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Attention: This page contains content that represents an extremist or violent ideology. PCB Wiki does not endorse the ideology presented, and it is here for showcase/informational purposes.
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Homofascism is a Third Positionist, totalitarian, and often culturally ♂️far-right♂️ ideology which combines Fascism or Nazism with LGBT rights.

It can essentially be viewed as a pro-LGBT, or at least pro-Gay, variant of Fascism or Nazism.

In the past, the terms "Homofascism" and "Gay fascism" have been used to insult or critique LGBT acceptance movements, they have now however taken on a different meaning; instead being associated with the aforementioned combination of fascist ideology with a pro-LGBT (or at least pro-Gay) position to varying degrees. Said combination of values has existed throughout fascist history, but has most recently come to public attention via niche internet movements that embrace these two positions, thought by many to be contradictory.


The term Homofascism combines the the terms Fascism and Homosexuality, representing the combination of the two concepts into a variant of fascism which is tolerant towards Gay and/or LGBT people in general.
Homofascism is therefore not any specific ideology, but rather a label and category wich hosts multiple fascist and culturally far-right ideologies that combine their views with a pro-LGBT or pro-Gay stance, a example of which being Stransserism; while its own ideology, it fits under the Homofascist umbrella. When used to refer to Homosexual fascism exclusively, such as that of many pre-internet thinkers (even if this definition has now mostly become obscure), the Homofascist label can imply a very hyper-masculine and usually transphobic stance.

It is important to note that Homofascism is a very distinct ideology from Homonationalism, and Queer Nationalism. While Homofascism advocates for the combination of a pro-LGBT/pro-Gay stance with Fascism, Homonationalism merely advocates for the combination of and compatibility between Nationalism and a pro-LGBT sentiment, it is thusly far more unspecific and moderate.

Queer Nationalism on the other hand, is less a combination of queer acceptance with a form of nationalism, but instead an ideology which sees Queer people as a distinct culture, and thus potentially nation.


Homofascism is simply any form of Fascism, or in popular conception more commonly Nazism, which embraces a pro-LGBT stance and LGBT acceptance to varying degrees.

Homofascists would argue that their fascist positions and/or other nationalist or ultranationalist positions like ethnic or racial preservation and/or supremacy as well as advocacy for national cohesion and often more conservative social values, do not inherently conflict with being gay or LGBT and/or the acceptance of these people.
They would additionally often argue that LGBT people are a natural part of human society which has always existed and will always exist, while not causing any harm. Also argued is that these people are still part of the nation and/or race, irregardless of their sexual or gender identity.

Some Homofascists might also embrace LGBT liberation as a part of national rejuvenation and thusly the new fascist culture.


There have existed pro-LGBT variants of fascism as well as gay and other LGBT fascists since fascism has existed.
Notable early Homofascists include the Nazis Ernst Röhm, a high ranking member of the SA until his purging, and his friend Edmund Heines. Otto Rahn, a large contributor to Nazi ideology and former SS member had also been gay.

In the United Kingdom, individuals like Victor Barker, a trans man who later married a woman, joined the National Fascisti. Though it appears unlikely he did so out of conviction, as he reportedly only joined the fascist party because he believed it would make him appear "more masculine".

After the War

Many Neo-Nazis after the war have been gay, or at least not expressed explicit disdain for homosexuality.

Prominent examples of gay neo-nazis include the former British activists Martin Webster, Nicky Crane, and Douglas Pearce.
Michael Kühnen, a former leading figure in the German neo-nazi movement as well as leader of the Free German Workers' Party (FAP), came out as Gay while in prison during 1986, which caused a split in his party. Notable is that some decided to stay with him regardless of his sexual orientation; even after founding a new political party, the German Alternative (DA), which had an estimated membership of 700 before it was banned.

National Socialist League propaganda poster, 1970s

The most prominent Neo-Nazi group associated with Gay Nazism is the American National Socialist League, a Neo-Nazi party which reportedly only allowed Gay men to join and had a unambiguous pro-Gay stance, being quoted as proclaiming "If Homosexuals can be Capitalists, we can be Communists... then why can’t we be National Socialists? Join the first and only Homophile organization for National Socialists!!" in one of their Pamphlets. Their leader, Russell Veh, was obviously in line with the party's principles, also gay. The league disappeared in 1984 and renamed it's periodical, which stopped talking about NSL and sexuality altogether.

