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Why are all the fascists Ideologies culturally far right while fascism itself is cultural center?

  • User:FanOfWolves: If Fascism was culturally center, it wouldn't be Fascism. Fascism is the merger ultranationalistic racial supremacist, and reactionism, 3 obviously culturally right right ideologies.
    • User:Altem101: Fascism is NOT reactionary. It is highly revolutionary and modernist and should actually be aligned with the cultural left (but this wiki has decided that cultural leftism = LGBT, Feminism, minority rights etc. and not just a rejection of the old order). Ultranationalism and racial supremacy are not necessarily culturally right-wing either and Classical Fascism isn't even racialist.
  • User:FanOfWolves: Reactionary=Someone who has extremely traditionallist/socially right political views.

Fascist=Someone who has extremely traditionallist/socially right political views. Every fascist is a reactionary, but not every reactionary is a fascist. Fascism and it's variants invoke the idea of traditional order and civilization being threatened by a nefarious force. Fascists heavily invoke Roman symbolism. I get the thing your saying. You're probably trying to talk about the Fascist concept of national rebirth. However, when fascists say that, they are saying that society has been corrupted by progressive ideas and must be "reborn" into a heavily traditionallist society. So, Fascism is culturally right. Kamilazer- this is hard to look at. fascism can be culturally left if you look at futurism and it can go against reactionary elements as seen in early versions of it like the sanscreplismo. in the specific context that fascism was made in it bonded itself to disenfranchised poepl whose base was culturally right but there are some like oswald mosley who had lesbian blackshirts who wanted to kill the prime minister