Neutral forever! You defeated the Yanks before and we can do it again!
    • - But Bro I am so sick of winning war, Can't I just have a little peace for a little bit!

Soulless Atlanticists

  • Liberalism - Your time to go has come! Off to the window!
  • Neoliberalism - You too, degenerate!
  • Big Tent Liberalism - A political theory that unites all the liberals against me? Not gonna lie, I'm kind of impressed. NOW BRING IT ON!!!
  • Neoconservatism - Can you feel your work unraveling my friend? Nobody in your own country likes you anymore, neither left nor right. How has your mighty industrial complex failed at every turn of the way in the Ukraine, how you still overextend over the world, how you are a puppet of the very institutions you created. It was only a matter of time, consider it divine punishment for destroying the Middle East and Eastern Europe!
  • Third Way - You're a horrid monstrosity, you have all the expansionism and Western chauvinism of the American right and all the degenerate liberalism of the American left. You best start believing in curses, because the Assad and Zelensky curses are very much real and have done wonders to your ranks.
  • American Model - The American Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race!
  • European Federalism - An Atlanticist puppet. Europe must free itself and join the Eurasian continent! Break the chains imposed on you by the Atlanticist slave masters! Good luck with the gas prices, XAXAX!
  • Kaczyzm - Poland is a CIA puppet and Atlanticist police state! You really think threatening to unleash Article 5 on me would leave you with any options besides the total annihilation of the West?
    • - Poland will remain on the map, even if it's the last map ever made.
  • Zelenskyism - Mariupol holds, Bakhmut holds, Avdiivka holds... What happened Zelya, almost like the Pindos don't actually hold up their ends of the bargain!
  • State Liberalism - This is what liberalism leads to, people.
  • Landian Accelerationism - Honest liberal, funny to see how other liberals trying to exclude you from their club when I speak with them.
  • LesbiaNRx - Anarchist degenerate who happens to be influenced by his disgusting ideas and plans to create even more disgusting ideas and plans that will do much more harm to the world. People like you are truly the result of liberalism, fucking scum.
  • CyberFeminism - You're pretty much like above except not explicitly influenced by him. Still pretty bad, though.
  • Thaksinism - I’ve heard strange rumors about you from Thai Ultraroyalists that you’re funding recent pro-democracy protests with the purpose of turning Thailand into a US proxy against China. That’s why I’m supporting Prayuth and Vajiralongkorn!
  • Liberal Conservatism - Out of the three main forms of conservatism, you are indeed the worst. But Berlusconi is good diplomatically
  • Social Liberalism - Window or tea?
  • Social Democracy - Same question. I don't know why he calls you a social fascist, you're nothing like him.
  • Nazism - The torturer and butcher of the Soviet people, and currently Ukraine. I don't know why dad likes you so much. And there is nothing wrong with race mixing. Although we wouldn’t have gotten the Dasein without Heidegger, who was a member of your ranks.
  • Esoteric Fascism - You're a psychotic and racist freak. Your few supporters openly hate Eurasianism and your mere presence is regrettable at best. And stop bashing Abrahamic religions! But you do provide great information about ancient traditions and Catharsis. And I can't deny that some of your figures have influenced a few of my ideas.
  • Strasserism - Fuck you Strasser, you are a pan-European retard who wanted to destroy glorious Russia! I know we we align on many of the same issues but you're still a Nazi.
  • White Nationalism - Racist chauvinist! You reject the beauty of the Eurasian continent. Africa will be a new pole in the multipolar world, and there is nothing you can do about it!
  • Totalitarianism - You are the inevitable result of modernism! Funny to see how liberals try to label me as you when they are the one who's reaching towards you.
    • Wow! That’s really ironic! Coming from someone who supports Dictators himself *laughs*
    • Shut Up! It’s just that Liberalism’s Totalitarianism isn’t as overt as what Russia’s or China’s is suspected to be.
  • Pinochetism - You're a neoliberal dictator siding with the Atlanticists, there is literally nothing redeemable about you. Can your helicopter save you from the window?
  • Globalism - Death be upon you! (How does uniting half the world against the USA oppose you, you ask? Haha don't ask questions.)
  • Zionism - Bullshit occupant state. Also, Israel controls America, and both are controlled by shadow governments.
  • Esoteric Socialism - A great example of an esoteric ideology that is genuinely and diametrically OPPOSED to us (although the economics and Gumilyov are based... Wait, am I basically you but in practice and actually real?).
  • Liberal Socialism - Why did you bring liberalism into left-wing politics? You essentially removed all of your redeeming qualities, enjoy the taste of tank tracks for lunch!
  • Titoism - Traitor who sided with Atlanticists over his supposed Soviet comrades. Stalin was right to call you a "bloody hound"!
  • Progressivism - The worst possible expression of liberalism. You want to destroy illiberal cultures! Although, your non-interventionist friend here fought against his lies, and that I can respect.
  • Revolutionary Progressivism - You are scum of the earth, you're even worse than the above! Off to the window, you liberal freak!
  • Libertarian Feminism - More like "Literally Slutty-ism". Enjoy your STDs Western values!
  • Queer Anarchism - Anarchist and progressive queer, you belong to a children's playground. "I agree that gender is a social construct, it is not something biological, because I don't believe in biology. But I think we could choose."
  • Pink Capitalism - The worst mutation of liberalism possible.
  • Homoconservatism - The worst mutation of conservatism in the world, almost completely irredeemable! Although, I did once suggest that the Kremlin should back patriotic homosexuals. Thiel's pretty based though
  • Gay Libertarianism - And you’re the worst mutation of libertarianism, you ARE completely irredeemable!
  • Maoism - The enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend. Your Cultural Revolution destroyed the very foundations that China was built on, and is exactly why ultra-progressivism is a disaster! I also won't forget how you welcomed Nixon to China in 1972. From that moment on, you and your successor Deng worked with the Americans against us!
  • Hoxhaism - I don't care if Khrushchev was anti-Stalinist and liberal and if Tito was a traitor, you left the Eastern bloc, one of his greatest achievements, and that alone is enough to pit me against you!
  • Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and Maoism-Third Worldism - You're fake socialists and degenerates, and the only thing you do is unleash destruction upon countries like the Jungle Trots that you are. I am the true representative of the Third World! Also, "no war but class war"? Even if the three of us hate liberalism, neither of you belong to any position of power.
  • Illuminatism - Jean Parvulesco showed me that you are the ones controlling the USA and Great Britain. And you are probably an ancient Seth-worshipping cabal who already corrupted Atlantis.[1] [2]
  • Transhumanism - You will be humanity's self-destruction and you are the end point of modernity and the ultimate evil.
  • Jihadism - You're a mass-murdering psychopath who wants to tear Russia apart, slaughter Muslims en-masse, and are nothing more than an Atlanticist puppet! We buried you in Chechnya, we buried you in Syria, now to snuff you out for good!
  • İttihadism - Forget it, Enver. Turkestan will always be Russian. Turanism is a dead ideology and its remaining embers will be buried! Also, fuck you for killing millions of Armenians, Assyrians, and Greeks, who are brothers of the Russian people.
  • Kemalism - On the one hand, you're not a Turanist like him. On the other hand, he may have killed more people, but he was also less liberal than you.
  • Tridemism - You're basically him but without the redeeming values. May he crush you one day!
  • Japanese LDPism - Sakhalin and Kuriles are Russian and will forever stay so! Cope and seethe, American lapdog!
  • Existentialist Anarchism - Degenerate Ancom who wants to tear Christianity apart... AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU READ HEIDEGGER AND FOLLOW HIS TEACHINGS?! GGGAAAAAHHHH!!!
  • Anarcho-Nihilism - You're the end product of modernist neoliberal dystopia, and yet instead of fighting the liberal system, you rage against everybody and everything. Go outside and clean your room already.
  • Anarcho-Capitalism - Just keep looking at the trading screen. There is nothing to worry about, all of your neighbors are doing fine.
    • Why is there a tank column outside?
  • Ingsoc - We have ALWAYS been at war with Oceania!
  • Schwabism - The Atlanticist plan for the enslavement of humanity, YOU will own NOTHING!
    • I had always existed. You still understand nothing. I am not a liberal, or an ordinary individualist or anarchist. I am desire, state of nature, chaotic and unpredictable. And I don't mean it metaphorically, or theoretically, or poetically or in any other manner. I AM DESIRE, STRAIGHT UP.