Since the 2000s

In more contemporary times, the Italian neo-fascist political party CasaPound Italia is known to be tolerant of LGBT people and advocates for the recognition of same-sex civil unions.[5][6] In 2009, the party initiated a meeting between itself and the Italian LGBT rights activist Paola Concia (DP), who, while initially nervous, was positively surprised by CasaPound's openness, even stating that she agrees more with CasaPound's LGBT-related proposals than those of her own party.[7]

The self-proclaimed "Querfront" organisation, which was according to former members more akin to a regular left-wing neo-nazi organisation, Kampfbund Deutscher Sozialisten (1999-2007), addresses a critique in which other neo-nazis described the KDS as a "Homoclub" by stating that they allow people of all sexual orientations to join and act within the group as it is none of their concern what consenting adults do behind closed doors.[8] Furthermore, a article on their website argued for a "I don't care" approach towards homosexuality and condemns anti-Gay sentiment within nationalist movements.[9]

Christian Worch, leader of the German historical revisionist neo-nazi party The Right and former friend of Kühnen, beliefs that homosexuality is genetic and that homosexuals are "obviously still part of our nation [Volk]", according to a 2019 interview.[10]

Some prominent people who have been accused of fascism but would most probably more accurately fall into the category of Homonationalists include Renaud Camus, leading figure behind the Great Replacement Theory; and Thomas Mosmann, former leader and founder of the German Homonationalist DSLP as well as former self-proclaimed DVU & NPD-Sympathisier.

Among some (mostly more classical) fascists, be they effected themselves or not, LGBT acceptance has been growing; this could be seen as a manifestation of Homofascism by non-LGBT fascist allies.

On the Internet

Despite many real-life examples, contemporary Homofascism is primarily associated with the internet.

The most prominent example of this are Femboys, for whom it is a, often untrue, stereotype to be racist or fascist. Similarly, a few select transgender sub-communities also tend towards racism or fascism, as can, for example, be observed on 4chan. The most prominent product of trans fascism being Stransserism, created by u/Akkorokameowi (also known as b00t), who is known for many iconic Homofascist images.

Large parts of fascist and racist Twitter have also embraced a pro-LGBT stance, usually due to being LGBT themselves; people in these spaces usually call each other "Oomfies". A relatively well-known figure in this pro-LGBT fascist twitter sub-culture is for example Bussolini, with over 2000 followers.

A prominent figure who has emerged out of different spaces on fascist Twitter is Bronze Age Pervert, a gay masculinist far-right internet personality and author of the book "Bronze Age Mindset".

Personality and Behavior

  • Basically Nazism but gay.
  • Highly misogynistic.
  • ♂️ASS WE CAN♂️



How to Draw

[!] Note: Some countries and social media platforms (especially Facebook) banned Nazi imageries such as this flag, therefore for the censored version, replace the swastika with the Iron Cross/+/f letter (Refer Polandball guidelines on drawing swastika)/Poorly-drawn swastika (refer Hale Hortler meme) symbol.

Flag of Homofascism
  1. Draw a black circle outline
  2. Draw 6 vertical lines in a rainbow with the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple
  3. Draw a white filled-in circle in the center
  4. Draw a black swastika
  5. Add eyes
  6. Done!



Color Name HEX RGB
Red #E50303 229, 3, 3
Orange #FF8E03 255, 142, 3
Yellow #FFEE03 255, 238, 3
Green #038224 3, 130, 36
Blue #034EFF 3, 78, 255
Purple #780489 120, 4, 137
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
Black #141414 20, 20, 20



  • Futurism - Spartan homosexuality? Based! FALGSF HERE WE COME!!!
  • ♂️Boy Next Door♂️ - You're a good boy which is quite nice, but you need to take the FashPill.
  • Caesarism - Based bi imperialist who inspired my daddy. Kinda shitty that you still found w*men attractive but it was really based for its time. Besides, you are proof that traditionalism is not always homophobic.
  • Showa Statism - Yukio Mishima is the ideal fascist man that Japan needed at the time.
  • Anarcho-Fascism - Jack Donovan is based and very handsome.
  • Cowboyism - Okay, cowboy... pleasure my butt! Hot, Check, Buff, Check, AND A COWBOY? I don't know about your ideology, but your looks alone make me overlook that. You're my ideal partner! Wanna go meet me at the showers at the ranch? And don't worry, I'll protect you from the 28 US Marines!
  • Patriarchy - ♂️THANK YOU DADDY!♂️ You're a goddamn Utopia! Now if only we could remove women from the equation altogether but this is a close second!
  • Welfare Chauvinism - Ultranationalism? Mixed economics? Sometimes pro-gay? BASED ASF!
  • Alt-Right - Richard Spencer, Renaud Camus, Ryan Faulk, Sean Last and Greg Johnson are all handsome hunks. We should wrestle in the locker room♂ sometime if you know what I mean... although, I don't know why you deny that you're gay when you literally hate w*men.
  • Fuentesism - thanks for going on a 12-hour date with me.
  • Utilitarian Ethnonationalism & Homokorwinism - Based daddy berts. Though I am skeptical of the twinks and femboys for the latter.
  • Haiderism - So based and handsome.
  • V♂️A♂N - "My name is Van. I am thirty years old and I am from Japan. I am an artist. I am a performance ♂ artist. I am hired for people to fulfill their Fantasies♂, their Deep♂ Dark♂ Fantasies."