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  1. Modern Eurasianism has two major currents, one of them being the state-sanctioned Eurasianism of Putin's regime which for all intents and purposes is either Putinism (listed as authoritarian conservatism) or its appendage "Rashism". Rashism is more aligned with broader Russian militarism, however many proponents advocate for Dugin's views.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Dugin has denounced nationalism as "bourgeois", "liberal" and "anti-traditional". He has called himself a patriot. Dugin's understanding of nationalism is that it is a western bourgeois capitalist phenomenon and it is the first stage of capitalism. He believes that nationalism is artificial and it does not follow the creation of a nation, but rather it creates a nation. He believes that unlike a people or an ethnos, a “nation” is a political and artificial concept, created for pragmatic purposes by bourgeois ideologists, when it was necessary to hold society together after it rejected the tradition - religious, class and hierarchical (imperial). It invents ancient roots for specific, distinct groups of historical people, it imposes a single language, single cultural code and a common system of law, and it invents a common enemy. According to him nationalism is anti-traditional and modernist. He sees it as fundamentally connected with modernity, and as such with atomization, capitalism, western notion of progress, modernist citizenship, secularity, abolition of estates and the destruction of rural communities in favor of urban crowds. In contrast to the modern national state Dugin prefers the traditional system of an Empire.
  3. "In Russian Orthodox christianity a person is a part of the Church, part of the collective organism, just like a leg. So how can a person be responsible for himself? Can a leg be responsible for itself? Here is where the idea of state, total state originates from. Also because of this, Russians, since they are Orthodox, can be the true fascists, unlike artificial Italian fascists: of Gentile type or their Hegelians."
  5. Dugin isn't regarded to be a strong inspiration to Putin directly despite his 1997 book Foundation of Geopolitics having noticeable presence within the Russian military and diplomatic institutions. Dugin and Putin both share very similar ideological influences, while on the international arena, the Kremlin has produced many views and talking points which are in-line with the Fourth Political Theory. In essence, the FPT can be understood to inspire Putin's regime in philosophical and ideological boundaries.