  • Fascism - His kids don't seem to like me but also set up an actual gay ethnostate.
  • Nazism - ♂️Do you like what you see?♂️ I admire you for the most part, but I'll never forget the Night of the Long Knives.
  • Black Nationalism - I love sucking your BIG BLACK COCK, but stop calling me racist.
  • Stratocracy - I love those big muscular Mercenaries so much~. I love how many of your IRL examples included the ultra-masculine discipline of the men. But nowadays the Military is full of Sissies! Just keep the Women out and you're good. I need more boulets 🔫🍑
  • Manosphere - The ultimate red pill: ALL women aren't worth it. Time to embrace ♂️men♂️ only. I would be more willing to work with him too if he didn't keep trying not to associate with me. And please, unban me from Incels.is.
  • Neoconservatism - Killing Arabs is very based, but "spreading democracy" and loving Israel? Cringe asf. Douglas Murray is kinda ok though.
  • Stransserism - My political twin who identifies as a woman... Pretty cringe, and while we are similar, "her" transgenderism socialism just makes normal people less likely to accept us gay bro fascists.
  • Fully Automated Gay Space Communism - At first you got me with the FALGS but the C... Fucking cringe!
  • Yiannopoulism - Handsome and intelligent but too lite also what is that ex-gay crap?
  • National Liberalism - Ok for a lib especially Fortuyn because he's quite handsome and sexy.
  • Hoppeanism - I'm gonna ♂️spank♂️ you so hard... You want to have no government and you also hate gays? That's cringe and unrealistic, but Kinsella is kinda hot. And at least I can create my own private jurisdiction from which I will physically remove homophobes.
  • National Anarchism - Same as above but closer to him .
  • Jewish-Nazism - They compare me a lot with this kik#, our relationship is complicated but at the same time we understand each other very well.
  • Men's Liberation - Fucking straggot in denial, with that "soft-boi" twinky-shit... At least you lift sometimes tho, I can fix you alright. Let me spank you really quick, you little twink... Come to my place and let me turn you into a real man.
  • Marxism–Leninism - Degenerate communist but Stalin was a bit daddy. Plus, hunky soldiers fighting for the nation? Based. Nicholas II was hot to-NO DON'T GULAG ME!!1! AT LEAST PUT ME IN THE SEX GULAGS!!1!1
  • State Liberalism - Good job getting rid of homophobic religions and commies, but everything else about you is cringe.


  • Progressivism - Absolute moron. We need to remove w*men and k*kes to protect ♂️real gay men♂️! although we agree on #queersforpalestine
  • Revolutionary Progressivism - If you try and hunt me down, there will be a Big Bang in Uranus.
  • Twink Capitalism - You make us manly gays look bad. ♂️Fisting is 300$.♂️
  • Twink Anarchism - You're even worse than the former! What next? Pretending to be a woman? ♂️I'll show you who's the boss of the Gay!♂️
  • Feminism - Women... Truly the worst of all. Wished you had a penis you inferior scum!
  • National Feminism - YOU INFERIOR SCUM!!! I AM THE REAL GASSER!!!
  • Liberalism - Please drop the soap.
  • Islamic Theocracy - Homophobic sand[REDACTED].
  • Jihadism - World peace shall be established once you desert f*cks are wiped from the face of the Earth.
  • Religious Zionism - See? I told you that heterosexuality was Judaist! *internal screaming*.
  • Conservative Socialism - Yes, homosexuality is fascism but there's nothing wrong with that.
  • Marxist Feminism - Inferior w*man + Commie trash = WORST OF THE WORST!!! TO THE CHAMBERS!!!
  • Authoritarian Conservatism - Cringe homophobe who dislikes anyone having fun! Though Roy Cohn is rather intersting. Besides, gotta admit, Vlad aged pretty well, though, and if even half of those rumors about Russia's highest officials are true...
  • Liquid Democracy - Ugh, democracy is so overrated.
    • You should put that bottle up your ass.

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